ApeTalent (AIP-91) is almost here

After 3 months of work (and 7 months since we started brainstorming) ApeTalent is almost here thanks to the Ape community.
We’re in the phase of finding the latest possible bugs and detection of performance problems and for this we need the help of the community. Some members are already testing it but if you want to be one of our first users, let me know here or at Twitter.
Once we add you to the WL, you will be able to enter the platform and be able to fill in your profile information. We’re looking forward to hearing the feedback from the community.
I have tried to add this information to the original AIP page for this proposal as an update but have not been able to add new comments to it.

Thanks in advance to everyone :heart:

UPDATE January 2, 2023:

A few days ago we released the integration with tokenproof service, so we’re no longer in closed beta and you can login with any wallet you want. Any kind of feedback is more than welcome, looking forward to hearing it :blush:

UPDATE January 9, 2023:

Finally we make the official release to the entire Ape community and we are no longer in beta phase.

UPDATE January 10, 2023:

Thanks to all of you and your feedback these weeks, we have been able to improve and release ApeTalent version 1.0. Here you can see a small summary of the different changes and improvements in this beta thanks to your feedback.

  • Add integration with tokenproof (This is something that we did not have added in our roadmap for 1.0 but it is something many of you have asked us for and your feedback is the most important thing for us. Thanks to all of you :heart:)
  • Optimization uploading images/files in skills (thanks @Brazy)
  • Improve landing showing what users will find within the platform and in the future there will be sections open to the public (thanks @supriyo)
  • Issue using tokenproof in the login (thanks @Nik and nilzen)
  • Fix issue rendering links in the cards
  • Improve responsive in mobile
  • As a result of the use that users gave to the platform, we made improvements in how some elements were displayed in the profile, such as “about me” (among others), so that they had more weight/importance
  • Improve UI in how the tags were displayed on the cards
  • Add URL support in WYSWYG editor (thanks @RedVulkan)
  • Several UI improvements when the user does not have certain fields of their profile

Thanks to everyone to make this possible :heart:


Shout out to @holocronape for creating a great looking site with all the features you could want. Very impressive.


This looks outstanding @holocronape… Not sure if you’ve caught our BeyondTheSWAMP proposal but one of our core initiatives is to source out service providers from within the ape ecosystem to execute a variety of project tasks. Would love to utilize this platform :muscle: :muscle:

Great work.



Thank you very much for your support @12GAUGE, it means a lot to me. The ForeverApes team does an amazing job and feedback like that means everything :heart:


Thanks for your comment @AllCityBAYC. I wasn’t aware of your project (since these months have been a lot of work to close the timeline proposed in AIP-91 and I haven’t had much time to spend on Discourse) but it looks amazing. In fact, what you comment is exactly the essence of why ApeTalent was born, it exists a lot of talent within the community and many synergies have arisen on Discord/Twitter without having any kind of tool that facilitates those synergies… that is until now :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing how those synergies are created between the community and BeyondTheSwamp :heart:


@holocronape great job on the overall UI. Clean and Aesthetically appealing!
A couple of points of feedback perhaps for next iterations -

a) Please please consider adopting a standard like delegate.cash so that you are not asking the users to link their valuable asset containing wallets onto the service. This will push the space forward as a whole towards more responsible security behavior as platforms like yourself lead the charge.

b) Would highly recommend having portion of the pages partially accessible pre-tokengate so that “potential” users or community members have an idea of what they are missing out on. Every consumer centric platform does this and it is a well-defined and measured UX practice across the board.


I believe the team is working in integrating TokenProof as we speak.

I do like the suggestion of having some portion of the site previewed to logged out users!


The site looks amazing, thank you for the wonderful work @holocronape! I’d love to be added to the beta.

I’m also curious, if my ape is staked with BendDAO how will I be able to log in to ApeTalent? And if my ape is not currently staked but I stake it in the future, would this revoke my access to ApeTalent?

A lot of people currently don’t have access to private channels in the BAYC discord because of pairing with ApeCoin holders for staking in BendDAO so I’m curious what your solution is.

Thanks and happy holidays!
-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom:


I echo @Halina’s question. This also applies to people who have their APE in a NFTfi lending contract.


in the current version of Ape Talent i was able to connect a hot wallet through WL but i trust @holocronape will integrate a warm wallet alternative connection.


Hello @supriyo,

First of all, thank you very much for your kind words with such good feedback. I answer your points below

a) Absolutely, we had it in mind for the 2023 roadmap but in this beta, some apes have shared their concern with us and we understand it 100%. Security must be a top priority and we have been talking since last week with tokenproof team to integrate it into our login system. This was not in our plans initially but we’re currently working on it.
delegate.cash I didn’t know about this service but it looks amazing.
We are looking at whether to also incorporate warm wallet to the login but we have the doubt of having such a strong dependency on third parties but surely we’ll also take delegate.cash into account. Looks amazing!

b) I’m glad you make this suggestion. It’s something that worried me from the beginning of the development of the platform and we focused on that to thank the work that some apes do in the community by creating the “Featured talent” section in the landing page to give visibility to these apes for their love and dedication to community. We’re also working on the top side of the landing, incorporating it as a kind of carousel that shows the different features the user will find within the platform (WIP).
Initially, we had in our roadmap, incorporate some public sections (regardless of whether you are connected to the platform) but for timing reasons (we preferred to incorporate the “Messages” feature, which was not initially planned for this AIP, due to the great value that we saw that it was going to incorporate for users) and to meet the deadline that we committed to with the Foundation, we could not incorporate it but we plan to do it for the roadmap of 2023.

Thank you very much @supriyo for this amazing feedback. It’s of enormous value to us :heart:


This is incredible. The site looks very clean and user friendly. Looking forward to connecting with more APES in the community.

I echo previous thoughts of apes or coins locked up in defi contracts like BendDAO, is this something you will take in to consideration in the future?


Hello @Halina,

Thank you so much for your support and we’ll be happy to have you in the beta :slight_smile: .
We did not consider this possibility with the staked $APE but we did with the possibility of members using their apes as collateral, but the case is the same as @Waabam comments.
For the beta (and for security reasons as we have mentioned in a previous comment), the logic of doing the “Ape check” is disabled until that we have tokenproof integrated in the login process so that users can use whatever wallet they want.

We think about this a lot, whether to be as aggressive as Discord (once you don’t have the asset in your wallet, you lose the role/access to certain features at that very moment) or take a softer initiative at the beginning.
Currently it works that you must hold these assets to enter but once you enter, the account is created and you can always enter (you wouldn’t have a bad UX) but we want to evolve this and we have several ideas on the table. We have not decided anything yet but it’s something we want to do in our roadmap for 2023 but some options could be:

  • If the user has an account, it means user passed the initial “ape check” but if he does not pass it now, his account would be quarantined and the user would be given a limited time to close their connections, messages, export data. …
  • If the user does not pass the “ape check” now but has an account, they could be allowed to continue having access but it was limited and specified in their avatar…

We have several ideas but nothing settled for now but it is certainly a very interesting topic.

Regarding having your staked $APE, we modified our login a few days ago to contemplate them as if they were in your wallet and it was transparent to the user.

but currently it would not work in the case of BendDAO because it is a custodian but we could research accessing the API for this protocol and get the same information that we do from “ApeCoin Staking” Smart Contract. It would be interesting to see what volume of users this would affect.

I don’t know if I have explained myself well or I have extended too much :rofl: but really interesting topic :heart:


In case of things like bendDAO , since most staking contracts are non standard and you will likely have to manually add support for these things on case by case basis.

Maybe just look at the top 12-13 services and protocols being used by the community and add support for them. BendDAO, NftFi might be some of them.

For the rest, just leave a open request form on the site so protocols that want to get integrated will reach out


Thank you so much for the swift response @holocronape! Would love to see support for BendDAO in ApeTalent as soon as possible so I can use your exciting platform, thank you again for building something so exciting within our ecosystem :smiley:

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom:


Thank you so much @POSTGRID for your comments :heart:

Related to BendDAO issue, you can see my previous message about that :slight_smile:


100% agree with you @supriyo. We will have to see which services are the most used by the community and support them, although, as you say, they are not standardized and each one will have different APIs, so only supporting one will take development time, but it’s very important to detect which are the most used by the community. Thank you all for bringing this matter to our attention :heart:


You’re the best @Halina :heart:
I’m going to contact you by DM on Twitter to indicate the steps to follow so that you can access the platform :slight_smile:


Warm wallet would be great, considering it is a Yuga owned product now!


Congratulations on this, especially getting it done in the middle of the governance transition. This gives everyone else something to work with once the operations, etc. get set.