Beta Testing Group

thanks for the post, came on here looking for an update, just joined the discord


Great idea, and a good way to get more folks engaged in the DAO! I’d definitely be interested. On my way to join the Discord now!


Thanks for the update and will be following in Discord as well to support, glad to be part of the process!


Hi RedVulcan.

Great idea. To keep the thread tidy I’ll DM you my relevant b/g info and if I could be of help we’ll go from there.

For now just wanted to voice my support.


Hey @RedVulkan - sorry for the long delay chiming in on this, I was traveling with no wallet access when posted initially, but am super supportive of this as drafted, and agree it’s a different function then what we’d address with a bug bounty program.

Excited to continue the convo in the WGO discord!!


Hello! For anyone interested in providing feedback, we have our first project ready to test. We are starting off with the ApeTalent project developed by @holocronape as part of AIP-91. Please follow the steps below to participate.

Note: Always be careful when clicking on links to ensure you are visiting the correct site.

  1. Step 1: Visit the ApeTalent platform to fill out a profile and leave a review. You can find them on Twitter here:

  2. Step 2: After completing your testing on the ApeTalent platform, please fill out this Typeform Survey here: Beta Testing Feedback

If you have any suggestions on the survey or process in general please feel free to let me know! I also wanted to give a huge shoutout to @Hangout for helping develop this survey!

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 2.00.44 PM


Hi @RedVulkan

Being part of the BAYC community for so long, over the months we try many new projects and share the experience through our monthly reports.

We are leading this initiative with all the regional ape communities signup including

  • EliteApesHK
  • BAYC Taiwan
  • BAYC Korea
  • Bored Ape French Club
  • Bored Ape Singapore Club
  • Chili Group
  • Ladies of BAYC
  • Mutant Cartel
  • Applied Primate
  • BendDAO
  • IP3
  • Paraspace
  • Ladies of BAYC
  • LA Apes
  • Awsb Club
  • Chinese Ape Club
  • Animoca Brands
  • Animoca Brands subsidiary
  • BAYC Japan
  • BAYC Kada

We are doing this in a way that is structural that would add value to the whole BAYC IP ecosystem, including the lore ecosystem.

Let’s work together on this initiative.

Stay tune and feel free DM if you lead a community here : )


This is amazing. Thanks to everyone but especially to @RedVulkan and @Hangout for taking this initiative to the next level. Looking forward to reading the first feedbacks :heart:

Thanks again to everyone!!


Nice work! You mean leave a review on ApeTalent - say a sample review on @holocronape 's profile to try out the process, or leave a review via the Typeform Survey? Both?


I am not able to test due to login restrictions. Is it possible for testers to be whitelisted?

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Yes both! Leave a review on ApeTalent to try out the site and then fill out the Typeform survey.


@holocronape might be able to help with that.


Count me in! I’d love to be a part of the Beta Testing Group! :alien:


I’d already filled out the form, so will post this here in case others want to try similar or it sparks other testing ideas / discussion. Seems right thing to do, but If that’s not cool then apologies & I can delete and DM.

  1. Leaving feedback works. On user’s own profile it’d be nice to have an option to view reviews user has left for others and reviews one’s received. Maybe good to see reviews that clients or other users have left for others too… not sure if that exists.

  2. Consider an easy onboard for potential clients / hiring execs that may want to engage with talent related to Web3’s top brand but to onboard, accumulate 500 $APE, etc. just to start consulting with someone is a big procedural barrier & time-suck for noobs. I fully support a high barrier for talent profiles - the site lacks distinction without it - however a high bar for those seeking to hire may not be desirable.

  3. Messaging works well. It’d be nice to have an option to receive email alerts, ideally incl. the message content or at least first few lines, as most ppl won’t stay logged in 24/7 and esp. if message is from someone hiring or another ApeTalent user needing to put out a fire then offering a quick reply is really important. Maybe a general always-live chat or message board for site-wide warnings, questions for expertise, etc.?

