Ape House - The First IRL Hub for BAYC & MAYC Token Holders

Ape House - The First IRL Hub for BAYC & MAYC Token Holders
(Name Subject to change via a community vote)

Brand Decision

Carlos Alcocer Sola - BAYC 1382
Twitter: @chapsrlz
OG BAYC Minter, Degen and IRL licensed architect.
Founding partner and CTO at Shake Lab, a laboratory that helps brands and companies build a social presence on web3 and develop strategies on decentralized platforms.

Oriana Nan - BAYC 7981
Twitter: @theloveape
OG BAYC Minter, Digital Marketing Expert. Web3 & Metaverse professor.
Founding partner and CEO at Shake Lab, a laboratory that helps brands and companies build a social presence on web3 and develop strategies on decentralized platforms.

AG Studio
A commercial and residential interior design studio located in CDMX with a clear objective, to design interiors as a means of expression under an alternative, contemporary and authentic perspective.

BAAQ’ Alfonso Quiñones

Factor Eficiencia
Factor Eficiencia had gained an ample portfolio of built projects for private clients as well as for the three branches of the Mexican government: Federal, State and Municipal in the last 25 years. Their projects are located through out Mexico City as well as in the states of: Tamaulipas, Hidalgo, Puebla, Veracruz, Queretaro, Edo. de Mexico, Oaxaca, Morelos, Guerrero and Baja California.

Ape House, initially envisioned for Mexico City, will be the first official headquarters for BAYC and MAYC token holders, a space that will function as a boutique hotel, coworking space, digital art gallery, space for networking and IRL events, cafeteria and different unique experiences. Although the space is designed for BAYC and MAYC token holders, it will accommodate travelers and digital nomads.

Holders of BAYC and MAYC tokens will be able to use the Hotel and Coworking service for free, prior reservation, and will receive a preferential rate for additional services when paying with Ape Coin, while holders of other collections (Cryptopunks, Wow, Doodles, etc.) will be able to access the range of services with a preferential rate when paying with ApeCoin. Travelers and digital nomads who do not have access tokens will be able to use the services at a normal rate.

100% of the profits from Ape House will be reinvested back into the ApeCoin DAO

In 2019 we experienced one of the moments of greatest crisis worldwide, the pandemic caused by the Covid19 virus. This pandemic changed the way of working, studying and living for a vast majority of the people who inhabit the planet. Thousands of companies changed the way they worked and doing it remotely became a necessity, offices were closed and people worked from home, some people took advantage of this opportunity to travel the world, others looked for cheaper cities to live. These migrants are known as “Digital Nomads” and are remote workers who look for cities with good internet service, work spaces and low prices to live for a few months and improve their quality of life.

Due to the cost of living, wide range of services (restaurants, cafes, cinemas, theaters, bars, etc.) and access to fast internet, Mexico City has become one of the favorite destinations for Digital Nomads, being the Condesa, Hipódromo and Roma colonies are the favorite destination.

Ape House, envisioned for Mexico City, is proposed as a versatile hub specifically catering to BAYC and MAYC token holders, while uniquely positioning itself as a haven for the burgeoning digital nomad community. This multifunctional space will encompass a boutique hotel, coworking space, digital art gallery, space for networking and IRL events, cafeteria and different unique experiences. Its establishment is aimed not only at enhancing the real-world value of BAYC and MAYC memberships but also at significantly contributing to the lifestyle and work dynamics of digital nomads in Mexico City. By offering a state-of-the-art coworking environment, comfortable lodging, and networking opportunities

Ape House intends to become a pivotal destination for digital nomads, fostering a blend of creativity, community, and collaboration in one of the city’s most favored neighborhoods for remote workers.

An example of an operational hub for digital nomads in Mexico City is HAAB Project which is located in the same area where we are proposing the Ape House. HAAB Project offers memberships starting at $1,500 USD a month up to $10,000 and a wide range of events all tailored for the digital nomads living in the City.

HAAB Memberships
HAAB Events

We are at a pivotal moment in the evolution of the ApeCoin ecosystem, and with this AIP, we aim to significantly enhance its value and utility. Our AIP, Ape House, is not just an ambitious project; it’s a strategic endeavor designed to bring multifaceted benefits to our community. Here’s how Ape House will positively impact the ApeCoin ecosystem:

1. Bringing value to the BAYC/MAYC
Ape House will serve as a physical embodiment of the BAYC and MAYC communities. By providing exclusive benefits and services to token holders, we’re not just offering a unique real-world utility but also elevating the prestige and value of being a part of these communities.

