Beta Testing Group

Love this idea for AIP authors to have this resource.

I recently helped out the author of the recently passed “Apecoin Rugs” proposal test out their ‘user experience of checking out with ape’ on their site, as it was something they needed a hand in. But to have a group who helps in a more official capacity is much needed to really see though these AIP’s succeeding^^


Thanks @SeraStargirl love hearing that feedback! We totally agree that our tools could really help AIP projects succeed as well as empower the marketing/ communications working groups with more data and easy to use tools. Super excited to see what the Ape Coin DAO community builds using Blocksee! :rocket:


Just a quick reminder that Blocksee is nearing the end of our private beta. A big thank you to all the beta testers from the DAO and the amazing comments I’ve seen many of you post on this thread! If you tried the platform, be sure to leave some feedback for us here.