AIP-235: ApeTalent // Beyond Talent: Building the Future

Proposal Name: ApeTalent // Beyond Talent: Building the Future

Proposal Category: Ecosystem Fund Allocation

Previous Proposal: AIP-91 Ape&Talent - Platform to connect talent within the Ape community


As a member of the Ape community, you’re part of one of the strongest communities in Web3. However, despite the wealth of talent and opportunity within the community, it can be difficult for members to connect and collaborate effectively without the right tools. That’s why ApeTalent was born - one of the first software products developed from scratch by and supported by the ApeCoin community. With ApeTalent, we’re taking collaboration and communication within the community to the next level, creating a hub for talent and opportunity that will benefit all members of the ApeCoin ecosystem.

Team / Author Description

The team is the same one that developed the platform in AIP-91, which is composed of:

HolocronApe - Software engineer with more than 15 years of experience. The last 10 years I have been working with several European startup “unicorns” at varying stages. Although my field of most experience is the development of mobile apps, in recent years I have been more focused on the backend side expanding my skill set as an engineer (full stack profile) focused on creating in web3 with technologies like React, Solidity and Rust. Crypto enthusiast since 2017, in love with the BAYC community, avid traveler, and passionate Star Wars fan (hence my nickname).

Frontend Engineer - Fullstack software developer with more than 20 years of experience in startups and big companies. I have helped delivering great successfull projects and very recently I developed an interest for web3 and crypto technologies. I’ve developed solutions in Python, Go, Elixir,… but my main area of knowledge is TypeScript/Node and React for the frontend.

Designer - Front-end engineer and product designer with over 15 years of experience. I’m passionate about startups, technology and sports. I use to work with Figma, Typescript, and React and I have a particular love for CSS animations.


The idea of ApeTalent is something that has been in our mind since April 2022 but since AIP-91 was born, the community support has overwhelmed us. Receiving great feedback from the early stages of AIP, ApeTalent has become one of the first 100% community-developed, community-funded software projects from scratch.
Such has been the support that several team members decided to leave their 2.0 jobs to dedicate themselves full-time to build for the Ape community.

Our main goal was to build for the community a high-quality product, always keeping in mind real objectives with budgets adapted to those objectives. As a result, we adopted the “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) approach for the initial version of ApeTalent. This approach is widely used in the startup ecosystem and prioritizes delivering value to users quickly while minimizing product development costs. We only received funding once we delivered value to the community and verified by the foundation to demonstrate our commitment to the community.

While we have ambitious plans for the development of ApeTalent and have garnered interest from external parties looking to support our growth, our commitment to upholding the core principles of our original AIP remains unchanged. Community benefit is prioritized over individual profit. Our long-term vision for ApeTalent is one where 100% profits generated by the platform are returned to the community, either through return contributions to the DAO treasury or by burning tokens to reduce supply. We strongly believe that community-driven projects are the future (and present) of web3 and are committed to continuing our work alongside the community to ensure ApeTalent reaches its full potential.


Thanks to the approval of AIP-91 by the community, we were able to turn our vision for ApeTalent into a reality. Although we had already been working on the foundations of the project for 2 months, thanks to the grant, it gave us enough support to finish the first version of the project delivering the basic functionalities of the platform.

When we reached the beta testing phase, we realized that there were some very important functionalities that we did not add in the initial definition of the AIP but were related to key parts such as communication (Messaging), security (integration with tokenproof) and the ApeCoin ecosystem (considering tokens in staking and not just those holding in wallets, since our launch coincided with ApeCoin Staking’s launch). We postponed the delivery several weeks to integrate those features even they were not required by the IAP. This unplanned development was funded from our personal savings, but we were committed to deliver the best product possible.

After opening beta testing to community members, we were pleasantly surprised by the feedback we received, some examples:

These feedback exceeded our wildest expectations and provided invaluable insights for us to improve the platform. This feedback was collected in various ways thanks to:

We are grateful for this information, as it has provided us with valuable insights into the new functionalities that we can include in the platform to further enhance its value for the community. As a result, we have defined a roadmap, which we’ll present in this AIP, outlining our plans for implementing these features.