  4. Formatting when viewing talents could be improved. I can’t say exactly how since it may depend on browser and OS, but seems a double-space when entering info in one’s Skills results as no spaced line break (paragraph break) when viewing profiles / skill. When trying to look professional and seeking work, can’t be too tidy and easy-to-read. I did not try checking if a double paragraph break in profile results in a single paragraph break (I think Discord works this way?) when viewing profile.

  5. Website doesn’t auto-detect switching to a different wallet in MetaMask once logged in. Probably not something that’d happen much, but it works on ApeStake and Snapshot for example. To clarify: I can log in with one wallet address then in MetaMask switch to another qualifying wallet address (> 500 $APE) but only way for site to recognize this is to log out then log back in w/ wallet verification again. This could lead to gaming/faking reviews, etc.?

  6. At least a couple more tags would be good to have in Skills. Or maybe make it 3 tags per Skill rather than per profile?


Hello @Cardo ,

I’ll handle this. I’ll write you DM in a while with the steps to follow so you can access.


Hello @Cardo ,

sorry for the delay but I was really busy these days moving to new house and having some problems with the internet connection. You can login without problem now at ApeTalent.
Whatever you need, let me know.


Hello @br00no ,
thank you very much for your detailed feedback, this helps us a lot to grow :heart:. I answer you to the different points:

1 - Exactly this exists, in the admin of your profile you can find both the reviews you have left and the ones you have received. In the detail of the public profile, users can see all the reviews you has been received.

2 - I don’t know if I have understood this correctly, but I think that ApeTalent was not born for that purpose initially. It is a platform to facilitate interaction between different members of the community (it does not necessarily have to be for work purposes). But in the roadmap that we are defining, we are looking at the possibility of being able to include a section for “ambassadors” who are companies/projects outside the community but who wish to contact members within the community and I think this is in line with what you are saying (this thanks to the suggestions born in the Tech FG in WG0 discord lead by @RedVulkan).

3 - Messaging system was something that was not estimated for AIP-91 but we added it as something additional at the end because it was something we saw as very useful (and not use external tools, avoid fraud…) and we want to improve the notification system. We plan to include email notifications but most users do not want to share this personal information and we are working on other methods of notifications but very good point.

4 - Absolutely this is something we want to improve. Currently we have the editor quite limited for security reasons and UI compatibility but it is something that we are going to open very soon :slight_smile:

5 - This is intentional for security reasons. In web3 the approach you mention is frequent, as in websites like ApeStake or Uniswap. This is because it is normal to have assets distributed in different wallets for security or administration and for a better UX this approach is essential but in ApeTalent it is different because the wallet is your ID and it is related to your person/digital identity. Therefore, I would encourage bad actors to create different profiles, create false reviews to have better positioning, etc… This is something that we cannot currently block automatically, but we can discourage it and only have the session that you have explicitly logged in. But very interesting to see if more people find this approach useful

6 - For some specific reason you find it useful to expand to more tags than 3? Interesting to see your point of view

I really appreciate your feedback, it may not seem like it, but this is really useful for us :heart:


Thanks! That all makes sense.

re: tags, if someone is highly skilled in very different fields then more tags, or max 3 tags unique to each “Skill” positing, rather than for each user profile, could help immensely.


Really interesting. We have a little problem related to the UI since the tags were created, apart from to improve the “SEO” on the platform, it is a quick and visual way to see what that person is good at but It was limited by the UI of the cards but very interesting and without a doubt it is something that we’ll take into account. Thank you so much for your amazing feedback @br00no :heart:

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Thaks for responding and sharing these challenges.

To be clear, my posts are not 1. criticisms, or 2. suggestions. You know best what works for the site’s intentions. Like the public post you replied to, most of the things I noted made sense originally because I wasn’t clear on some of the intent which you clarified very well. All good!

Personal example re: tags in case it helps. I have high-level experience in trad-fi / investing / listing public companies (stock exchanges) and sitting on the Board, have designed & implemented and programmed major retail systems in tech including project management, have backed a major pop star in music, and am competent at a high level in a popular sport. I have zero idea how to summarize that in 3 tags so that if someone were to potentially benefit from my skills they could find me there.

It’s not about me. I’m not lacking for things to do, obv. Just a real-world example. Many high achievers among us.