ApeCoin DAO Brand Guidelines - any last comments before get it to DAO aip?

Thanks for creating this @MisterHype!! This would be a great start as a reference point to point people to in getting started with the DAO & branded materials. Love the clean look of all the slides, I can tell how much thought you’ve put into these designs :blue_heart:

In terms of changes to the copy, I agree with @badteeth that we may need to make some small edits before finalizing- for example, on Page 6, we can mention the “Powered by ApeCoin” logo can also be used by those exclusively accepting ApeCoin for payment per AIP-274 (and perhaps a footnote about AIP-274 for those who want to know more, or learn about the terms & conditions for usage of the logo)

From Specifications section of AIP-274 for reference:

  1. Usage: Entities that exclusively accept ApeCoin as a means of transaction, and AIP projects approved by the DAO, can use this logo to signify their affiliation with the ApeCoin ecosystem. This is conditional on their material and actions being in line with the values and mission of the ecosystem.

Would also be excited to hear thoughts on this from our Marketing & Branding friends @Brazy @ssp1111 @Adz

Thanks again for your amazing work MisterHype!!

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom: