APE University (Education in Web3)

Ape University

Brand Decision

This proposal is aimed at creating an additional structure in ApecoinDAO, whose task will be to train people in Web3 professions. This should become a full-fledged educational institution where students will gain knowledge in their chosen field and receive a diploma upon completion.
It is planned to place several AIPs; the first one (that is, this one) was created for the purpose of approval of this organization. What will the adoption of this AIP mean? The proposed structure should be led by a “Council” (board of directors, council of elders, etc. in the future the divisions can be renamed), consisting of 12 people. If this AIP is adopted, ApecoinDAO will have to hold elections for the positions of members of the “Council”. After the “council” is formed, it will have the task of resolving some issues, namely:
- Election of the Chairman of the “Council”
- Selection of the director, the person who will be the executive body of the University
- Selection of members who will be entrusted with having a multi-signature wallet
- Selecting a secretary whose responsibilities will include archiving key points from all meetings
- Selecting an accountant, a person who will record all financial activities of the University
- Determination of wages for employees

After the election, the director will have to begin resolving issues with developing a roadmap, determining the number of minimum required employees, as well as their activities and wages. The director will also have to hire someone to create an educational plan. After all the calculations and calculations, the director will need to contact the council with the derived data, on the basis of which the Council will determine the amount necessary to ensure the launch (this may be a phased launch) and operation of Ape University.
When everything is ready, the next AIP will be created, which will outline the roadmap, launch stages, as well as the amount of the request and the justification for this amount.

Even if we do not take into account the fact that the creation of an educational institution in which all payments will be made in APEcoins will have a positive impact on the value of the token, we can point out a number of other advantages. It is obvious that education, with the proper approach, will attract the attention of a large number of people from Web2, ApeCoin DAO will become more useful for them, and especially if ApeCoin DAO can employ the best students, then there will be even more people willing. The Apecoin ecosystem has also acquired projects around it, which, like other projects, will require skilled workers.

apeuniversity.xyz – a site with the help of which it will be possible in the future to obtain NFT for access to classes. Currently not adapted for mobile devices.
discord.gg/275HYeCv - Discord server on which the classes will take place. Currently you can access all channels, in the future access will only be provided if you have a specific NFT.

The first step is the formation of the Ape University structure itself and the recruitment of members of the “council”. Term 1-2 months after adoption of the AIP (if adopted)
The second step is solving the tasks assigned to selecting key roles, as well as determining the stages of launch, calculating the required amount for the launch and operation of the institution.
The third step is the creation of an AIP, which will outline the roadmap, launch stages, as well as the amount of the request and justification for this amount
The fourth step is the immediate start of the recruitment of students and the launch of training



Excellent, not just here at apecoinDAO, but the entire web3 market, really needs schools, a lot of people without knowledge, especially here in Brazil where I live, many people here recurrently fall into financial pyramid scams due to lack of learning.
I think it is essential to have an apecoinDAO school, education is the pillar of evolution, if people don’t learn anything, nothing will be built.
For us who are already on web3 it seems to be a bit simple, but for an outsider who doesn’t understand anything at all it’s a huge barrier!


I could be onboard with something like this if, though the skills can be applicable anywhere, all practices, seminar projects, use cases, and so on would be strictly ApeCoin ecosystem related.

That way through the education of others, the ApeCoin ecosystem gets a direct contribution.

I’ll also add that I’m familiar with several academies that have an interesting business model, where those accepted to the course do not pay a penny until they get their first job, after which they start paying retroactively for the course every month relative to their salary. We can modify this so that it can be per salary or per mint/project.

(The courses are expensive).


Here in Brazil there are some government projects that act like this, students pay retroactive payments after they are employed and graduated.


Excellent AIP. I am glad that your idea for Prop House has found a continuation in this AIP. But this will require a lot of support from our DAO and competent community members. Maybe @Feld and Boring Security will head the Faculty of security in web3


I think this will be the most promising direction now, because cryptography has begun its intensive development. The amount of information is huge. Creating such a platform will be an advanced solution


Some classes can also be translated into other languages.
The united community helps each other and goes further!


I’m also slowly creating education topics on my Twitter for my friends. Here in Brazil, many people have difficulties and barriers in learning about cryptocurrencies.
Then I try to put it in a language and also explain it in a simpler way, whoever is more interested I try to help in a more specialized way, showing how much study there is behind the entire market, beyond simply buying and selling currencies.


A very good offer, I have recently joined web3 and am currently only studying. We have to search for information on our own, and this is quite difficult and not always effective. It would be great to receive training from such a powerful organization.


amazing initiative, I support you as well.


I can help you with Japanese translation.


Great initiative! My voice is with you!

