AIP-396: LFG VENTURES presents: Made by Apes - Powered by ApeCoin

Can you give more clarity on how the 6.9M APE will be managed? Also as this is a grant and not a loan. So in essence you are asking for 14m USD, which you are saying you are only spending the returns and not touching the principal. How will this be enforced? or this is done on a gentleman’s agreement?

What happens to the principal 1 year? 3 years? 5 years from now?

I think these points should be clarified before going to vote.

Another thing, I noticed you added a Trademark in the title. Made by Apes - Powered by ApeCoin™

Which trademark are you referring to and owned by who? As Made by Apes already exists with its own trademark.

And this Trademark is already being used, though maybe not registered yet.