  • Enhanced Community Engagement: Ape House will serve as a physical manifestation of the BAYC/MAYC community, strengthening bonds among members through real-world interactions and experiences.
  • Exclusive Access and Benefits: Offering exclusive access and benefits to BAYC/MAYC token holders at Ape House elevates the perceived value and prestige of owning these tokens.
  • Brand Extension: By creating a tangible, real-world presence, Ape House extends the BAYC/MAYC brand beyond the digital realm, increasing visibility and appeal to a broader audience.
  • Innovative Community Experiences: Regular events, workshops, and collaborations hosted at Ape House will keep the community engaged, fostering loyalty and long-term interest in the BAYC/MAYC ecosystem.

2. Revenue for ApeCoin DAO
All profits from Ape House will be reinvested back into the ApeCoin DAO, creating a sustainable financial loop. This model ensures that the success of Ape House directly contributes to the financial health and autonomy of the ApeCoin DAO, supporting its ongoing initiatives and future projects.

  • Sustainable Financial Model: All revenue generated by Ape House will be reinvested back into the ApeCoin DAO. This creates a sustainable financial model where the success of Ape House directly benefits the entire ApeCoin ecosystem.
  • Continuous Financial Support: The continuous flow of revenue from ApeHouse into the ApeCoin DAO can provide a steady stream of financial resources, aiding in funding future community projects, improvements, or other DAO initiatives.
  • Demonstration of Economic Viability: By funneling profits back to the ApeCoin DAO, Ape House will serve as a tangible example of how community-centric business models can be economically viable and beneficial for the broader ecosystem.
  • Enhanced DAO Autonomy: With an additional revenue source, the ApeCoin DAO can gain greater financial autonomy. This reduces reliance on external funding sources, allowing for more independent and community-focused decision-making.

3. Different revenue streams
The Ape House project encompasses a comprehensive strategy for revenue generation, integral to bolstering the ApeCoin ecosystem. By tapping into various revenue streams, Ape House aims to ensure its financial stability while significantly contributing to the ApeCoin DAO. The revenue streams include:

  • Hotel Rooms Rented by the Day: Ape House will feature boutique hotel accommodations, available for daily rent. This will not only serve BAYC/MAYC token holders but also attract other travelers and digital nomads, ensuring a regular revenue from hospitality services.
  • Coworking Spaces Rented by the Hour: The coworking area, designed for flexibility, will cater to the needs of digital nomads and local professionals, with rental options by the hour, enhancing the appeal to a broader working audience.
  • Restaurant/Coffee Shop: A dining area within Ape House, offering meals and beverages, will cater to guests and visitors, generating a consistent income from food and drink sales.
  • Merchandise Shop: Sales of exclusive BAYC/MAYC branded merchandise and limited-edition collectibles will provide a steady
  • Daily Activities and Experiences: Ape House will host diverse events, such as workshops, talks, and entertainment activities, attracting participation from both the community and a wider audience.
  • Venue Renting for Events and Activations: The space will be available for private events, corporate gatherings, and community meetups, generating income and increasing Ape House’s visibility.
  • Activations and Collaborations: Brand activations, product launches, and collaborative events with other entities will be significant revenue sources, leveraging Ape House’s prime location and the BAYC/MAYC community’s profile.
  • Additional Services: Opportunities for premium memberships, special event hosting, and unique services will cater to community and guest needs.

4. Scalable model for global expansion
The replicability of Ape House in various cities around the world offers an exciting opportunity to expand the ApeCoin ecosystem globally. Each location will adapt to local cultures while maintaining the core ethos of our community, thereby enriching the ApeCoin ecosystem with diverse, global perspectives.

  • Global Network Expansion: The successful implementation of Ape House in Mexico City can serve as a model for replication in other cities and countries, creating a global network of ApeCoin community hubs.
  • Diversification of Use Cases: Each new ApeHouse location can adapt to local cultures and market dynamics, showcasing the versatility of ApeCoin in various settings and uses.
  • Scalable Community Growth: As new ApeHouses open around the world, it not only expands the ApeCoin ecosystem geographically but also attracts diverse members, enriching the community with global perspectives and ideas.
  • Strengthening Brand Presence Internationally: The presence of Ape Houses in major cities worldwide would significantly boost the international profile and influence of BAYC/MAYC and ApeCoin, attracting global attention and investment.

