AIP-483: Bored Arcade: The Ultimate Degen Arcade & Mini-Game Creation Factory


Bored Arcade: The Ultimate Degen Arcade & Mini-Game Creation Factory

Bored Arcade is a one-of-a-kind degen arcade and mini-game creation factory fueled by $APE coin. It features engaging and addictive mini-games packed with rewards, all themed around BAYC/YUGA. It also includes a mini-game creation engine designed to tap into the entire meme coin industry, all powered by Apecoin, enabling users to create and share their unique, meme-inspired games.


Douglas - CTO of Bored Arcade
Background: Founder of MoreGeek gaming studios and ScarQuest.

Pinky - CEO of Bored Arcade

Background: Co-Founder of Crypto is Fun, ScarQuest, and ApeIT Bot,


Jumanji Jones - COO of Bored Arcade

Background: Co-Founder of ScarQuest, ApeIT Bot, and Crypto is Fun.



Bored Arcade is set to redefine the gaming experience with a degen twist! The BAYC/YUGA-themed arcade will be exclusively native to ApeChain and powered by $APE coin. Our mission? To craft addictively fun games that are straightforward yet compelling—like the beloved “Dookie Dash.” We get it: The everyday non gamer as well as Web3 aficionados crave games that are both easy to grasp and a blast to play, and most importantly you can win a ton of dope stuff!

At launch, players will dive into mini-games designed for everyone from casual dabblers to enthusiasts. You’ll use $APE coin to snag $INSERT tokens, which are your ticket to gameplay. Like those old-school arcades, you’ll collect raffle tickets to score insane prizes. Our simple-to-play, yet addictive games are sure to draw a diverse crowd of gamers, memecoin degens, and even everyday apes.

Bored Arcade isn’t just fun and games; it showcases cutting-edge blockchain gaming tech, spotlighting ApeChain’s potential. This could spark further developer interest and investment in the platform. And with community engagement at its core, our chase-based prize draws, and engaging gaming will foster a dynamic community within the Ape Chain ecosystem.

With raffles and prizes, players will be rewarded daily and weekly. Prize pools will consist of $APE coin contributions and other assets, with 70% going to the winner and 30% allocated back to the platform for buy-backs, airdrops, and a portion of the proceeds going back to the APE Coin DAO.

We’re ramping up perks for BAYC holders too. They can bring their PFP avatars into the games, scoring 1.5x more $INSERT tokens and boosting their chances at raffle winnings.

Bored Arcade’s in-app wallet simplifies account creation and user management. This feature integrates an EVM wallet function for depositing $APE coin, exchanging it for $INSERT token, managing raffle tickets & prizes, and authorizing micropayments for in-game items while playing the games anywhere you want with your mobile. We understand the best tool is the one in your pocket so expect Bored Arcade on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Last but not least our Mini-game Generation Engine, Bored Arcade will establish an innovative game generation engine, equipped with a set of versatile templates designed to streamline the creation of minigames targeted but not exclusively to meme coin projects

These templates enable the rapid development and deployment of new games, significantly enhancing our ability to deliver products regularly, to expand the Bored Arcade platform, and the ApeChain ecosystem.

Welcome to Bored Arcade, where we play hard and degen harder!


Bored Arcade is giving back 10% of gross revenue to the ApeCoin DAO treasury.

  1. Increased Utility for $APE Coin: Bored Arcade uses $APE coin as the primary currency for gaming transactions, enhancing its utility and circulation within the ecosystem.
  2. Community Engagement and Growth: The platform’s engaging, chase-based prize draws and addictive games are designed to foster a vibrant community within the ApeChain ecosystem and beyond, increasing user engagement and retention.
  3. Showcasing Blockchain Capabilities: Bored Arcade showcases the innovative possibilities of blockchain-based gaming on ApeChain, potentially attracting further interest and investment in the technology.
  4. Incentive Mechanisms: The distribution of raffle prizes and the special benefits for BAYC holders (like increased $INSERT tokens) create attractive incentive mechanisms that can drive participation and investment in the ecosystem.
  5. Diverse Audience Reach: By targeting not only expert gamers but also crypto enthusiasts, memecoin degens, and casual mobile users, Bored Arcade can significantly broaden the user base of the ApeChain ecosystem.
  6. Minigame Generation: The platform’s sophisticated capabilities allow for accelerated game development, providing value that can be used to optimize the ApeChain experience and drive further ecosystem growth.