The team is the same one that developed the platform in AIP-91, which is composed of:

  • UI Designer
  • Frontend Engineer
  • Backend Engineer

And for this AIP we’ll use these technologies:

  • NodeJS
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • MongoDB
  • Terraform
  • Nextjs
  • React Native
  • Expo

Steps to Implement

To achieve our proposed objectives and ensure that our project remains community-driven, we have divided the work into three blocks. Each block represents an important phase in the development of the platform (4 months of work each approx), and our goal is to complete each block (production ready) before moving on to the next, allowing the foundation to validate it. This way, we can ensure that the community receives the value as each phase of the project is completed. Below are the details of each block, including the specific objectives, work to be done, and corresponding timelines.

Group A (4 months)

  • Add cryptopunks / meebits holders: Currently the communities we support are ApeCoin, BAYC, MAYC and BAKC but we all know that the Ape ecosystem is much bigger and that is why we are going to extend the list to the Cryptopunks and Meebits family (1 week).

  • Compatibility in the login with & warm wallet: Security should be one of the most important values in any web3 project. We know how important it is for the community not to sign directly with cold wallets, although we did not include it in the original AIP, we added support for tokenproof but this is not the only service widely used in the community so we want to add support for as well (4 weeks).

  • Verified NFT Profile Pictures: To access the platform, you need to be a holder of ApeCoin or any NFT of the supported communities but then the user can insert any image wants (NFT or not). This feature gives the possibility to choose the image of your verified PFP on-chain. Yes, it’s the same feature that Twitter has only for the paying users of Twitter blue but here it will be free for 100% of the users (4 weeks).

  • “Apes near you”: This is probably one of the features that we have been asked for the most. Adding the possibility to add the information while respecting different degrees of privacy. The user will be able to give from exact coordinates of his city, to region, country or continent. 100% configurable by the user. This information can be used in different filters like to see the users that are close to you, the closest within a range…etc (3 weeks).

  • New features to the text editor: Although the text editor, where users can insert information into their profile, is currently stable and operational, some users have asked us that they are missing some options to make it a text editor similar to the one found in Microsoft Word, GDocs… etc (1 week).

  • Add onboarding tool: Onboarding process is necessary because it shows users the platform’s benefits, educates them about the functions and gathers profile information to deliver personalized content and notifications. We think the entire process facilitates a positive user experience thus leading towards a higher retention, reducing user’s friction and improving user experience (3 weeks).

Group B (4 months)

  • Public sections: The first idea we had of the platform was that it should only be accessible to members of the community, but after seeing the use that our users have made of it, it is important that certain sections of the platform or the profiles themselves can be public, thus making it possible for the profiles to be shared with anyone the user wants. Getting more visibility of the user’s work and exposure of the ApeCoin ecosystem (2 weeks).

  • Add Otherside / 10KTF holders: As we already did with Cryptopunks / Meebits, the ApeCoin ecosystem is much bigger and it’s important not to leave anyone behind so we also want to include the Otherside and 10KTF communities (1 week).

  • Skills in high demand :fire: :fire: :fire: section: The great repercussions that was given with the game launched by Yuga Labs “Dookey Dash” and the unexpected demand that was given by very skilled gamers created this idea. We saw that some famous gamers on twitter benefited a lot economically from this launch but there were other members of the community, very skilled too, but they didn’t have the same media impact because they didn’t have a large number of followers.
    We believe that diversifying the scope of talent and not focusing on a few, is something that is in the DNA of web3 and benefits everyone. That is why we want to create a new section dedicated to highlight skills in high demand at that time by the community (3 weeks).

  • Notifications: The platform contains a notification system but these are onsite, i.e. the user must actively log into the platform to see their latest notifications. We want to include a series of automated tasks to be able to notify users of these new updates in their account completely transparent to the user (1 week).