5. ApeCoin IRL transactions
The utilization of ApeCoin for transactions within Ape House marks a significant step towards mainstreaming cryptocurrency usage. This real-world application will not only demonstrate the practicality of ApeCoin but also enhance its circulation and visibility.

  • Facilitating Real-World Transactions: Ape House will encourage the use of ApeCoin for various services like lodging, coworking, and events, promoting its utility as a currency beyond digital platforms.
  • Demonstrating Cryptocurrency Viability: By successfully integrating ApeCoin into everyday transactions at Ape House, it sets a precedent for the real-world applicability of cryptocurrencies, potentially attracting new users and investors to ApeCoin.
  • Boosting ApeCoin Circulation: Regular transactions at Ape House will increase the circulation of ApeCoin, positively impacting its market dynamics and value.

Through Ape House, we envision a future where the boundaries between digital and physical community spaces are seamlessly blended, offering tangible benefits and a sense of belonging to all members of the ApeCoin ecosystem. This proposal is more than just an investment in a physical space; it’s a commitment to the growth, sustainability, and innovation of our community.

The team has identified the following key terms but due to the nature of this AIP we are well aware that a lot of new terms will be added while we discuss the AIP. If you have any questions please feel free to add them to the comments.

A financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something

Land use:
In Mexico City, “land use” (or “uso de suelo” in Spanish) refers to the set of regulations and norms that dictate how different areas or parcels within the city can be used. These regulations are crucial for urban planning and sustainable development. There are various land use categories like residential, commercial, industrial, services, and mixed use. Each category defines what types of activities are allowed in a specific area.

Land use significantly influences the value and type of development that can occur on a piece of land. For instance, an area designated for residential use cannot be used to build a factory. For a project like Ape House in Mexico City, it’s critical to consider land use regulations to ensure that the proposed space complies with local regulations and can be utilized for the intended purposes like a hotel, coworking space, restaurant, etc.

Architectural Project:
This encompasses the design and planning of the ApeHouse, including detailed drawings, specifications, and plans. It outlines the structural, aesthetic, and functional aspects of the project, ensuring that the space meets both the practical needs and the aesthetic vision of the ApeHouse concept.

This term describes the specific property chosen for the ApeHouse project. Key considerations for this property include its location, size, existing infrastructure, and suitability for the planned modifications and uses.

This involves renovating or refurbishing the chosen property to suit the needs of ApeHouse. Restoration might include structural changes, interior and exterior remodeling, and updating utilities to accommodate the new functions of the space as a boutique hotel, coworking area, and more.

Security Deposit:
In the context of renting the property for ApeHouse, the security deposit is a sum of money held by the landlord as a safeguard against potential damages, unpaid rent, or other contractual breaches by the tenant. It’s typically returned at the end of the lease, provided the property is left in good condition.

Lease Agreement:
This is the legal contract between the landlord of the property and the tenant. The lease agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the rental, including rent amount, lease duration, responsibilities of each party, conditions for the use of the property, and other important stipulations.

Understanding these key terms is essential for the successful planning and execution of the ApeHouse project. Each term represents an important aspect of the project that needs careful consideration and management.


1 - Property
This refers to the physical location where the project will be implemented. This space will be adapted and conditioned to meet the requirements of the project and must possess certain characteristics, the most important being the commercial land use zoning (refer to key terms to understand what land use zoning is), as well as a specific number of rooms, a terrace, and open spaces.

For the development of the project, a three-story residential property located at Tabasco Street No. 304, Col. Roma Norte, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City is being considered. It has the appropriate land use zoning and features an adapted parking area for use as a restaurant/bar, 8 rooms, a terrace, a kitchen, open spaces, and a rooftop terrace.

Main facade

Restaurant / Coffe

Open terrace

Hotel rooms

Main entrance, gallery and networking.

The property requires a complete restoration to become fully functional and align with the vision of the Ape House project. The restoration and transformation of this property will be under the direction of a renowned architect based in Mexico City. His expertise will be instrumental in converting the existing structure into a multifunctional space that encapsulates the essence of Ape House. The envisioned modifications include adapting the property’s parking area into a restaurant/bar, refurbishing 8 rooms for lodging purposes, and designing inviting open spaces, a kitchen, and a rooftop terrace. The entire renovation process will be meticulously planned to ensure that the property not only meets the operational needs of Ape House but also reflects the innovative and community-driven spirit of the BAYC/MAYC ethos.