These benefits strengthen the ApeCoin/ApeChain ecosystem, making it more attractive to users, projects, and investors.


  1. Yuga/BAYC-themed arcade games
  2. $APE coin integration
  3. Daily/weekly raffles and prizes
  4. BAYC PFP avatar integration
  5. In-app digital wallet system
  6. X/Twitter login integration
  7. EVM wallet functionality
  8. Micropayment authorization for in-game items
  9. Available on mobile iOS and Android
  10. Reward tracking system
  11. Accelerated game generation
  12. Ready-to-go game templates


Key Components:

  • Mini-Game Catalog
  • Prize Distribution System
  • Wallet and Payment System
  • Community Management
  • Mini-Game Generation Engine

These core elements are designed to turbocharge the ApeChain ecosystem and the utility of $APE coin.

Dive into our expansive BAYC/YUGA-themed mini-game catalog, tailored for every type of player—from the casual to the experienced. Coupled with our enticing prize distribution system, gamers will be motivated to log in daily and eager to play and win.

Our seamless wallet and payment system is crafted to effortlessly onboard gamers. With this system, players can smoothly navigate the platform, effortlessly buying $INSERT tokens with $APE coin, managing their raffle tickets, and exchanging assets, all on iOS and Android. To further enrich the player experience, we’re incorporating a community tab to foster discussions on game strategies, raffle tactics, and other related chatter.

Last but not least our mini-game generation tools will help foster a new kind of degen that will come to ApeChain to receive a template game of their choice or a custom-built game using $APE coin. We want to bring fun, addictive, degen-like, mini-games to the masses and feel that ApeChain is the best place to do so.

Bored Arcade is not just ready—we’re thrilled to support the ecosystem by crafting degen games for the ApeChain native platform. Let’s game on!


Here’s a mapped-out roadmap from the start of Bored Arcade (investment received) to the delivery of the first product into the market and the first 8 months of dapp open to the public.

Here’s a timeline of our 10-month rollout plan for Bored Arcade.

Setup - 1 month

  • Server Architecture Setup
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development tools setup
  • Version management setup
  • Setup CI/CD environment
  • System Tool and Library setup

Stage 1 - 1 month

  • Catalog Management Design and Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • 1st Game Template ready
  • Raffle Reward Design
  • Wallet System Design and Development
  • Apecoin/Apechain integration

Stage 2 - 1 month

  • Catalog Management System testing
  • 2nd Game template Ready
  • Raffle System Design and Development
  • Wallet System Design and Development
  • Ranking System Development
  • Staking system released

Stage 3 - 1 month

  • Reward Distribution Design and Development
  • Raffle System Design and Development
  • 3rd and 4th game template Ready
  • Matchmaking System Design and Development
  • Ranking System Development
  • Wallet System testing
  • BAYC NFTs Integration

Stage 4 - 1 month

  • Wheel of Fortune Bonus Feature Released
  • Community Chat and Forum feature released
  • User support feature Development
  • Ranking System Released
  • Wallet System Ready
  • 3 new game templates ready

Alpha Stage - 1 month

  • Wheel of Fortune Bonus feature released
  • Community Chat and Forum released
  • User support feature released
  • External API development
  • Special event system development
  • Platform and build process optimization

Stage 6 - 1 month

  • Event System released
  • Platform optimization
  • Platform mobile version testing
  • IAP payment implementation
  • Community Management testing
  • Onboard meme projects for trail run
  • Token import/export feature development for supporting the mobile version

Stage 7 - 1 month

  • Partner API Alpha released
  • Verify Economic Cycle
  • Community Management feature launched
  • IAP Payment test
  • In-game meme token integration
  • Platform mobile version submission for review

Beta - 1 month

  • 5 games template ready
  • Version testing
  • Reporting and Analytics feature launched
  • External API integration
  • Onboard 2 additional meme projects
  • In-game meme token utility testing
  • Platform mobile version ready

Full launch - 1 month

  • Full launch
  • On-board 3 additional mini-game partners
  • On-board 2 additional meme projects
  • 3 new game templates ready


Bored Arcade will provide quarterly reporting on the first month of each quarter. We will also give a dune analytics dashboard in the future so DAO members can track our on-chain revenue in real-time


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund = 800,000 APE

3rd Quarter 2024 Budget - 200,000 APE

  • 3 - 4 mini-games live at launch
  • Accelerated Mini-Game Development

4th Quarter 2024 Budget - 350,000 APE

  • Launch Raffle system & Wallet system
  • 3 additional Bored Arcade mini-games
  • Catalog system launch

1st Quarter 2025 Budget - 150,000 APE

  • Launch Community system integration
  • Bored Arcade Listing
  • Additional 5 mini-game templates launched
  • Additional mini-game engine development

Marketing Budget - 100,000 APE

  • Contests
  • Giveaways (SAF spaces, raffles)
  • Quests
  • Video content
  • IRL marketing
  • Ads online (explorers, scanners, tg bots, etc)
  • KOL campaign
  • Gorilla marketing
  • Apple App Store and Google Play store marketing

Use of Funds:

  • Initial Mini-Games Launched
    • Description: Bored Arcade will launch with 3 - 4 mini-games to ensure instant use of APE.
    • Budget Allocation: 100,000 APE
    • Timeline: 3 - 4 weeks (Q3 2024)
    • Details: 3 - 4 unique mini-games that accept APE coin, collecting airdrop points for the raffle system.
  • Accelerated Mini-Game Development
    • Description: Bored Arcade will develop tools and templates to seamlessly develop and deploy fun, addictive, degen mini-games for any project (ei. Memecoins, other chains, dapps, etc)
    • Budget Allocation: 100,000 APE
    • Timeline: 8-9 weeks (Q3 2024)
    • Details: Our mini-game engine application will help foster a new crypto enthusiast community in the APE chain ecosystem.
  • Launch Raffle & Wallet System
    • Description: With the Bored Arcade in-app wallet users will be able to hold their $APE, $INSERT, Raffles, and prizes.
    • Budget Allocation: 125,000 APE
    • Timeline: 4 weeks (Q4 2024)
    • Details: The raffle system was created to incentivize users in our chase-based winning system with things like NFTs, Yuga assets, APE coin, and much more. Bored Arcade will take 30% of the prize pools, a percentage of which will be used to give back to the DAO, some for Airdrops, and the rest for buybacks.
  • 3 Additional Bored Arcade Mini-Games
    • Description: Launching new innovative games to continue the excitement and growth of the Bored Arcade/ApeChain ecosystem.
    • Budget Allocation: 100,000 APE
    • Timeline: 3 - 4 weeks (Q4 2024)
    • Details: With new innovative games always being released, users will be excited and eager to play these addictive games to keep earning and winning more rewards.
  • Catalog System
    • Description: The Catalog System will make it easy for users to view and play the native games of Bored Arcade
    • Budget Allocation: 125,000 APE
    • Timeline: 3 - 4 weeks (Q4 2024)
    • Details: A system feature that enables the platform to add or remove minigames. It offers categorization of games making it easier for users to navigate our platform.
  • Community System Integration
    • Description: Chat rooms are an essential part of Bored Arcade, where users can discuss games, build strategies, raffle prizes, and other related topics.
    • Budget Allocation: 40,000 APE
    • Timeline: 2 - 3 weeks (Q1 2025)
    • Details: Effective community management can significantly enhance user engagement, loyalty, and platform growth.
  • Listing Services
    • Description: Any project that may want to showcase its game can pay a fee in APE to have a game listed on our front page. This helps bring awareness to the projects utilizing our game development service.
    • Budget Allocation: 20,000 APE
    • Timeline: 3 - 4 weeks (Q1 2025)
    • Details: This will elevate games and bring community visibility to APE Chain.
  • 5 Additional Mini-Game Templates
    • Description: Bored Arcade can easily and securely have games ready within days to weeks with ready-to-go and ready-to-build templates.
    • Budget Allocation: 30,000 APE
    • Timeline: 3 - 4 weeks (Q1 2025)
    • Details: Continue to add more addictive mini-games to our catalog of mini-games.
  • Additional Mini-Game Engine Development
    • Description: We will continue to upgrade and update our systems, a key feature in the Bored Arcade ecosystem.
    • Budget Allocation: 60,000 APE
    • Timeline: 3 - 4 weeks (Q1 2025)
    • Details: A key component and feature of our platform that we will continue to update with new innovative features and games.

