AIP-351: Interim-Communications Action Team (CAT): Proactive PR & Setting-up the Marketing Working Group for Success


Interim-Communications Action Team (CAT): Proactive PR & Setting-up the Marketing Working Group for Success


Ecosystem Fund Allocation
An Initiative of the Governance Working Group


ApeCoin needs Proactive PR & Comms. It’s an issue throughout Web3, and something most projects struggle with - just look at the recent communications from Yuga, Proof, and others where good news drowns in a sea of negativity.

This AIP brings back some control to the narrative that is being shared about the ApeCoin DAO, our proposals, ideas and elections.


Comms Action Team (CAT) is a dedicated Team of Comms professionals with extensive experience in PR, Comms, Brand Strategy, Business Development, and Partnerships. Our team is comprised of the following well-respected and well-known BAYC and ApeCoin DAO members:

NFTBark (Steve) - CoHost Coffee with Captain
  • NFTBark (Steve): Co-host of “Coffee with Captain” and DGen Network, NFTBark is a seasoned PR and Communications expert with more than 15 years of professional experience. He has a deep understanding of both Web3 and traditional media, making him an invaluable asset in securing positive press coverage for ApeCoin DAO initiatives. He is part of the team bringing Starbucks to Web3 and is also a brilliant interviewer and Spaces host which will be vital as we head into election season.
Captain Zwingli (Chris) - Host Coffee with Captain
  • Captain Zwingli (Chris): Host of “Coffee with Captain” and DGen Network, Chris brings a wealth of experience in Brand Strategy, Business Development, and Partnerships from fast growing startups to Fortune 500 brands. His strategic insights and network connections are instrumental in fostering collaborations and partnerships within the Yuga ecosystem, the overall Web3 space and beyond. As a terrific Spaces host, his rapport with NFTBark makes for great engaging content and value-add as we approach election season.
SSP - CoHost ApeComms
  • SSP: ApeCoinDAO Ambassador, early recipient of ApeCoin grants, author of AIP-64, AIP-226, AIP-246 and host of “ApeCoinRadio,” SSP is a seasoned and active DAO member with many years of experience in Brand Strategy, Startups and IRL Event production (Coachella). SSP’s dedication to the ApeCoin DAO community ensures effective content and engagement strategies.

The three of us have been co-hosting Twitter Spaces (Capt & Steve - every weekday for almost 2 years and SSP - ApeComms every MWF for almost a year), and the team boasts a combined PR, Marketing & Comms experience of over 50 years in the C-suites of some of the largest brands in the world. We are a team that is well-equipped to lead these initiatives, help set-up a Marketing & Comms Working Group and capture positive press and attention in Web3, Web2 and Traditional Media. In other words, we know our stuff!


Did you know the ApeCoin DAO is quietly making a positive impact on the world? We donate a mighty 277,777 $APE every month to the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation. But here’s the kicker: no one knows about it. Why? Because we don’t have a Comms Team!

We can approve and fund the best AIPS in the DAO, but what good does that do us if the world doesn’t know about them? Without an experienced team of PR/Comms professionals (and fellow BAYC/SpacesHosts/Web3Degens) proactively and consistently bringing awareness to the activity surrounding ApeCoin DAO, we severely limit the chances of growing and scaling our DAO.

And here’s another kicker – when we go through the cycle of electing the Stewards of the approved Marketing & Communications Working Group (AIP-246) they’re set to inherit a zombie shell without a budget, without a framework and without pay for three months, January 1 - March 31, 2024.

Comms Action Team (CAT) provides a critical solution to the problem, by setting-up the legal and operational infrastructure for the MCWG and by asking for a budget on their behalf so that they can hit the ground running.

CAT will deliver on the following essential initiatives:

  1. Prepare the Legal, Operational & Budgetary Foundation for the Marketing & Communications Working Group

  2. Proactive PR & Comms: Secure positive press coverage for ApeCoin DAO projects, proposals, and ventures by leveraging our extensive network in both Web3 and traditional media; taking our stories well beyond these echo chambers and into Web2 and Trad Media. This includes PR/Comms support of approved AIPs like AIP-304: The Digital Art Movement, AIP-209: Ape Accelerator, AIP-297: NFT Vault, and many others.

  3. Twitter Spaces Coordination & Content Guide: Capture much needed Social Capital in our attention-economy by coordinating a network of influential Twitter Spaces, featuring many of the well-known shows and hosts and set-up and manage a Central Events Calendar - basically a TV Guide.