2 - Architectural Project
For the successful realization of the ApeHouse project, a key element lies in the restoration and remodeling of the chosen property. We are planning to work with a renowned team of architects based in Mexico City, our options are: AG Studio and BAAQ’ Alfonso Quiñones.

The involvement of either AG Studio or BAAQ’ Alfonso Quiñones is expected to significantly enhance the project’s appeal, ensuring that ApeHouse becomes a landmark destination that embodies the innovative spirit of the digital nomad and Web3 communities.

3 - Website
To complement and enhance the Ape House experience, a comprehensive website development is essential. This website will serve as a central platform for interaction with our customers and community, facilitating room reservations and activity bookings, and acting as a key source of information about the project and its offerings. Key features of the website include:

  • Online Reservations: The site will enable users to book rooms and sign up for additional activities offered at Ape House. This will include a calendar system to check availability and the option to choose from different room types and activity packages.
  • ApeCoin Payment Integration: A critical functionality will be the ability to make payments using ApeCoin, aligning with the innovative and digital nature of our community. Integrating a secure and efficient payment system for crypto transactions is paramount.
  • Multilingual Support: Given the global nature of our community, the site will be available in multiple languages, facilitating access and understanding for users worldwide.

Our goal is to open the ApeHouse by May 2024 which is a tight timeline but doable. To achieve this we would start working immediately after receiving the funds in the following order.


  • AIP Approval
  • Approval of ApeCoin funding.
  • Receipt of ApeCoin.
  • Sing the leasing agreement with the owner of the property - Estimated cost: $16,200 USD (First month + security deposit)
  • Development of the website - Estimated cost: $25,000 USD
  • Architectural project by AG Studio or BAAQ’ Alfonso Quiñones - Estimated cost: $85,000 USD
  • Permits for operation and opening of commercial premises - Estimated cost: $25,000 USD
  • Restoration of the property by Factor Eficiencia - Estimated cost: $500,000 USD
  • Restaurant / Coffee
  • Hiring / Training the staff to run the ApeHouse


  • Private opening to the BAYC/MAYC community
  • Public opening
  • Monthly budget: Fixed cost such as rent, supplies, electricity, internet, etc.: $18,500 USD
  • Staff and workers: $16,500


The following are estimated costs and subject to be revised during the evaluation and implementation of the AIP.

  • Phase one: $651,200 USD
  • Phase two: $35,000 USD per month during the first 6 months
  • Total: $861,000.00 USD

Ape House will become fully sustainable after the sixth month of operation and 100% of the profits will be reinvested back into the ApeCoin DAO. Once the above model is proven successful there may be opportunities to replicate in different cities that are being targeted by digital nomads.

Thank you very much for reading this AIP idea which we want to implement next year, I am attentive to all your comments and questions.


Reserved for additional comments and/or changelog.
thanks for reading.

Change Log
07. Dec. 2023

Should say:
Ape House, initially envisioned for Mexico City, will be the first hub for BAYC and MAYC token holders, a space that will function as a boutique hotel, coworking space, digital art gallery, space for networking and IRL events, cafeteria and different unique experiences. Although the space is designed for BAYC and MAYC token holders, it will accommodate travelers and digital nomads.

  1. Dec. 2023
    The concept around Ape House is not the first one, also based on the comments it would target the ApeCoin dao and not BAYC/MAYC holders so the name will change to:
    Ape House - An IRL Hub for the ApeCoin DAO
    (Name Subject to change via a community vote)

GM! Great to see your first AIP! :star_struck: Nice chatting with you today on the space as well, adding my comments and questions below :mechanical_arm:

Just to clarify, do you mean only BAYC & MAYC NFT holders? Or do you mean $APE coin holders? Or both?

For example, I do not own a BAYC or MAYC NFT, since I only hold $APE, does this mean I’m not welcome at the Ape House? Or do I just end up paying a higher price than others?

Does this mean you’re considering this to be setup as a form of non-profit/charitable corp? Where all year end accounting reports are published, and surplus directly sent back to the DAO in the form of $APE? Just wanna double check I understand your vision correctly :slight_smile:

I have a feeling voters will love this…curious for others to chime in

How many years commitment do you anticipate needing to sign for? 12mths? 24mths? More?