We are poised to position Bored Arcade as a catalyst in forging a dynamic degen gaming ecosystem, set to scale and enhance ApeChain from day one. Utilizing our influence as KOLs and well-known entities in this space, we can attract a substantial user base to the platform. The initial start of the chain is pivotal, with user acquisition as our primary focus.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our proposal, see you at the Bored Arcade!

I’m listening to you share about this AIP live on the ApeComms twitter stream! I love the visual of the arcade inside the carnival, throwing the basketballs, skee-ball and whatnot. Makes sense and sounds cool! Nice that there will be mini-games live at the outset.


thanks brother! yeah the end goal will be 15-20 games that will interchanged monthly and all bayc/yuga themed


Wen Apekin game Pinky, think I just connected another dot for ApekinCoin AIP.

Like I said, community is our biggest asset, leverage the community and buidl cool stuff together :heart:


Love this @pink . Then again, I can’t be trusted to be unbiased when it comes to games. :rofl:

I do have some questions:

  1. Why not wait for the Banana Bill instead of running the AIP gauntlet through our irresponsible voting system?

  2. What’s the current dev status? I saw in the deck that the kickoff was this past May. Did that happen? If not, why not?

  3. I note that it’s targeted at ApeChain, which isn’t live yet. So, what chain - if any - is it currently deployed on?

  4. What backend platform - if any - are you guys using? And are you aware that Sequence already has ApeChain integration via AIP-418

  5. I note that you’re asking for $800K as a grant instead of a venture fund that gives back to the DAO. Any reason why that is - especially since revenue will be generated from this proposal?


I think this will be great and perfect for the eco-system and NFT holders. Variety of games and things to get excited about that will get the community more involved and coming back everyday.


Hey SmartAPE, Jumanji here one of the co-founders of Bored Arcade.

  1. Why not wait for the Banana Bill instead of running the AIP gauntlet through our irresponsible voting system?
    1) We want support from the community and doa, 2) AIPs have been proven to pass because our partners Ape Express just passed
  2. What’s the current dev status? I saw in the deck that the kickoff was this past May. Did that happen? If not, why not?
    We planned on launching an AIP earlier but our timelines moved to fit the tentative launch date. Thanks for catching that typo :wink: we still plan on being live with several mini-games at launch.
  3. I note that it’s targeted at ApeChain, which isn’t live yet. So, what chain - if any - is it currently deployed on?
    This platform will be native to ApeChain and we think it’s essential that developers build natively.
  4. What backend platform - if any - are you guys using? And are you aware that Sequence already has ApeChain integration via AIP-418
    There are some similarities as it is related to a gaming platform. Still, our focus and features are to bring the degen communities to ApeChain by providing a unique take on BAYC/Yuga-themed mini-game arcade. So imagine an adult degen Chuckie E Cheese but Chuckie is Curtis :sweat_smile:. Another vital piece is that we have access to a massive degen community with Crypto is Fun (SAF) which we will for sure be leveraging :joy:
  5. I note that you’re asking for $800K as a grant instead of a venture fund that gives back to the DAO. Any reason why that is - especially since revenue will be generated from this proposal?
    We want to showcase how the DAO can work and lead the way in giving back to the DAO to show it can be profitable when they support projects that want to build natively on the chain.

Hope this answers your questions, we appreciate you taking the time to look through the deck and pointing out some typos for us. This is exactly why these kinds of discussions are great before voting. DM me or pinky anytime and for more technical questions we can hop on a call with our CTO Douglas who’s the brain behind the development LOL.

This is :100: we want to bring back the fun to the Ape community and we can’t think of a better way than to build a super degen arcade.

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Thanks for those answers. Everything understood, and is clear.

The only comment that I want to add is that I highly recommend that you guys find a way to help the DAO generate revenue via some sort of rev share. Even if it means increasing the ask. Even if your previous AIP passed, there’s no guarantee that this - or any other - will pass if money just keeps going out of the DAO treasury.

Not to mention that, the $100M Banana Bill is already a tough pill to swallow given the liquidity of the treasury. And to that end, some members are probably expecting any/all ApeChain targeted initiatives to wait for Banana Bill to deploy since that fund is specifically for it. Maybe have a chat with @Aepicurean and see how that goes.

Voting drama aside, I personally don’t expect the DAO to pass - at least not easily - any AIP that’s targeted for ApeChain. We need to preserve the treasury for other efforts, while leaving the Banana Bill to sort out ApeChain related funding - which is what designed to do.

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hi brother sorry ive been out for the day with the family. to respond to the rev share recommendation it is included in the aip that we will be giving 10% of the gross rev back to the dao forever. ape express is kokos aip a also an ape chain project that passed and he also will be giving 10% of revenue back to the dao. If both projects are as successful as we believe they can be then the ROI could be 10X which would be extremely profitable for the dao and actually help it grow.


100% brother we plan on leveraging all of our outlets and bringing the dopest s#!t possible to the chain as well as making it profitable for the dao! apekin game will crush! lol


Hi Pinky. Yeah, I saw the “10% of arcade fees will go back to the dao forever.” part, but just thought it was was a low number given that the DAO was front-loading all the costs.

I appreciate your perspective, but I respectfully disagree and would like to explain why. The purpose of the grant program, as I understand it, is to fund projects and ideas that will further and grow the ApeCoin ecosystem. It’s not an investment firm or a lending platform. Typically, developing a project of this scope would cost five times the amount we’re requesting. However, because of our partnership with the gaming studio, we can deliver it at a fraction of the cost.

This is a passion project for us, and none of the founders are taking a salary. 100% of the funds are going towards development and marketing. The work doesn’t stop there—after development, there will be ongoing employee costs, maintenance, and more. To run a successful and thriving business, I believe that offering 10% back to the DAO forever is more than fair, considering the potential upside.

Many projects don’t even offer a revenue share, and that’s okay because it’s not a requirement. My goal is to bring something amazing, native, and unique to the ecosystem, with every intention of giving back and growing the DAO in the process. I’d love to get on a call sometime to help you understand the potential that Borde Arcade has within the ecosystem. Feel free to DM me anytime.

Yup. I understand and know all that.

It wasn’t a requirement. I just wanted to point it out because when people see such a low number, coupled with the fact that the general on-going consensus in the DAO appears to be one in which most would like to see the DAO generate revenue as opposed to just doling out funds via grants, it could skew the opinions in some way.

Regardless, your explanation - which is how I had already reconciled it in my mind - goes a long way to explaining, and hopefully alleviating, that particular aspect. So, thanks for that.

Hey, thanks a ton for pointing that out! I totally agree – it’s easy to get caught up in just the numbers and miss the bigger picture. I’ve definitely been guilty of that too.

Over the next few weeks, I’m really excited to show everyone how awesome Bored Arcade will be for ApeCoin. Your feedback means a lot, and I’m always open to more. We want as many people as possible to get behind this vision. Thanks again for your support!

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