Bored Passport / Otherside Residency

Bored Passport / Otherside Residency

  • Showing loyalty to the Yuga ecosystem by obtaining residency with your NFT in the Otherside.


  • Ecosystem Fund Allocation


  • To ensure BAYC/MAYC/BAKC remain loyal to their NFTs we propose to establish a Otherside Residency respectively are Bored Passport. The residency will act same as nesting (similar to what PROOF is doing with Moonbirds). I locks the NFT in the Otherside. Owners with a bored passport cannot sell/trade their BAYC/MAYC/BAKC NFTs while in residency status (nested). To be able to sell/trade a BAYC/MAYC/BAKC NFT, the NFT need to be un-nested. Same procedure as

  • All nested NFTs receive ApeCoins for the residency period / nesting period as loyalty bonus.


  • Guarantee a strong committed community believing in the long term potential of Yuga.
  • Avoid farming on blur or other potential platforms as the residency is more appealing and able to create loyalty values within the Yuga ecosystem


  • No rocket science. Can be implemented at low cost in the current website.



  • IT set up cost would be in a healthy cost level. Apecoin rewards system to be decided by the Council.

Sup superbored! Technical question: isn’t that something that Yuga would have to implement?

Yes. Both Yuga and ApeCoin should set this up to link ApeCoin to the Yuga System. So it will be a full in-house loyalty program. Similar to what airlines do with their mileage programs.

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Hmm. I’m curious about how AIPs work that request/demand actions from Yuga directly.

Unfortunately, I’m not a MAYC/BAYC/BAKC Holder but this idea sounds cool for the community. Tbh, I don’t know the benefits for Yuga and how You’ll deal with them, but hope that You’ll find the way.

A legal loyalty program is what we do with our apecoins, we delegate or hold them for voting power, or even stake them to earn income, etc…

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