What % vacancy rate have you factored in? Are these projections based on full occupancy 100% of the time? or 50% etc?

Are these prices coming from estimates that have been provided? Or otherwise could you help me understand where you came up with the figures?

Just out of curiosity (and cuz I’m a construction guy haha) who’s the construction lead on the team for Ape House? Would love to do some 1 on 1 chats with him/her on a few points re the budget and action planning with the site contractors :heart:

I didn’t see marketing mentioned anywhere in Phase 1 or 2, could you elaborate on your marketing strategy to ensure rooms are filled and restaurant is booked?

I’ll pause questions here for now and wait for your replies up to this point :slight_smile:

Overall really vibing with your approach and mindset on this, I think 8Delegate would as well :heart: :gorilla:


In my opinion this is very cool!


First of all thanks on reading the AIP, it was nice chatting today on the space as well.

I just noticed theres a typo in there, the first idea was to name it as an official headquarter for the BAYC / MAYC community, now we only call it an IRL Hub for BAYC / MAYC since calling it an official headquarters sounds very ambitious and probably wont be possible. I wont edit the original post, i will add a comment on the first reply.

All facilities and services on the Ape House will be open for the public, however BAYC / MAYC holders can use the Hotel and Coworking spaces for free, prior reservation, and get a discount on the events and restaurant when paying with $ape. Holders of other tokens like Cryptopunks, Renga, World of Woman or whatever the DAO chooses, will receive a discount when paying with $ape and regular uses will pay full rate on all services. Its not a higher price, just a full rate.

No, it wont be a non-profit/charitable corp, Ape House will be run as a company, which will be paying local taxes and all profits will be reinvested back into the DAO, more on that on the next response.

For what i have read, but i might be wrong, there is no mechanics on how to reinvest profits on the DAO however it could be done in different ways:

  • Deposit $ape into a multisig in control of the DAO or the Governance Working Group and those funds can be used via upcoming AIPs
  • Replicate the APE House model in another city and partially fund it with the profits from Mexico City.

For commercial properties in Mexico City, it is suggested that there be 5 mandatory years for the landlord and 3 for the tenant, with an annual review of the increase in rent according to the inflation index. However, it can be sought to be 2 years for the tenant.

We are puling data from AirDNA on the submarket “Roma Norte” which is the location of the proposed property, but keep in mind we have different source of income like the coworking space, memberships, restaurant, coffe shop, merch shop, events. etc. I strongly suggest visint the HAAB Project which would be our closest competitor. (memberships - events)

Those are estimated prices based on a visit i did on june to the property with both the architects and the constructors, if this AIP goes live both proposals will be reviewed and a much more detailed budget, both architectural and construction, will be presented.

We are considering working with Factor Eficiencia as the contractor, which is a company based in México City with over 30 years experience.

No i didnt mention markent strategies but it is crucial to have one for the success of this project. I didnt mention it, however @TheLoveApe is an expert in Digital Marketing and is working on a full strategy. We are not talking about it because we are still in a very early stage but im pretty sure whe will love to discuss it with anyone. (pinging her)

Hopefully this will answer your initial questions and if you have more feel free to shot them!

Ill update the first reply with the changelog.


Oh, it’s a pity that I can’t participate in events or attend such clubs. The idea looks just great.


Agreed :star_struck:

Why not? :thinking: :heart:

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Thought topic…are you familiar with the principles behind the Network State? Balajis wrote a book on it, which coincides in many ways with your AIP here in terms of decentralized living etc. Info here https://thenetworkstate.com

There are a few other communities working towards this similar vision.

Question…if a group like CityDAO for example, were to contribute to the costs of your AIP…would this;

a) be of interest to you, and

b) how could benefits to CityDAO Citizen NFT holders be factored into the model you’ve outlined?

Can you tell me why BAYC/MAYC house and not Apecoin holders?
Many apes sold every single Apecoin and don’t participate while most participants don’t have any of those NFT assets. Also i wanted to ask you if you already approached the actual BAYC councils that are not a part of our foundation and are giving grants from the BAYC?

Maybe @Waabam or @capetaintrippy could chime in on this one with some guidance? :point_up: This is Chaps first AIP and I’m helping him find the right answers as he navigates the AIP process :heart: :gorilla:

Just to be sure I understand correctly, you’ve factored in a vacancy % into your calculations? Could you share what that % allowance you factored in? Or do you have perhaps a projected Income Statement you could share? That would be most helpful in guiding the next few questions more efficiently :pray:

Would love to hear from @TheLoveApe on this topic of the Marketing plan for the IRL Hub Year #1 :mechanical_arm:

first, thanks for reading the AIP and sharing your concerns and questions.