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I wonder what kind of professions will there be? Will there be anything related to the creation of NFT or coins? or will it be about how to scam wallets? (LOL) :slight_smile:

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That sounds very interesting, I like that.
This is exactly the right approach. :100:
I don’t know if I understood it correctly
But I could imagine two things
1.) As mentioned: train people in Web3 professions (in my opinion these would be people who already have knowledge)
2.) A training program for absolute newcomers to this entire space.
Benefit to the Apecoin Ecosystem: many new members who come into contact with the Apecoin Ecosystem from day one.

Would Love to be a part of this and help to build and bring students to the APE University :raised_hands: :star_struck:


If we look at how successful BoringSecurity classes have been/are - with relevant, helpful & informative content, that’s provided by competent web3 people (and often experts in the security field) - I see no reason why something similar in theme wouldn’t thrive. Also this has ZERO cost - so makes even more sense to me. GL with this.


Hi @felipesilva! Of course, all educational activities will be provided for everyone who wants to become University students. This is precisely one of the advantages for Apecoin DAO itself. As for protection from fraudulent schemes, today we already have a wonderful school, Boring Security, whose lessons teach you how to protect yourself and your crypto-assets from scammers in the Web3 space. Our goal will be broader and will not be limited to just protection from fraudsters.

Expanding the languages in which training will be conducted takes time, because this will be live training with a teacher.

Hi @StrawberrySith!

Thank you for your interest. I think after the formation of this unit, everyone will be able to express their desire to join the project team.

This is definitely a good model for getting tuition paid, but only if we can be sure that we can employ all of our graduates. In any case, everything related to tuition fees will be put forward for discussion in the future at the University itself.

The prices on the website are currently shown as an example only.

Hey @Zloj! Thanks for support!

This role would definitely suit him. :grinning:

Thanks @hackhulkcrypto! Yes, we see that a huge number of projects are being built and over time, if there is no trained personnel, good projects will begin to experience a shortage of personnel, or put incompetent people in positions, which in turn can lead to disastrous consequences. Even if we take marketing in Web3 as an example, I have already witnessed the collapse of many projects simply because of incorrectly structured marketing, but besides marketing there are many positions that are much more important and whose mistakes can lead to more unpleasant consequences.

Hey @bushed! Haha, definitely need to add a class like this. :smile:
But seriously, this will not be limited to learning how to create NFTs. This University should train specialists of various kinds, marketers, lawyers, programmers, etc., and all training for these professions will be focused on the Web3 space.

Hi @BlueMountain! Thank you for your support and desire to help! There will be directions for both beginners and more experienced people who decide to learn new skills for themselves.

Hi @furiousanger! People saw that the crypto space is not only trading in tokens and NFTs, but also a whole area in which you can get a very real job and get paid, and someone might want to create their own project and perhaps we will have a class in which they will study Web3 project management, planning, personnel management. In general, many professions are taught in ordinary educational institutions, but with us all training will take place adjusted for the Web3 space. For example, in the “Law in Web3” class, it will be possible to train lawyers specifically for Web3, and when they come to any project, they will know exactly what actions can lead to what consequences. But for all this we will need competent teachers.

Important note here. Zero cost is defined specifically for this AIP; this proposal is aimed at creating a University as an additional structure supervised by Apecoin DAO. But after creating and determining the set of the team, we will need to prepare an AIP in which the amount may already be requested to start the training. I would really like this to not require any costs at any stage of the launch, but as I wrote before, we will need teachers who will spend a lot of their time and they will definitely want to get paid for it. We may have to launch free training first. But over time, when the University wins the trust of people and the image of a promising educational institution, I think we will have enough students paying for their studies so that all employees can be paid from the treasury of the University itself.


Excellent, you can count on my help too, I’ve always been striving to generate value here at DAO in some way, you have my full support !!!

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Thanks for your responses @Russell
Just a few notes of clarification on my part.

By “me being onboard” I meant I would vote for this lol but I would certainly consider joining the project team :smile:

RE tuition, yes, now that I recall the same coding academies I had in mind whose business models I was describing do indeed help with job placement, as it is in their interest (otherwise it would take longer to get paid for the courses). Perhaps your APE University/Academy can do the same, developing not only relationships with many different projects but becoming a recognizable origin for sourcing fresh talent.

RE “The courses are expensive”, what I actually meant was that coding academies/bootcamps/courses in general, especially with these types of models, cost a pretty penny. They are usually worth it, especially if the payment is deferred until placement and there is actually assistance in placement. I didn’t mean “too expensive”, sorry about the confusion.

Onwards and upwards! Let’s see that official AIP Draft!


Sincerely support the idea. It can be the beginning of transforming the education sphere as we know it to something different. Btw, do You have any plans to gain the government-approved educational license and provide the first educational courses with diplomas/certificates stored on blockchain?

In my opinion, it’ll be the game changer for the whole world and can help to even more mass adoption in Web3/Crypto and especially in $APE ecosystem as the source of this idea


Actually, I like this point of view, but I guess calling to this point seems to be almost impossible.

First of all, we have to implement it in the Web3 community and gain a lot of students - that’s not as easy as it seems.

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