Apecoin Handmade Bejewelled Purse

PROPOSAL NAME: ApeCoin Handmade Bejewelled Purse

First of all thank you again on the support on AIP-215 for Official Apecoin Rugs masterfully handmade by our team. I’m sure many of you saw it in the bodega stand! The community loves the quality & we have been working hard & now the time has come to expand the line & enter world of fashion.

photo credit: Apevine

This AIP is about the Purse prototype we sent for display at Bodega, Apefest HK 2023

Sourcd: Spicy Tina

I am excited that the responce for Apecoin Handmade Bejewelled Purse at Apefest Hong Kong, has been amazing & we seek a grant of usage of apecoin logo to make a small batch / produce on order basis only.

The apecoin purse is a fashionable and sought-after accessory & will be MADE BY APES

On the very first day we received positive feedback about the quality of the purse & it even made a cut into final BAYC apefest video

Product Overview:

Apecoin Handmade Bejewelled Purse:
Name: Apecoin Handmade Bejewelled Purse
Success at Apefest Hong Kong: Our purse garnered significant acclaim at Apefest Hong Kong, emerging as a fashion-forward accessory for the ladies.

In addition to showcasing the Apecoin Handmade Bejewelled Purse, we propose a collaborative effort with the Apecoin community to explore the intersection of fashion and blockchain. By integrating Apecoin’s distinctive logo into this stylish accessory, we aim to create a unique and fashionable line that not only aligns with current trends but also reflects the identity of our dynamic community.

ABSTRACT: Embracing fashion in our products will not only engage and excite Apecoin enthusiasts but also position Apecoin as a trendsetter in the blockchain space.

Incorporating the Apecoin logo into fashionable accessories reinforces the brand’s visibility and recognition among a broader audience. People ask about unique stuff & when someone says it’s a Limited Edition Apecoin Rug. The information is shared about not just a purse but an entire brand & blockchain technology.

Grant usage of Apecoin Logo for manufacturing of a small batch or on order basis only. No cost to dao as no funding is being asked.

Once the usage of apecoin logo is granted we will make a small batch of five pieces.

No cost involved. Production, shipping will be handled by ourselves.

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You can use the DOC template to ask for the APECOIN logo use for physical products. It’s all in our DAO main menu.
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Please send the link

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ones you send the email with the request , they will respond with link…
Im waiting for about 2 month as a PropHouse ThankApe winner… didnt get the money yet because i cant deploy without a response, i send several requests and secretary told that it was received a while ago, so I dont know what exactly is going on & how long it takes them to do that job.

Here is a guide for logos and signs usage plus official email:apecoin-guidelines-2023.pdf - Google Drive


Thanks for the reply. I think for usage as we still need permission the aip should help facilitate that. I hope yours is approved / reply from team & the grant received quicker. I had to collect mine from thank ape & I got it instantly.


You are welcome.
I’m waiting for that… it didn’t appear on my collection check out.
And there was no response from steward for about 2 month. Don’t know what going on.
I was elected by everyone as one of the winners, so it’s not ok.

I strongly suggest to hop on today’s spaces. About 13 hours the spaces will start & you should share your views on what’s happening & why it’s happening as it should help not just you but all in same situation.

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It is a long thanksgiving weekend in USA, where I’m now and family on this side of the planet, this is would be very disrespectful for the traditions , same as it was previous 2 elections moved specifically for the holidays.
I’m a person where family is important, and I worked to much even during the holidays before due to support crucial roles where planet for some reason can’t function :sweat_smile:.
So I want everyone to respect family & official holidays.

I know you do not sell rate it and it’s ok)

Meanwhile there is a concerning trend lately:

It is sad that there are ones who shill on weekends and such dates, like people don’t work already enough on those days in general already. We should not elevate “it ok to do so” or “well sorry you have a family” or “sorry you have to go to sleep, Cz we awake and vibing in our loneliness”.

I think it’s important to know when and how and what is healthy and good for the people wellbeing.

I know it’s thanking weekend & I’m just trying to help how I can. Previously I have found that if you share on spaces it helps.

Anyway I wish you the best & enjoy the time with family.

Thank you so much)
It’s just any spaces should not affect councils work, spaces it’s not the part of the job description. Tweeter ether. So hope there will be a response.

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