  4. Made by Ape - Powered by ApeCoin™: Make the most of this collaboration by identifying promising MBA Licensees, interviewing the founders, providing AIP guidance, and assisting in securing matching grants and co-funding opportunities.

Our dual mission is to prepare the MCWG for a successful launch in 2024 while delivering immediate PR, Comms, Partnerships, and Organic Marketing to the ApeCoin DAO during the next several months.

(example of Master Calendar/TV Guide)


Enhanced Social Capital:

By establishing the Comms Action Team (CAT) and preparing the Marketing & Communications Working Group (MCWG) for success, the ApeCoin DAO will experience an immediate boost in its Social Capital. CAT’s strategic approach to PR, Comms, and Organic Marketing will enhance the DAO’s reputation, trustworthiness, and visibility within the Web3 space, ultimately strengthening its position and influence.

Effective Transition and Growth:

CAT’s efforts will facilitate a seamless transition for the MCWG, empowering it to hit the ground running in 2024. This transition will enable the MCWG to effectively execute its mission and vision, leading to sustainable growth and long-term success for the Working Group and the ApeCoin DAO.

Optimized Resource Utilization:

By providing the MCWG with the essential infrastructure and support during its initial phases, CAT ensures that the DAO’s resources are used optimally. This efficient resource allocation contributes to the DAO’s financial sustainability and maximizes the impact of its initiatives.


  • AIP: Ape Improvement Proposal
  • PR: Public Relations
  • Comms: Communications
  • MCWG: Marketing & Communications Working Group
  • CAT: Comms Action Team
  • MBA: Made by Apes
  • PBA: Powered by ApeCoin
  • SMN - Spaces Media Network


  • Twitter/X - Spaces, Video Content
  • Airtable - coordination of Spaces
  • Website - to host Master Calendar, Video Content
  • Descript - AI and Editing tools for Podcast and AudioGrams
  • Spotify - Podcast host


November 1 - December 31, 2023:
  • Request the GovWG establish the MarComms WG as a DAO LLC in the same jurisdiction and manner as their own Working Group, preparing the legal paperwork up to the point of signing the entity into existence with the 2 newly elected MCWG Stewards (15k to MetaLaw)
  • Request GovWG for initiative permission, campaign support and assistance to implement and coordinate their onboarding documentation
  • Request Vulkan as Secretary for this initiative to assist in coordinating Calendars, Airtable and Notion pages
  • Create a Landing Page/Website to host Calendar/TV Guide ($1-2k TBA)
  • Establish the Spaces Media Network, including coordination, calendar management, and Audiogram creation - specifically for Election Season 2023 ($1-2k per mo for Audiograms & Graphics)
  • Collab with DGen Network, ApeComms, ApeCoinRadio, The Grateful Show, Mocaverse Mondays, The DAM Show, ThreadGuy, Leap, Profits, The Miami Ape, BCheque, Legendary, Lunch Break, Ladies of BAYC, and others for calendars
  • Request Official ApeCoin Twitter handle to repost our tweets and posts
  • Begin PR and Comms efforts to begin securing positive press coverage for ApeCoin DAO news, stories and initiatives
  • Begin to identify promising MBA Licensees and initiate outreach.
  • Collab with Tally Labs and present ApeCoin DAO at Art Basel in November ($15k to Tally)
January 1 - March 31, 2024:
  • Continue coordination of Twitter/X Spaces and content distribution.
  • Sustain and Expand PR and Comms activities to support ApeCoin DAO initiatives
  • Introduce Automated PR Flows via connected Twitter/X APIs, Tools and Services (TBD)
  • Progress the MBA-PBA initiative, fostering collaborations with Licensees.
  • Evaluate and integrate Automated Flows into the entire process
  • Help onboard newly elected MarComms Stewards to AIP-246 and continue Proactive PR & Comms so that they can spend their time developing the roadmap, budget and their own AIP for funding


The total ask for this proposal which includes a 3-month budget for, and the legal costs of, setting-up the upcoming Marketing & Communications Working Group, the November/December Election Season Information Coordination, the November Art Basel IRL Activation and the ongoing PR, Comms and Social Media Amplification = 199,000 APE

(Less than 0.00703% of the Ecosystem Fund)

Breakdown as follows:

Nov/Dec 2023 - 76,000 APE
(in $APE) Oct Nov Dec Total
MCWG LLC Legal DAO-Setup 0 7,500 7,500 15,000
CommsActionTeam 0 18,000 18,000 36,000
Audiograms, Tech Tools, Graphics 0 5,000 5000 10,000
ApeCoin DAO @ ArtBasel 15,000
0 50,500 30,500 76,000
Jan/Feb/Mar 2024 - 123,000 APE
(in $APE) Jan Feb Mar Total
MarComms Working Group Budget 18,000 18,000 18,000 54,000
CommsActionTeam 18,000 18,000 18,000 54,000
Audiograms, Tech Tools, Graphics 5,000 5,000 5,000 15,000
41,000 41,000 41,000 123,000


  • As an initiative of the GovWG, all funds will be held with the Governance Working Group and will not be distributed until invoiced for expenses
  • GovWG as an LLC will provide liability coverage and legal protection for the interim Comms Action Team and their personnel
  • This AIP does not include grants for funding any promising Made by Ape licensees, however we expect to submit or support a follow-up AIP for the Made by Apes - Powered by Apecoin™ initiative in collaboration with Sassy Labs


Q1: What is the main issue that this AIP addresses, and why is it essential for the ApeCoin DAO?

A1: The main issue we’re addressing is the lack of professional communications, PR and marketing support both within the ApeCoin DAO and perhaps even more importantly, beyond our little echo chambers and into more mainstream media. This absence of PR and coordinated comms is limiting our awareness both within the Web3 community and in the wider world. It’s crucial to address this because we want the ApeCoin DAO to have a powerful presence and make a meaningful impact.

Q2: Could you explain how the elected stewards of the Marketing & Communications Working Group (MCWG) will inherit an empty shell, and why that's a problem?

A2: Absolutely. When the elected stewards take up their roles on January 1, 2024, they won’t have any funding or essential infrastructure to work with. Due to DAO funding cycles, they won’t access financial resources until the following February, leaving them without funds until March 2024. This means that the DAO will have no PR, comms, or marketing support for five to six months, which is just nuts!

Q3: What does the interim-Comms Action Team (CAT) propose to do about this issue?

A3: CAT has a two-fold mission. First, we aim to create the foundational infrastructure for the MCWG, setting them up for success when they officially launch in 2024 including the legal set-up as a DAO LLC. Second, we’ll deliver immediate PR, comms, partnerships, and organic marketing support to the ApeCoin DAO during this critical transitional period including the DAO’s upcoming elections. We’re also aiming to create revenue streams with our MBA-PBA Initiative.

Q4: Can you tell us more about the initiatives CAT will lead during the specified timeframes (Q4 2023 and Q1 2024)?

A4: Certainly. Immediately, we will begin the process of establishing the MCWG as a legal DAO LLC entity in the Marshall Islands, just as the GovWG has done.

We’ll establish the Spaces Media Network, coordinating influential Twitter Spaces and creating a Master Calendar leading up to the Election Season. We’ll also kick off PR and comms efforts to secure positive press coverage for DAO initiatives, projects, approved AIPs and ventures through well known media outlets as CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, and Art, Gaming, Tech, Culture periodicals.

We’ll also have a presence in November at Art Basel Miami in collaboration with Tally Labs. Simultaneously, we’ll identify promising Made by Ape (MBA) Licensees and initiate outreach.

In Q1 2024, we’ll continue coordinating Twitter Spaces and expanding our network of media outlets and publications for our ongoing PR and comms activities. We’ll also progress the MBA-PBA initiative, exploring collaborations with additional licensees in order to begin receiving revenues for our initiative.

Q5: How does CAT plan to generate revenue and contribute to self-sustainability within the DAO?

A5: We’re excited about our collaboration with Made by Apes (MBA) and Powered by ApeCoin (PBA) Licensees. By identifying promising MBA Licensees, providing AIP guidance, and facilitating funding for their ventures, we can participate in Revenue Sharing (RevShare) and maybe even equity-based agreements. This helps generate revenue for our entity, the MCWG and indirectly the DAO, contributing to our overall self-sustainability.

Q6: How can community members support this AIP, and why should they vote in favor of it?

A6: The DAO NEEDS Proactive, Positive PR, Communications and Marketing already!

We need the support of the ApeCoin DAO community to make this initiative a reality. Your votes in favor of this AIP will enable us to provide essential PR, comms, and marketing support to the DAO and lay the foundation for the MCWG. Together, we can enhance the DAO’s presence, engage the community, and generate revenue for self-sustainability. We’re dedicated to advancing the DAO’s objectives, and we hope you’ll join us on this journey.


I just want to be the first to say that I absolutely support this. It’s clearly defined, leaves no room - at least to me - for obscure context or obfuscation in its intent.

As I am a staunch advocate of ApeComms, while that one has seemingly failed to get funding to expand and grow, I hope that now is the time for the DAO community to embrace the fact that we are simply NOT going to grow beyond the current bubble without a significant and protracted outreach initiatives. It is the core of every single business entity that seeks to prosper and grow - even a non-prof org such as ours.

My only recommendations are:

  1. It should have a built-in auto-renew clause which guarantees funding for a term certain. It’s no different from WebSlingers or any other entity that the DAO engages as a third-party provider. Unless and until we solve the voting issues, we have to do whatever is necessary to alleviate the uncertainty, angst and drama that permeate our voting activities.
  2. I would like to see ApeComms rolled into this AIP initiative because, why re-invent the wheel? You and Lost - in my opinion - do a fabulous job with it. And so, I believe that it should be the tip of the spear since it’s a known and familiar entity. It’s easier to build from what we have than to start anew and deal with the growing pains.

Thanks Derek – appreciate your support and those recommendations.

  1. Love the idea of auto-renew. How would you write it in so as to gain community support and ultimately voter approval?
  2. While ApeComms is obviously a no-brainer collaboration, we were hesitant to roll ApeComms into this bridge initiative to avoid any community confusion.

Besides, what CAT is offering to develop and manage is totally different than what ApeComms currently does, which is hosting Spaces MWF for ApeCoin DAO.

On the other hand, CommsActionTeam will:

  • Legally establish the MCWG as a DAO LLC in the Marshall Islands which takes about 2 months to set-up due to the backlog - why wait until the Stewards get elected?
  • Develop and manage a website that hosts a Master Calendar of influential Twitter Spaces for the upcoming elections (to start) and then hand it over to MarComms when they’re ready
  • Create ApeCoin branded Audiograms/Snippets from these Spaces to amplify our content across socials
  • Craft professional Press Releases and disseminate across a network of media outlets both Web3 and Traditional Media - and expand and continue in 2024 while the Stewards work on their roadmap and budget
  • Put together the initial workflow, arrangements, agreements, etc between Made by Apes and a Powered by ApeCoin collaboration. We all know these types of discussions always take a lot longer than people imagine, so let’s not wait until we elect the Stewards to start.

ApeComms, and for that matter, no one in the DAO is tasked nor paid to manage these initiatives but we know these are a few of the building blocks required for a successful beginning to the Marketing & Communications Working Group.

We’ll see if the DAO/Community feels the same – look forward to the feedback.

Cheers – SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


I so wanna see this go through, its really been a while that we see other working groups finally in place and make crucial steps necessary to move the DAO forward


I really appreciate your taking the initiative to set the Marketing/Comms Working Group for success @ssp1111 and you have a great team!

I do have some questions.

  • I know you said there will be an upcoming AIP, but could you expand a bit about the Made by Ape -Powered by ApeCoin initiative is?
  • How are you planning on presenting ApeCoin DAO at Art Basel in November?
  • What is the need for the CommsAction team for Jan-Mar when there will be elected Stewards to do this work?
  • Is there a reason you aren’t requesting funding for the incoming Stewards for Jan-Mar, since they’ll be working without pay during this period rather than paying an interim CommsActionTeam?
  • Why is the CommsAction team needed for 3 months of the Stewards new term?
  • Do you have any KPIs you’ll be looking at to measure your success?

Thank you for this proposal and I look forward to your reply!


Thank you - we appreciate the support and the recommendations!


Hi AA,

100% agree, it’s a great team for this specific need in the DAO. Onto your questions:

  1. The Made by Apes - Powered by Apecoin™ concept is very experimental and very early days even now, but basically it’s onboarding promising MBA projects (already vetted by the MBA process) to the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem with the goal to help them level-up, grow and scale. A follow-up AIP will happen if it’s determined that there’s a sustainable win-win to the concept.
  2. We’ve had early talks with Tally Labs who will have a side-event at Art Basel but have not gone into details until/unless this AIP passes. The idea is to show how a PR/Comms Team can capture positive press from a Powered by ApeCoin Events and have that content disseminated across socials, etc.
  3. Similar to how the Governance Stewards work ON the Governance needs of the DAO while the facilitators carry on the work IN the DAO of AIPs, Discourse and Discord, the 2 newly elected Stewards of the MarComms WG will have their hands full on figuring out what and how Marketing should prioritize based on their mandate: Brand Strategy, Social Media, Website, Events, Growth, Analytics, Technology, etc – which doesn’t leave them any time for what CommsActionTeam will continue to do - PR/Comms.
  4. Apologies if it’s not clear, but we did ask for $54k for the Stewards for the Jan-Mar period. They will have free reign to spend that how they see fit.
  5. CommsActionTeam will continue to manage the PR/Comms until the newly-elected Stewards find their feet, present an AIP and get funded. We’re hopeful that they will continue to see the value of our services and consider us moving forward, but that will be on them as they develop their budget and needs.
  6. No KPIs to speak of just yet, but some deliverables we’d like to deliver is a central website that holds a Master Calendar (sort of like a TV Guide for Twitter Spaces, socials and other community-led marketing), growing network of media outlets on speed dial, a playbook for IRL Event PR, branded AudioGrams and possibly a new slate of podcast interviews.

Appreciate the questions and your support, always happy to go over them in Spaces too.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


Welcome to the forums Capt. Now you see the mountains of information we discuss daily behind the scenes and on Coffee with Captain. Mountainous, right? :rofl:

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:

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Somehow I missed this by a few days. Weird, that.

I think the auto-renew is simple to write-up in the “Overall Cost” section. See below. Bold emphasis are mine.

The total ask for this proposal which includes a 3-month budget for and the legal costs of setting-up the upcoming Marketing & Communications Working Group, the November/December Election Season Information Coordination, the November Art Basel IRL Activation and the ongoing PR, Comms and Social Media Amplification = 199,000 APE.

Of the above amount, which includes one-time costs, the amount of ??? $APE would be paid monthly (or yearly, quarterly etc. you choose) during the term of this AIP.

I understand the ApeComms issue. However, my concern is that if this - hopefully passes - that would make it a lot harder for ApeComms to make a case for their specific initiative. It’s why I suggested that you, who are also a member of ApeComms, find a way to create a similar initiative which, at the very least, should include Lost.

Though ApeComms is a MWF Spaces initiative, it’s something that’s familiar to us, it has competent and capable hosts who, even without funding, have continued doing it - for FREE. That the community has seen fit to reject funding for it twice, is a different issue. And so, seeing this expansive and more impactful AIP, maybe the voters will be more favorable to it. So, why not just add ApeComms monthly expenses as a line-item (like you did with other items in your AIP) in which, at the very least, provides some funding for it?

I have the utmost confidence that you can figure this out in some way. Getting it to pass is a completely different issue. But even so, we just gave $92K to AIP-314 with overwhelming support.

Also, my thinking is that, with the Marketing Working Group yet to be setup - and which probably won’t be a thing until maybe the middle of 2024 - at best, this is a better near term solution that encompasses and compliments whatever it is that group (assuming my Ape Assembly AIP fails to pass) is likely to be doing anyway.


Let’s see this through


Great to see Capt and Steve bringing their experience to the DAO! Big fan of Coffee with Captain every morning


Welcome to the forum, Chris and Steve! Thanks for putting this idea forward with SSP! I had a few questions if you don’t mind:

  1. I saw various forms of audio content mentioned in the proposal, but would there be any written/visual content as well? If so, what kinds? Sorry if I missed this already mentioned somewhere.

  2. Do you have plans on where the website would live? Would it be standalone, a subdomain of the existing site, or something else?



All statements and opinions are my own, not on behalf of the Ape Foundation.

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Hey Vulkan,

Happy to answer these questions on behalf of the star duo:

  1. No plans for written content but will definitely be capturing snippets and creating visual Audiograms to help amplify the Spaces, especially during Election Season.
  2. Definitely NOT seeking a sub-domain of so kinda thinking a light-weight single page scroll or something. If, this takes hold and the “TV Guide” concept sees traffic, perhaps the MarComms WG will look to create a better website and possibly a more official placement, but that’ll be on the newly-elected Stewards.

If you have any suggestions to make this proposal better, please chime in – we’re looking to add real value during this bridge transition.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


ApeCoinDAO in the positive News Cycle

Co-Author of PR/Comms AIP just showcased this morning on Times Square Billboard:


Wow, that’s really insane and can be achievement !


Hi @ssp1111,

Your topic would be moving to the AIP Draft phase in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.



He will make it, for all apes kind

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Hi @ssp1111,

Thank you for your ideas [and the ApeCoin DAO community for the insightful discussions]. A moderator will reach out to the author to finalize the AIP Draft using the appropriate template. In accordance with DAO-approved guidelines, if the author doesn’t respond within 30 days, the proposal will be automatically transferred to the Withdrawn category, and the author can re-submit the idea. Once the AIP is Drafted and meets all DAO-approved guidelines, it will be published on Snapshot for the official live voting phase at: Snapshot.

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments. @ssp1111 please see your messages for the next steps.