APEcoin Calendar of "Events / Activities"

How do we feel about adding a DAO Calendar of Events. We can have our spaces; upcoming deadlines x activations like that Thank APE idea a thon and maybe even do our events in a Blue color; and Spaces in a Different color and then community events calendar or just listed in a community color.

This seems like it would be a great easy way to get all of the upcoming “events / activities” information.

Maybe even an “ADD TO CALENDAR” option.


I’m working on a DAO-wide calendar as part of my DAO Secretary mandate. Have also seen a few others mention they are working on similar things as well.


I started with this https://apecalendar.com/ and am working on it when I have time. The submission form, add to calendar, and a subscribe-able public calendar are the high priority items at the top of the list.


If I’m not wrong, someone has this idea already and building the calendar that focuses on Working Group 0’s timeline. From calls to twitter spaces and all.
I say it should be all around like also focusing on major events happening around ETH and NFT. Basically covering a wider horizon


Having a DAO Calendar of Events is a fantastic way to keep track of all the upcoming events and activities. Indeed @Vulkan is already working on a DAO-wide calendar, and @dar has started working on a public calendar.

I agree with @Evil including major events happening around ETH and NFT.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


This is a great idea and very needed! There’s a couple more people who’ve been working on them, @Brazy has been working on a calendar web app and @CEOofWeb3.0 has created a calendar as well.


Thanks for the Shoutout Adv, really appreciate it.

I also suggest at least unifying the databases for all these events if possible so we can prevent duplication of effort.

Here’s how you import those events →

For iOS :

1. Open Calendar

2. Click on calendars on the Bottom middle part of the screen

3. Select 'Add Calendar' -> Subscription Calender

4. Add in Airtable link and click Subscribe

5. Boom, That's all

Link → https://airtable.com/shrzEi5iHixfrkxyC/iCal?timeZone=Asia%2FCalcutta&userLocale=en-gb

Images for Reference :

Result :

For Android →

It’s a similar process, I’ll update after getting access to one


Yaassss. I think it would be dope if community events vs. our events could be added and just color coded so it’s clear that it’s community vs. DAO.

Maybe community members can submit for approval?


Ahhhhhh Yes, then it sounds like collabs would be great to combine the efforts. Thank you!


This looks so AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!


Here’s a more comprehensive tutorial Mis


It would be nice to add functionality here. For example, note for yourself any events or set a reminder. It would be easier than manually transferring the event you like to your calendar.


Thanks for the feedback, Russell! Unfortunately to do that, there’d have to be login and personalization, and that is a bit of effort that has been scaled back to see if there is traction in the idea.

Have you seen Anky’s solution? His solution has gone a lot further, and he’s got a much bigger scope at Tracking Events within the ApeVerse with A.C.T. (ApeCoin Tracker). Plus, I think his solution is getting a lot more traction. I encourage you to look at it, it might be able to solve your needs.

Thanks again!


I need to add that to my iphone callendar soon


Hey dar, Feel free to integrate this within your product. I don’t mind, on the contrary I’d love that.

Instead of managing separate databases for the same reason and duplicating our efforts, why don’t we use the same DB ?

That goes for everyone and anyone who wants to use this data for integrating this into their own implementation.

I’ll help you set the user facing side of your calendar if that’s something you might need.

Just send over a DM and we’ll sort out the details over a call :people_hugging:

I’ve sent you a fren req as Anky


Here : Tracking Events within the ApeVerse with A.C.T. (ApeCoin Tracker)


Thank you for the support buddy


Damn i totally needed that ty :heartbeat:


Loved the idea! We spoke about that yesterday in a call, it would be awesome to the community that doesn’t know much how to speak english, and they create their own event on the calendar to make a group call of their own country, so they can understand each other!


Had a chat with @Halina.eth and I’m working on the calendar aspect for coordinating regional ape community events (french apes, Chinese apes among others). Trying to figure out the best approach to make it a one click solution for the end user.

Would deploy a simple solution in the meantime :saluting_face:

The form which lets community members set up events is also complete and will be made available for anyone who wants to.