ApeChain: Request for Proposals

You may already be aware of this process, I am including here for others who may find this useful.


The process is GWG - Facilitators prepare a DAR package then it follow this process below:

In Phase 4: The DAR package is reviewed, and if the AIP is complying with DAO-approved guidelines, it becomes a Pending AIP and moves to Phase 5. If a DAR package fails to comply with DAO-approved guidelines, it is eligible for resubmission unless in cases of violation of the law or reasonable suspicion of fraud or other misleading information.

In Phase 5: AIPs that have passed AIP Moderation will then either be tagged as “Straight to Vote” or “Needs Administrative Review.” The “Straight to Vote” tag is for any AIP with costs, content, and implications considered to be straightforward and of no risk to the well-being of the DAO. The “Needs Administrative Review” tag is given for any pending AIP whose costs, content, or implications are considered to be complicated or a potential risk to the well-being of the DAO.

In Phase 6: The Special Council will review AIPs in the Administrative Review category. The Special Council is responsible for ensuring that the costs, content, and implications in AIPs are clear before they are put up for a vote.

Someone asked in Discord @Lost.Admin (facilitators) view on this, he as part of the GWG facilitator team who prepare the DAR packages. However, the final decision in terms of AIP content is not with him or other facilitators but with the Special Council.

Also, you can also find more information related to this in the Transparency Hub here:

Where you can see BoredApeG included this topic it the latest report (Jan 15-21 2024).
“In addition to the usual job responsibilities, the primary focus of my work has been ApeChain…”