  • Jobs’s board: ApeTalent is perfect to have a need for a skill, enter the platform and start looking for someone who fits your need but what if there is someone who has that talent but has not seen fit to include it in their profile or simply is not currently actively looking for collaborations? There are projects that are currently looking for collaborators such as BeyondTheSWAMP and ForeverApes. Therefore, we want to include the possibility for community members to post “job/collaboration offers” so that the search can be the other way around. This section will be public to see (but only members can apply) (2 weeks).

  • Enable staked ApeCoin on BendDAO for login: Since we launched the first version of ApeTalent, many users reported to us that they could not access the platform because they had their staked ApeCoin in the famous liquidity protocol for NFTs and not directly in the official smart contract. Although we’re currently talking to the BendDao core team and it does not seem an easy task (the first project to request it), we can come up with an implementation so that these users are not left behind. This will also help future projects that want to integrate with the ApeCoin pool in BendDao will be able to do so (3 weeks).

  • Improvements on filtering lists: The key functionality is being able to see and connect with other members of the community. But what if you’re looking for someone from a specific community? Or want to see the latest members who joined the platform? Or want to see the latest members who had recent activity? These are some of the options that currently may not be available, and that’s why we want to include a filtering system in the platform’s listing (2 weeks).

  • Autoload content from URLs: We have detected that some users, as part of their profile, include URLs directly in their portfolio and do not add more information about it. This is not very visual and does not encourage other members to access those URLs so we want to include a component so that users can include those sites and automatically insert into your profile saving time to the owner of the profile and improve the experience of the user who accesses it (2 weeks).

Group C (4 months)

The first two blocks have been devoted to tasks to expand the community and improve the user experience by adding new functionalities to our platform. However, we have found that one of the biggest challenges Web3 users face is protecting their privacy while maintaining effective communication on the platform.

It’s very common users don’t want to associate any personal information (email) to their wallets for privacy reasons, which can cause problems in the way the platform communicates with them about new activities in their accounts, such as messages from other users, reviews and reach of their profile, thus losing engagement on the platform.

Although well-known services such as Etherscan have attempted to provide some solution while maintaining privacy through wallet-2-wallet chats, this has led to a flood of spam, which has prevented the service from being widely used. While our platform is responsive, the tools available for web development are limited to address this issue, such as notifications via browser, etc. That is why we have thought of developing a mobile application for iOS and Android.

With this mobile application, we seek to offer a more effective and secure solution for the community, allowing them to receive push notifications confidentially and without the need to associate their personal information to their wallets. On iOS and Android, push notifications use a unique device identifier that is generated for each app and is completely decoupled from any personal user information. This means that, by using these native tools, we can guarantee our users’ privacy while providing them with effective and personalized communication. In this way, they can maintain their privacy while receiving important updates about their account on our platform.

In addition to offering a solution to privacy and communication issues in Web3, this new application will also include the basic ApeTalent functionalities, such as profile display, talents listing and interaction with other users, allowing for an even more complete and integrated user experience.

Estimated time: 4 months


If you aren’t a member of some of the supported NFT communities, you can also access by being an ApeCoin holder. Initially we set a minimum amount of 500 $APE, this amount was defined to avoid spam and increase security.
Several users have asked us to lower that amount to be more inclusive and give possibility to more members who do not have so many ApeCoin.
After analysis we see that there is no problem in lowering it without affecting security to 250 $APE.

This change will be made regardless if this AIP is approved or not.


The estimated time for the work defined in this AIP is composed of 3 blocks, each estimated at approximately 4 months of work for a total of 1 year.

Overall Cost

We are committed to delivering value to the community as soon as possible. In order to achieve this, we have divided the work into 3 blocks of 4 months each, for a total of 1 year of work. The funding request is $330,000 USD worth of ApeCoin (on the date of this AIP is approved), which will be divided into payments for each block of work completed ($110,000 each).

We will only receive the next payment for block once we have confirmed with the Foundation that the work for the current block is ready in production, as agreed upon in this AIP, starting the first payment once this proposal is accepted. This payment schedule ensures that we are held accountable for delivering the agreed-upon features in a timely manner and that our community can have confidence in our commitment to providing value.

The funds obtained in this AIP will provide us with enough help to finance the development, bug fixing and maintenance costs of these new features in the time window of a year since the feature is ready in production.


Happy to help get some punks and meebits participating on the platform Holo… Like here, we’ve got some big brains over that way. Good thinking :+1:



That would be amazing City. When the time comes we will talk about it. Thanks for offering :heart:


Always here for ya :muscle: :muscle:



Hi @holocronape

Congrats on getting this far.

Why not get it up and running and prove its value and functional use for the existing audience / client base, maybe with added functionalities like messaging, before going to the time and expense of significantly expanding the scope?

It’d be a much shorter and less costly path to the next milestone.

I’m a fan of the ApeTalent idea, replied to the survey and did testing, and been signed-up for awhile. My concern on a larger scale - far beyond this specific project - is the DAO funding projects that come back to the well before taking the 1st steps to proving use / audience.

Also if other parties are interested in funding it, as you suggested, they could offer some level of co-commitment or simply take over the funding going forward. Meebits DAO could contribute, for example. Nothing against Meebits - I have some - just an example.

I may have biases from arts funding and my work in VC. In those worlds milestones and scopes are made as simple and focused as possible, and co-funding commitments - with signed written letters to that effect from the other parties - are common. “Help the DAO to help the project” type of thing.

I can’t recall - did the original AIP express the ambition to expand the scope to this degree: why need the complexity of validating ownership of an NFT (at a given time only, or constantly?) that’s worth say $50k when all it takes is 250 $APE to access? If ownership is important to someone doing business perhaps they should verify it.

You mention profits. What would be the revenue stream(s)?



This is awesome! I’ve recently learned about ApeTalent. I can’t wait to use the platform. One of our goals is to highlight artists within our community and enable them to design our packaging, cans, and more. ApeTalent will make this process much simpler for us, especially with the Jobs Board feature. Can’t wait to use it!

The idea of expanding into other Yuga communities is fantastic and makes perfect sense. Numerous talented individuals may not be part of the Ape/Kennel side of the ecosystem, so I am excited about that alone.

  • As for the “public sections” this would just allow non asset holders to view the talent on the platform, but if they wanted to get in touch with them, they would have to connect their $APE?

Loads of great features and updates to come. Looking forward to this proposal.


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Great idea @AllCityBAYC! Am also in PunkDAO - so agree, we should be able to channel some Punks and Meebits over @holocronape :slight_smile:


Hello @br00no, thank you so much for taking your time reading our proposal and asking such good questions.

On the issue of expanding the scope, this ecosystem evolves by leaps and bounds and what you had in mind a year ago about a product, in a matter of months may no longer be valid or you may have to iterate very quickly.

The birth of the ApeCoin Foundation and the possibility of funding community projects to create value in the ecosystem opened a great opportunity for the builders inside of the community but in the beginning there were some crazy proposals with exorbitant budgets, with insufficient information of the work to be done and even creating milestones impossible to achieve in the estimated time (bad estimates? estimates without having a team of engineers behind?).
As a member of the community, when I saw these proposals, it was something that concerned me and for that very reason we approach our AIPs in this way, to be as transparent as possible, always taking into account the feedback from the community and all the steps we take will be with the consensus of the community.