I thought on the BAYC/MAYC holders because thats what initiated the whole DAO.
This is the first idea on the AIP and subject to change based on the comments and whats best for the DAO and im pretty sure the DAO can come to a solution that benefits both groups (token holders and apecoin holders).

No i havent, wasnt aware of such foundation or councils.

If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to post them!

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I thought about this too…overall I liked how @chaps designed the AIP to direct all profits back to the DAO, I thought that was a nice touch to support the ApeCoin Community regardless of their NFT status

I’m curious about this answer too

Following up on this @chaps, I did some initial conversations at CityDAO and they were generally positive.

Lots of questions to sort out still…but given the right answers, I could be willing to lead a proposal at CityDAO to foster some support for this initiative.

I’m thinking it could be written up in the $50k - $200k range, not sure yet, needs much more thought and discussion with numerous people first including you and your team directly.

I live very far away and at the moment I cannot fly out of the country for some reason.

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thanks for reading the aip!

thats bad news, but one of the benefits to the apecoin ecosystem is scalable model for global expasion. which means that once the ape house becomes fully sustainable it can be replicated in different cities around the world, yours included :slight_smile:

BAYC Club has its own councils and funding opportunities for club members.

This Foundations didn’t came form BAYC holders, it came from YUGALABS founders and the investors in the first round of this foundation establishment. This initial investors and founders are the ones who get percentages from Apecoin unlocking periods and NOT normal Apecoin or BAYC/MAYC holders, the small amount of claim was eligible for BAYC club holders, most of which sold every single one of the coins.
Most Apecoin holders are not BAYC club and many don’t even have an NFT PFP and they don’t have too.
Its important to think about how can you benefit every holder & how you can give back to them and DAO

Hello @MemeBrains ! [quote=“MemeBrains, post:3, topic:20772”]
I didn’t see marketing mentioned anywhere in Phase 1 or 2, could you elaborate on your marketing strategy to ensure rooms are filled and restaurant is booked?

So happy you asked, since this is my area :slight_smile: and I think it is key to having a successful launch and business.

This is a short summarized version of our plan, of course we will be measuring everything we do to identify opportunities and areas for improvement. I’ve been working in digital marketing for around 18 years, so I am very focused on the numbers and opportunities to leverage performance

We will open these digital channels in the beginning:

  • Linkedin profile
  • Instagram
  • X (Twitter)
  • Facebook (merely for SEO reasons)
  • Google My business
  • And we will have a monthly newsletter with news and the list of activities of the upcoming month.

We will have in place a content strategy based on the Ape House brand identity and the kind of public we want to attract.

We identified different target groups and we will put in place different digital campaigns for each group (which will be run by me in the beginning and supervised by me when necessary).

We are planning on running ads on Instagram and Google search and try to identify key influencers that we make work occasionally with.

Target (B2C)

-Digital Nomads: living in mexico city temporary or long term, with focus on people in the web3 ecosystem.

-Freelancers who may use coworking spaces

-Active members from the web3 community around the world who may visit Mexico City at some point.

The strategy for this group will be different for the rest. Here we will focus more on x (twitter) and in the different sub-communities (Apecoin DAO, BAYC, Cryptopunks, etc). We are thinking about an inauguration event and inviting some key members of the communities.

Target (B2B)

For this target we are thinking in a more PR approach

Here we are considering:

  • Local web3 communities (ETH Mexico, Metagals, Local Nouns DAO. women in web3, espacio crypto, cryptoartists, etc) - we will approach the with options to use the space for their gatherings, meetups and events

  • Local companies - we will get in touch to offer the a new space to organize product launching or events

  • People offering cultural workshops that may be interesting for our communities (i.e.: brathwork, meditation, yoga, creativity, coding for generative art, etc) we will contact them to offer their workshops in our installation lie a premium offering for our clients


probably you missed the response by @TheLoveApe

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Here is the reply, is a short summarize of the full plan :wink: Ape House - The First IRL Hub for BAYC & MAYC Token Holders - #18 by TheLoveApe

We have also some ideas regarding a web3 loyalty plan for users, to keep them engage in all the activities that we are planing.