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My goal for the AIP was for me to familiarize myself with this AIP process. I don’t have any team in mind nore do I plan to make ths an officiail AIP. i thought it would be an interesting idea to propose due to the connection of this DAO to NFTs


In the spirit of bringing back value to the Ape Coin DAO through a lending initiative that allows the Ape Coin DAO to Store some of its Value in NFTs and to prevent it from being completely drained through the continuous passing of AIPs that mostly extract at the moment
I am proposing a $APE Coin - NFT Trading/Lending system in which a certain portion of the treasury is allocated to purchasing NFTs (in $APE Coin) from Ape Coin community members who wants/needs liquidity. The Borrower will list Their NFT in $APE then bought by the New Ape Coin DAO Vault and then the NFT will either be purchased back by borrower (in $APE) at 3% more than the lending value or if not paid back The NFT will default to the treasury to be held or resold for Ethereum in order to add a stockpile of Ethereum into the existing treasury
This would provide the community with quick liquidity peep to peer loan with a low interest rate (3%) while protecting the existing treasury by eliminating risk of seeing 0 value in return


This AIP brings many benefits to the Ape Coin ecosystem including but not limited to:

  1. Lending with interest coming in
  2. The amount of $APE in the DAO treasury may increase by 3% per application or newly added Ethereum to treasury
  3. Low interest loan to community.
  4. Establish a Blue chip Non Fungible Token Vault


  • Risky investment (Non Fungible Token)
  • Roughly 7 % default Rate (peer to Peer)


Definitions of any terms within the proposal that are unique to the proposal, new to the APE Community, and/or industry-specific (optional).


NFT lending is a trend in the space that can generate a friendly peer to peer interaction in which ape coin is the driving force.


As of now this is only at idea phase. cost unknown

Hey Raymond,

Thanks for putting this up for discussion.

How is this different from AIP-324 by @LL99Starz that the DAO recently voted down?

Can Luca’s ideas and proposal be of value to your thinking around lending?

Also, @kodama has high praise for protocols like ZhartaFinance, any thoughts?


SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


thanks for responding SSP, its different from AIP 324 because it does one of three things 1. NFTs are stored to add value or 2 it adds ethereum to the overall DAO treasury. 3. APE coin is paid back to the DAO +3% . this would not lend assets it would lend $APE coin. Nothing to do with gaming.


What NFTs collections would qualify. Also if you are not serious about implementing the AIP, then this just wastes resources of the team to go through the steps.

I suggest if you want to go through the steps looks for a process that needs improvement and suggest that. Especially if it would be a 0 cost to the DAO proposal.


Sounds like a good idea but what I’m concerned about is that why didn’t you want to make it an official AIP


Hi Big Bull,
I think Verified collections with high floor price and a decent amount of legit volume would be a good qualified project.
i appreciate you addressing me on behalf of the team im sure you speak for them. not trying to waste anybodys time.

have you submitted any ideas/AIPS since you have been here i would love to read them
Thanks Bully

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GM Onnuel
my intent of this was an idea for discussion and maybe some other AC DAO participant might like to run with it. but if the community really loves it and legal feels like this is something we can implement , then i have i will consider looking into flushing more details out.

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I list them out on this thread.


thanks BB ill take a look

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Interesting idea. Could be a cool way to earn some passive income.
I would sell defaulted assets and stack ETH btw.

I just wonder if:
a) legally allowed
b) who would manage the vault


Me too ,but also would be nice to have someone in that role who understands trading and could maximize profits for the DAO if it defaults.
Thanks for the feed back :100:

Hi @Raymond ,

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Really a good idea that was brought up for discussion, AC.


I’m looking forward to this getting approved as an official AIP man, brilliant ideas here…

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thanks for the feedback Preston, glad you like it

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thanks rubinato , think is a good idea as well

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Hi @Raymond ,

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