In fact, I think we were the first project (and the only one to date) to apply for funding but not receive it until the work was done. That meant that for 5-6 months the expenses ran on the basis of our savings, this is a complicated thing but as our commitment to the community was above all else, we went ahead with it. We also asked for a very tight budget with the idea of iterating as fast as possible with the feedback from the community. Our roadmap is quite big and ambitious which could be a multi-year roadmap and the work of many engineers but we wanted to do things differently.
Asking for such a tight budget has its advantages because of the commitment of the community but it ties you a lot for future steps, hence the birth of this AIP.
We want to keep evolving the project, with the feedback received so far, but have a wider scope in which to improve and continue to bring value.
On the issue of third party investment, these would have a % ownership of the project/idea and would have interests to their own pockets and not the interest of the good of the community.
This is something that violates the principles of why this project was born and why I made the decision to quit my job in a well known web2 company and focus on web3 building for the Ape community. We don’t want this project to be owned by us or any others, we want it to be 100% owned by the community and really do things differently. Even if tomorrow we were not in charge of the project, its evolution and future would still be up to the community to decide whether to publish the code in a public repository of the Foundation, to have another team to evolve the project…etc.
We want 100% of the decisions to be made with the consensus of the community and if we had external investors this could not be achieved and for me it would no longer make sense the birth of this project.

I think it’s time to do things differently and not how it has been done so far, the benefit of the community prevails over the enrichment of a few (and I speak from the experience of more than 15 years working in “Unicorns” European startups and I know very well how this can negatively affect a product and its relationship with users).

About the revenue streams we have thought of several such as the possibility of creating corporate profiles that can access community members without the barrier of owning $APE, highlight specific profiles in searches that are in high demand at that time (positioning), access to extra features that can improve your profile, recommendations… These are some of the things we have raised in the internal meetings we have had in the team.

Again I want to thank you for such good questions :heart:


Absolutely… Hey ps were you at the brunch in Paris? Wondering if we connected. Isaac and Wendell did an awesome job coordinating. Really great time :muscle: :muscle:



Love it, I think this is all a huge step in the right direction.

Really like opening up to all communities over time, the warm wallet integration, and of course the job boards. From the user side, I’d love to both be able to post a listing for when we need a specific talent, and would also like to see what other people/projects are looking for within their projects. Filtering of the communities is a cool idea, but I think there are prob 4-5 main skill buckets as well. Might be great to see a bit more streamlined of a filter is for instance we were looking for an HTML dev. If the dev doesn’t add the right keywords to their profile, it makes it a bit more difficult to find them. Think it would also be helpful if the user side was able to list an hourly rate or something to do with project budgets, that way makes it easier to team up with someone for smaller projects/deliverables.

One note that I’ve heard many times from people is that the ApeCoin holding could be a barrier for people browsing. I think it’s a great vetting tool for people to create a profile and list their skills, but for project teams who want to search the talent pool it might be easier to let them browse without gating it. Not sure if you’ve tested that out, but in our opinion the more eyes the better (maybe only interactions are gated like messaging and reviewing portfolios?).

Another thing that’d be nice to see is featured projects, maybe can note which members of the community/which members of ApeTalent were involved. Kind of like a rotating showcase, would incentivize people to post more projects, but also promotes collaboration within the community.

We also have to expect the number of builders/devs/artists to ramp up once Otherside takes off, so I think streamlining the user process is key at this point with expected growth over the next few months.

Excited to see this continue to grow, and love what you guys are doing! :heart:


Yes, I was!! :slight_smile: If we weren’t hiding behind apes and pixelated human pictures I am sure we would recall each other haha!

Agree, this was awesome - cannot wait to get back in July, are you coming?


Damn… Disappointed we never connected directly. Next time for sure. Will you be at the Lisbon event in June? And is July when the Punk gets unveiled at the Centre Pompidou?

I may have to. Some other friends will definitely be there :slight_smile:



Will definitely try to be in Lisbon, yesss - will text you! :rocket:

EthCC Paris is in July again but screaming for a stop by at Centre Pompidou → we should probably organise a Punk Brunch exactly there now that I thinking about it haha :slight_smile:


Hello @Christian,

very happy to know that the platform will make it much easier for you to find artists and designers within the community, looking forward to hearing your feedback on the process :blush:
On the issue of “public sections” for this iteration we thought we would do so to embrace one of the values of the Foundation and that is to help the adoption of ApeCoin be broader and thus encourage more people to think about the value of having $APE although we are considering in the future the option of having corporate accounts that by paying a small fee (100% revenue to the community), can access community members or even access additional tools to help find the perfect member. The barrier of owning ApeCoin to enter the platform for companies is something that many users have told us and our goal is to find the balance between favoring access to non holders (companies) but still providing value to the holder equally.

Looking forward to hearing your feedback :heart:

Awesome to have your help @0xK @AllCityBAYC in spreading the word to the Punks and Meebits communities. I will let you know when the integration with both communities is ready.
You rocks guys :clap: :clap:


Is there any initiative to formally ask Punk and Meebit DAOs contribute to this? Since ApeCoin DAO funded round 1 and round 2 proposes to onboard other brands, perhaps those other brands could fund or contribute to round 2.

How is revenue given back to “the community” and how does the platform achieve hoped-for profits mentioned in AIP or survive if not retaining revenues?

Thank you.

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Hi @holocronape,

Your topic will be automatically closing in 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received, or do you wish to extend community discussion for a further 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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Hello @Brazy , thank you so much for your amazing feedback and your words. I have to say that the “job’s board” feature is something I had in mind but it was not in our near roadmap but for example due to the need in community projects as ForeverApes or BeyondSwamp, we saw it was necessary to have it.
On the issue that there are users who do not have all the information included in their profiles is something that we have detected but it is difficult to improve the indexing of the search or filtering if the user does not include this information. Because of this, we added the feature that the user without including much info, we can load information from the URLs of their portfolios although this will help the visual part but not the indexing (the more information to index, the more expensive is the search algorithm and it is something that does not scale in the medium term). Another feature we have added to fix exactly the problem of “no” information in the profiles is to improve onboarding. It’s essential users understand the importance of filling in their data when they enter so that it is easier for other members to write to them to propose synergies.

On the issue of the barrier of having ApeCoins to view users, this is something that was also commented to us in the past and that is why we want to add sections that are public for everyone. If there are companies interested in collaborating with the Ape community and the entry barrier is now lowered to 250 $APE, it is really an incentive for companies to also own ApeCoins and thus increase the scope of the Coin, isn’t it? We have talked about this is a very interesting topic that surely in the end we will end up adding the option that there are corporate profiles in which you do not have to own ApeCoins to access but if to use certain features of the platform, you have to pay for it and of course that will be in $APE. This is very similar to what some companies like Linkedin do.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the proposal and give us such incredible feedback as always. I’m glad to hear that you like the path we are trying to take with ApeTalent :heart:


There is no formal proposal to Punk or Meebits DAO. In fact, it’s something that never crossed my mind as my focus is on building for the Ape community. Opening to more communities (not brands) is something that has a low cost and brings a lot to keep connecting more members to continue generating synergies in the ecosystem and promote one of the values of the ApeCoin DAO which is to help the ecosystem grow and more users find value holding ApeCoin beyond the speculative aspects, governance …etc.
But I think it can be a good idea for the future, which if any initiative could be born, it is something that we would delegate to the community if it’s something the community want to do (I do not know the legal part because the main objective is that the ownership of the project remains in the ApeCoin community).

Regarding your doubt about the revenue, there is currently no mechanism for spending on the platform and this is something we wanted to specify in this AIP.

Our long-term vision for ApeTalent is one where 100% profits generated by the platform are returned to the community, either through return contributions to the DAO treasury or by burning tokens to reduce supply

Currently I think the best way would be to return 100% of the revenue to the DAO treasury but I think currently that would lead to legal problems with the Foundation so we discussed other solutions like burning those revenue to reduce supply (personally it is something I would love to see more and more in more projects to help make $APE deflationary).
When the time comes, we will propose the different options we have discussed with the community and the Foundation.

Regarding whether the project can survive without revenue, our intention is that the project is sustainable in the long term and can evolve to meet the needs of the community. If the project is profitable in the future, the community will have the opportunity to decide how the platform will be managed and whether it will remain active, the roadmap to follow… etc


Hi @amplify.admin, we can continue the process to draft the AIP.

Thank you so much :grinning: