@BoredApeG - Nomination 1/2022

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @BoredApeG

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BoredApeG

Name: Gerard Hernandez

Country of Residence: United States of America

Educational Background: The University of British Columbia, Bachelor of Science (2010); The University of British Columbia, Diploma in Accounting (2011); Chartered Accountant School of Business, Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant designation (2013); Washington State Board of Accountancy, Certified Public Accountant (2015)

Professional Background: Agathos Support Service, Chief Financial Officer (2014-Present); Smythe LLP, Senior Accountant (2011-2014); Secret Society of Hip Hop Apes DAO, Founder (2021); Curators Society DAO, Founder (2022)

Nomination Statement

Bored Ape G

Our ApeCoin DAO faces significant challenges to achieve its goal of making APE the token of choice for the web3 economy. Specifically, our DAO lacks organizational infrastructure, in addition to facing legal, tax, and regulatory roadblocks on the most innovative proposals.

We need leadership on the Special Council who listens to the community, has the technical sophistication to take immediate action on our needs, and can make us feel well represented as a global Ape community.

More Action, Improved Communication, and Better Representation

After countless energizing conversations, zoom calls, and DMs with community members, it apparent that improvements within these themes were the most desired to be seen in the Special Council.

I am running for Special Council to put my professional expertise and experience in both ApeCoin DAO and Bored Ape Yacht Club communities to use in a service to the DAO. As a community member and DAO founder myself, I am confident in my unique position and have the required skill set to successfully execute on proposals that address the needs of the community.

More Action: There is a strong desire for the Special Council to take a leadership role in pushing forward important initiatives for the DAO. I have the professional track record and DAO participation that highlights my ability to execute on both immediate and long term needs of our DAO. You do not have to only trust in my abilities; I will provide specific examples of my activities within our DAO and more.

Improved Communication: The general sentiment is that ApeCoin DAO’s Guiding Value of Transparency is presently not being met. I am an individual with the ability to translate complex ideas into simple terms that can be easily heard, understood, and actioned. I am an advocate for increasing transparency between ApeCoin DAO, Special Council and the community; we will take specific steps to address this primary concern of the community.

Better Representation: The composition of the Special Council board needs to include individuals who can truly represent Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, and the broader ApeCoin community (who are all degens). As an ApeCoin DAO contributor and an OG Bored Ape who knows a time when BAYC Lofi radio on Youtube was the only utility we had, I bring a well-rounded perspective into all conversations. The community can be confident that I will always be a representative voice, whether that is pushing initiatives through legal, collaborating with fellow council members, or conducting daily tasks as a Special Council member.

My nomination profile will detail how I am the best individual to deliver on the most pressing needs of our ApeCoin DAO community so that we can focus on achieving our long-term goals together.



ApeCoin DAO was inspired by the beloved Bored Ape Yacht Club, therefore, I believe it is more than an organization that provides grants – it is similarly a Membership Club. Membership entry is simply 1 APE. This means our members around the world should feel proud of being part of our ApeCoin community, just as much as an NFT community. There is a need to build out the club and to develop its membership, and this is the ethos I will bring to Special Council. This drives my motivation on how I wish to best improve the ApeCoin DAO.


When it was determined that the DAO needed to extend the Special Council for 3-months because no one from the community prepared an AIP, I felt compelled to initiate discussions on a starting framework for the DAO to move forward that you can read here:

Nomination & Election Process: Strawman Proposals for YOU to build upon!

The above post illustrates how I wish to build our internal processes. It is the responsibility of the Special Council members to initially create/propose these frameworks, both as experts and to allow the community to focus their proposals on more creative outlets for growing the DAO.

Knowledgeable and passionate about moving our DAO forward:

Our ApeCoin DAO is young, and far from mature. We need individuals that are knowledgeable and willing to engage the community to have productive conversations that can propel us forward. If you wish to learn more about how I’m thinking through certain important matters for the DAO, please read through my replies in this thread:

I am motivated by the need for myself to have more of these types of conversations within our DAO at scale and in a position where I can effectuate change. This conversation also highlights that subject matter experience is also going to be important when it comes to pushing the DAO forward in taking more risk-on proposals. It is only with the confidence that comes from experience that one can realistically push a proposal forward. This is why my background is invaluable.

Full audio of my nomination introduction on ApeComms Twitter Space 11/11/22

This is also a good short introduction and provides insight to how am I thinking through problems we are facing as a DAO.

Heart of my motivations:

The experience that enlightened me to the potential of our web3 space and its potential for lifelong connections that can be made in a community, was my involvement with helping a fellow Ape recover his Forever Ape that was phished from him. Within this story, you can learn my thought process and the values that I will bring into building our ApeCoin community:

The story with Dilly demonstrates my commitment to the long-term vision of this space and my participation in it. You can trust that when faced with a difficult decision, I have the high moral integrity to always look to take the best action I possibly can for the club/DAO.

Similarly, watching the DAO struggle to build the foundation that would allow us all to focus on growing it has compelled me to take action, knowing I have the experience and skill set to take us out of these growing pains.


Seasoned Finance and Accounting Professional

I am both a United States CPA and Canadian CPA (Chartered Accountant). My professional expertise translates best to Ecosystem Fund Allocations and Process AIP categories.

Over the past 8 years I have been the Chief Financial Officer of a regional healthcare system based in Southern California that primarily consists of acute care hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. During my time I have helped it grow through acquisitions and improving operational efficiencies, which have led to more than doubling its revenues over the years to presently >$250,000,000 annually.

I am an experienced professional who is also a 100% NFT degen that can represent the community.

Advisory Board Member - AIP-124: Thank APE: Rewarding ApeCoin Members for DAO Contributions

As a member of the Advisory Board, I have had the pleasure of working with ThriveCoin et al. on Ape Improvement Proposal (AIP)-124: Thank APE which will see ApeCoin DAO members rewarded in APE for their contributions! AIP-124 is set to come up for vote in the coming weeks and it has the potential to provide a permanent mechanism for APE to be rewarded to the most dedicated holders (the DAO contributors).

I am acutely aware of the DAO’s processes because I have already been an active and contributing participant.

Value this brings to the ApeCoin community:

  • I am already up to speed with our DAO community; my time can be better focused on pushing progress rather than getting up to speed. My professional expertise means I can fully comprehend the legal, tax, and regulatory issues facing the DAO. Once I learn the knowledge that the Special Council is privy to, the community can trust in my ability to understand, distill, and then work with fellow council members to attack the most beneficial issues to address for the DAO in the near and long-term.

  • A reason for the lack of transparency the ApeCoin DAO has subject us to, is due to the nature of legal/compliance pushback and caution, and that is an area that I have ample experience navigating and knowing when to lean into it.

  • I can critically think of issues independently of ApeCoin DAO’s legal counsel, administrators, and other partners; this means providing counter positions appropriately should I feel there is a need to challenge for a better position on behalf of the DAO’s community.

  • I can work professionally with the current and new council members to ensure our abilities are optimized to execute the vision of the community.

  • My familiarity of the DAO’s AIP processes, combined with my professional experience, means I can make an immediate impact and hit the ground running.


Crypto governance participation:

Hip Hop Apes DAO

In the Summer 2021 I led the founding of this DAO amongst Hip Hop trait Bored Apes. Given how fast the NFT space moves, we faced a problem with our assets being locked in a multi-sig wallet. To increase efficiency by establishing a hot wallet, I recommended for myself to put up personal NFT collateral to the DAO. This solved the problem to allow the DAO to move quickly on purchases and sales, but still be protected from down-side risk (i.e. still be able to maintain the quality of a trustless environment). Ever since then, I have been the trusted steward of the DAO’s holdings.

I’m a problem solver and I will take the initiative to get the job done.

Curators Society DAO

I wanted to create and launch an NFT Collector DAO that could scale its participation in a legally appropriate way. Unlike most DAOs in the space that remain unregistered, this meant creating a legal wrapper entity and conducting our activities in a way that we believed could stand up to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, should it ever come under scrutiny.

I went from a simple idea to executing this project with three co-founders, which eventually led us down the path of working with legal counsel in Panama, United States, and Cayman Islands. On the back end, the Curators Society DAO is a foundation based in the Cayman Islands. Why is this relevant? Because ApeCoin DAO is also a foundation based in the Cayman Islands! Additionally, this gave me the opportunity to directly work with the best blockchain law firm in the world [name intentionally redacted] on this structure, who so happens to be the same firm that represents ApeCoin DAO.

My ambition in this space led me to founding Curators Society DAO and this invaluable experience is something I will be able to uniquely leverage when working for the ApeCoin DAO community. Last, it further lends credence to my ability to execute immediately for the DAO within the current and expected legal and regulatory constraints ApeCoin DAO and Special Council will be operating in.

Ideas for ApeCoin DAO improvement:

Over the past few months, it has been inspiring to connect with and learning from such passionate members of the ApeCoin DAO community. Below you will find ideas for DAO improvement as a result of these conversations, along with my plans on how to address them. Please note that underlying all these efforts is ensuring the community feels listened to and is involved throughout the process. I intend to be the Special Council member that you can feel comfortable approaching at any time and have confidence in.


  • Operationalize processes and frameworks: From an organization level, we are not as effective as we can be. We need to create infrastructure for our DAO in order to best capitalize on its talent pool.

  • I want the Special Council to take a more proactive approach on this. This will reduce the responsibility for the DAO members to come up with these types of proposals.

  • I will take the lead in developing the necessary AIPs to operationalize our processes throughout the organization. This includes but is not limited to AIPs regarding Working Groups/Sub-Working Groups, Elections, Special Council qualifications, and long-range planning.

  • Establish Working Groups: Recently the general sentiment around the DAO is that we need to implement Working Groups. This would allow decisions at the working group level rather than needing to pass everything through a DAO level AIP. This is a key piece to the next phase of our DAO, therefore, the conversations need to happen as soon as possible.

  • We’ll set-up a meeting with anyone in the community who wishes to part of the discussion. We will also specifically invite proposers who successfully passed an AIP (Final AIPs) because the progress and direction on their proposals will provide valuable insight when we are mapping out the Working Groups to establish.

  • Implement best practices from other DAOs: We do not need to reinvent the wheel (if unnecessary). Members of our community have already presented terrific practices from other DAOs.

  • We will gather suggestions from DAO members, collaborate, and then create AIPs efficiently.

  • Committing more than 3 hours per week: 3-hours per week is an atrociously minimal weekly requirement for our Special Council members.

  • It goes without saying that the work required to accomplish the goals I have for the DAO means I intend on committing more than the base requirement of 3 hours per week. We will also have discussions about potentially restructuring Special Council qualifications and responsibilities for future elections.

  • Proactive in steering the ship: If the Special Council is not proposing the big ideas, then it needs to be facilitating the environment that ensures they can come from the community.

  • I will be proactive in leading AIPs particularly around processes and frameworks, along with any others deemed appropriate.

  • Create long-range planning which includes optimizing Ecosystem Fund allocations. Currently, we are shooting in the dark with AIPs, evidenced by numerous proposals overlapping with their objectives. We need to ensure that we are a) allocating an appropriate % to verticals the DAO wishes to grant funds, and b) we are attracting the right kind of proposals. Even though we cannot stop any holder of APE from submitting AIPs, it does not prevent us from making expressed recommendations of what we are looking for as a DAO!

  • Be Bold: ApeCoin Guiding Value – “We don’t shy away from the weird, the hard, or the new”

  • I will also take the lead into exploring more complex proposals that the community has been inquiring about. For example: the DAO accepting revenues, and if we cannot do this indefinitely, then providing reasonable alternatives for consideration.

  • You can trust that I am proficient at navigating these legal matters, and able to push the limit where reasonable.


  • “If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going”

  • Simply put, OG BAYC Ape representation is particularly needed on the Special Council in order to bring the ethos of the early BAYC vibes into our ecosystem.

  • I am an advocate for increasing the Special Council to potentially 7 to 9 on the subsequent election cycles.

  • I would love to increase the Special Council, however, the increase needs to be purposeful (i.e. not expanding for the sake of expanding). As a community we need to come together to determine the composition of the Board that we want, while keeping in mind that social diversity and professional diversity aligns with ApeCoin DAOs guiding values.

  • Creating leadership roles outside of the Special Council and increasing the number of active community members.

  • We will create better incentive structures to bring in members who are capable; harness the power of the community to build of ApeCoin. Working Groups will play an important role in expanding representation because we will elect leaders for these groups, and we will develop members in sub-groups.

  • To date, the number of active DAO community members is relatively small. To activate the talent within our membership, the DAO needs to be an accelerator of people. We will make it easier for people to participate, even if they only want to contribute an idea.

  • Building for a Global community

  • Outside of the United States members, there has been a growing sentiment in our community that members are feeling underrepresented, both digitally and IRL. Our DAO needs to better understand how we can facilitate improved interaction with our global members.

  • I will connect with leaders in respective communities around the world to determine reasonable and impactful ways to help spread our ApeCoin DAO message.


  • The community wants to have more confidence that their voice is being heard. That cannot be accomplished if we are not regularly speaking with one another. We will have (2x) Community Meetings via Twitter Space with Special Council (at least me):

  • Recall that I believe ApeCoin DAO is like a Club, which means I want to foster that sense of belonging. Meeting regularly will also help to ensure the Special Council is more in tune to the community’s needs. This can be either an integration or an expansion of the current ApeComms schedule, and include timing that is mindful of our global community.

  • Not everyone is comfortable entering Discourse (the message forum for our DAO) immediately, but a growing presence on-line will help us onboard our community into active DAO participation that encourages many diverse and divergent perspectives.

  • The rest of Special Council are not required to attend, but of course we will be happy whenever they pop by :blush:

  • Transparency in the AIP proposal process

  • Builders in our community are waiting for weeks without comments on their AIPs. This is unacceptable, and we must improve the process.

  • I will work with the Administrators/Moderators to determine reasonable changes we can make to process and bring forth recommendations to the community for discussion.

  • Information from the DAO needs to be made more digestible

  • It is difficult even for active members in the community to keep up with DAO news, moreover, for passive member of the community. We will consolidate the messaging and integrate multi-language summaries at the very least for the most crucial announcements.

  • Thoughtful Transparency throughout the organization

  • First and foremost, ApeCoin Foundation must be protected. Therefore, I can appreciate that the Special Council may be forced to act a certain way due to restrictions placed by legal to navigate us through this regulatory uncertainty. However, what I can promise you is that wherever I can push for reasonable transparency, I will.

Ideas are great, but having the ability to execute them in a timely manner is a completely different ballgame. I have put in the effort to hone my abilities specifically for the ApeCoin DAO, and I am ready to Make Ideas a Reality.

Concluding Statement

There is an unquestioned divide between the current Special Council and the broader ApeCoin community. We need to bridge this gap in order to be seen as an effective leadership group.

I am the best choice for Special Council because I am independent from its present members and Yuga Labs investors, have already been an active contributor to the ApeCoin DAO, have the professional skill set required to navigate the legal, tax, and regulatory roadblocks we face to progression and most of all I can bring the perspective from an OG Bored Ape and NFT degen into meetings and interactions. All this combined will allow me to make impactful change immediately for the community.

The present Special Council absorbed great personal risk in taking responsibility for ApeCoin DAO at its inception; we are all on the same team. I can optimize the value provided by the current council and new members by letting them focus on their strengths, while I do the work in the trenches to build out our organizational infrastructure. By accomplishing this, we can develop and leverage the latent talents of the best community in web3, YOU, our ApeCoin holders!

I look forward to connecting and to responding to inquiries here on discourse, and my DMs are also open (discourse or Twitter: @BoredApeG)

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Gerard Hernandez, CPA

Bored Ape G


I wanted to add a +1 to @BoredApeG’s nomination.

I’m relatively new to the NFT space but have been into crypto for years. I remember having ten bitcoin that was worth about $1100 back in the day. I bought my first NFT in early 2022 and have been involved in the space ever since.

I quickly learned a number of lessons the hard way. I’m a rug pull survivor. I fell for different DM and stealth mint scams. I invested in projects that ultimately went nowhere. The Web3 experience had initially been quite discouraging for the most part.

However! I’ll never forget how I met @BoredApeG. :grinning:

I decided that I would follow accounts on Twitter that had an ape as their PFP. I figured that these are the genuine people who have succeeded in the NFT space by the virtue of owning an Ape. Either they were clued in from the start and minted one, or they made heaps of money in crypto and could afford to buy one. Either way, I knew that BAYC members could teach me a thing or two about NFTs. As a newbie to the NFT space, the apes were like my role models.

G had tweeted a photo of his vanity BRDAPE license plate. I think I liked and commented on it. That tweet got so much attention that G DM’d many of the people who reacted to it, telling them about a DAO he was creating called Curators Society.

Normally I would have ignored such a DM but decided to learn more about G and what this DAO was all about. The more I learned about G, his friends (foxSlightly dillydilly and freightrain come to mind), and the project they were embarking on, the more I realized that this was a legit opportunity to take part in. It was serendipitous, and G was the key connection. I felt like I had finally made some Web3 friends who would guide me in learning the ropes.

Since meeting G on Twitter, I became an active member of the Curators Society DAO where G is one of the founders. Curators Society has been a really cool community to be involved in. As a member, I think of it like being a passenger in a ship riding the waves of the financial markets. All the BS about recession, the crypto winter, the highs, the lows, the alpha, Luna, SBF/FTX, the gossip, the news, and so on and so on. Let’s face it, times are tough. It’s dramatic.

But what’s been really cool about this whole crypto winter experience is that G has been stoically weathering the storm. As one of the founders of Curators Society, his leadership and presence has been so amazingly reassuring and positive.

We really are all going to make it. That’s the vibe I get with G.

So, with all that said, I have no hesitation in recommending @BoredApeG as a prime contender for this special council. He’s a gentleman, a scholar, and an all around stand up guy. I’ve found him to be competent, amicable, and congenial. More importantly, his normie:degen skillset is perfectly balanced.

Vote for G and you will see; there’s no better fit, it’s meant to be. :grinning:


What will you do to connect builders with drive and talent but no opportunity to the people who can fund and help expand ideas?


Axel, I’m truly honored by your kind words – I would DM hundreds of anons again in a heartbeat if it ensured I could have connected with you!

I will certainly apply my breadth of knowledge and technical skill set to the best of my abilities to help ensure we really are all going to make it here with ApeCoin.

Thank you,

  • G

Hey Mantis,

#1 Funding:

As I know you’re an active member in the community and in the discourse, I believe you are referring to something you have mentioned before re: voting where seemingly the wallets with the highest voting power do not actively participate in the discourse (please do correct me if I am wrong). This leads to the potential funding issues for builders and talented individuals who may not have the “clout” to have their ideas funded.

Specific action:
It is evident that we will need to engage the broader ApeCoin community outside of discourse. I do believe we need long-range planning, which potentially will lead to budgets and target funding allocations (e.g. operations, gaming, events, etc.) If the community already understands why we are seeking to fund specific types of projects that align with a bigger plan, then in theory it should be much easier to pass (e.g. staking AIP-21 where cost to implement was clearly not the problem). That said, we need to engage voters well ahead of time to ensure they have every opportunity to participate and have their feedback taken into consideration.

At this point when it comes to gathering community feedback, I believe the most effective would be hosting spaces directly from the official ApeCoin Twitter account. Hopefully legal won’t throw a fit about it, but at the end of the day we are simply a DAO looking to connect with our community members – using the official account would be great as we are in this critical time with a pressing need to build out our organizational infrastructure :blush:

#2 Help Expand ideas:

We are going to need to increase active members in the discourse.

To illustrate: Discourse Trust Level 2 = Only 102 discourse participants have earned this badge, and those who regularly provide feedback today being much less. It is effectively the same handful of us expanding on ideas; there simply is not enough capacity within the current discourse community.

Specific action:

I’ve read through many replies on Twitter throughout this election process, and it is astonishing (but not surprising) that many individuals are still unaware of our ApeCoin discourse forum. Moreover, people often confuse the word ‘Discourse’ and ‘Discord’. It goes to show how far we need to go to even increase exposure within our own ApeCoin community before we can hope to tackle metaverse domination.

AIP-124: Thank APE – Rewarding ApeCoin Members for DAO Contributions
I have already been active on improving our engagement through working on AIP-124 as part of its Advisory Board. I am hopeful that this will be one significant step forward to drive more individuals here to address your concern with helping expand ideas.

Special Council
Can play a significant role to bringing people in the discourse by simply being more available on regular calls to educate the community. I know Yat and Alexsis (the two members staying on) have already acknowledge that comms can be better, therefore, I expect we will be able to drive significant change in this regard with the next Special Council.



@GeekApe posed the questions above for Special Council Nominees

I know @GeekApe is aware of this, but to provide full context since many DAO members are unfortunately still not fully aware: ApeCoin DAO is not an “investment fund”. Rate-of-Return cannot be measured by $ coming back to the ApeCoin DAO because the Foundation is presently not accepting revenue back to the DAO’s treasury (i.e. it is only granting out funds).

a) The allocation of DAO funds to specific use cases that directly benefit the use of $Ape

For this purpose, let’s remove from the equation Otherside or those in development from other Yuga partners, and focus specifically on the ApeCoin DAO itself. You are touching on the point that the DAO presently has no plan as it relates to fund allocations for specific types of projects (e.g. operations, gaming, governance, etc.), including potentially funding those that could generate specific use cases of APE.

I do not believe anyone expects the Special Council members to create on their own products that will provide uses cases of APE at scale. However, the Special Council can be expected to facilitate ApeCoin community engagement in a manner that the community knows progress is being made throughout our ecosystem in the correct direction re: in its role for generating APE use cases.

Presently, we are shooting in the dark with AIPs; numerous proposals step on each other’s toes and there is no alignment to achieving broader goals. This is why as a DAO we have been ineffective at creating specific use cases for APE.

We need to come together as a community to at least some sort of general understanding of fund allocations, priority projects, etc., so that it is no surprise to the community when we are signaling the need for specific types of AIPs. Work on this can potentially come from creating a long-range planning committee or similar – I’d love to hear from the community its thoughts on how we could look at planning for the long-term, particularly our fund allocations?

Personally, I believe I can be the most effective Special Council member to address the systemic issue plaquing the DAO which is that we presently do not have the necessary operational infrastructure built. The lack of this is resulting specifically for APE use cases: in largely ineffective ideas being generated from the community, inability to gather support prior to vote, not being funded, and then ultimately not being assessed and followed-up to determine efficacy.

b) Track our investments and associated returns (in use cases of adoption)

Simply, we need a data team! How many? I don’t know – but we’ll figure it out as a community, and scale accordingly.

I’ve connected with leadership members of mature DAOs and a common recommendation I have received is that analytical/information tools are underrated and should be given early attention.

For example: We already have members in our community who have their own Dune dashboards @Vulkan – that’s an example of an active member of our community, but undoubtedly there’s plenty more in the ApeCoin community who could also provide value.

We also need individual(s) to do follow-up reports on past AIPs. This is crucial for us to track our “returns”. Also, some AIPs have promised updates – where are they?

The above tasks need to be done by individuals in our DAO who are not Special Council members. Its another prime example of why we need to operationalize our DAO.

There is an urgency to operationalize the DAO as soon as possible and to do so quickly, it will take leadership from an individual(s) who has already been fully engaged in the DAO, can work effectively with the community and other SC members, and can navigate the expected challenges from legal, regulatory, or otherwise; I believe I am the best fit to fill this specific board seat on this upcoming Special Council cycle.

Thank you,


The level of detail you’ve gone to break down exactly what you’d look to accomplish is so impressive on its own, but more than that I love how unique your view is on the necessity to be able to navigate the interplay with compliance and legal to get the DAO forward when urgency is required. Its true that there is still a lot of ground to cover infrastructure-wise for the DAO and its probably created a lack of buzz in participants/voters because it isn’t engaging so I am glad you touched upon ideas to build the framework out quickly to let participants move on to the good stuff. Pragmatic solutions to address increased participation and expansion of the council/creating new leadership roles is something I think would greatly benefit all of us - there have been times I’d love to submit a proposal but without the know-how to do it myself, I shy away from it.

All in all, fantastic profile and thesis. Can’t wait to see what you do on our behalf.


Thanks for the thorough feedback @BoredApeG -

Appreciate the clarification that the DAO is not an investment fund and it shouldn’t try to be or else, it would end up in a conflict with its members, very important clarification. And to your point, we are shooting in the dark “This is why as a DAO we have been ineffective at creating specific use cases for APE.”.

One simple consideration should be to have an explicit question for every AIP: “How will this benefit the adoption of $Ape in the market”. The right questions will drive the right thought process and this could force align the “Why” we should allocate any ecosystem fund to something. And that “Why” should be to benefit the adoption of $Ape in the market. In some cases, procedural AIPs won’t apply to this (i.e. the election process), but most all others should. I see too many AIP proposals that are simply not answering that question.

Agreed on answer to B). It’s a matter of tracking the results of the AIPs and the allocation of Ecosystem funds. We need more rigor to that tracking. For instance, Guy gave a quarterly update on AIP-36. While he didn’t disclose those companies he is talking to (Appropriately), the updates are important and I assume the Board is aware of the details (And should confirm).

Cheers - Thanks for the involvement to the community.


BoredApeG is a huge asset to this community and will be an outstanding Special Council Member. Vote for BoredApeG!!

I met G through Curators Society in May 2022 (after winning AL through the Premint Collector raffle) and we first spoke during the mint day call. It was very quickly clear to me that G is an incredible community builder, project leader, financial wizard, top-notch Web3 advocate and NFT degen. He took the time to answer all of my challenging questions about the DAO’s legal setup, macro environment and potential NFT investment approaches. He even bailed me and other members out of a scam in the Discord on mint day. G really cares about people - we’ve never met IRL but he initially earned my trust very quickly and has continued to do so ever since. He takes the time to educate the community, breaking complex subjects down into easy to understand principles. G has already poured significant time and energy into ApeCoin DAO, and already has an impressive track record with the DAO and the broader BAYC ecosystem. He has the necessary experience (in BAYC, DAO setup, DAO operations, finances, NFTs, macro), outstanding capability and perhaps even more importantly the PASSION to excel in this role. I can’t think of a better candidate.

Cheers and GL G - Snarfist


Hi @BoredApeG, I am asking all candidates these same questions:

  1. If elected, what is the one item you feel passionate about and would like to see accomplished during your tenure within the DAO? (Let’s pretend you only had the time and energy to make a personal push for one item - what would it be?)

  2. Are there any factors in your life that may limit your ability to serve? (conflicts of interest, time allocation, limited wifi bc you work from Starbucks… etc)

  3. What is your least favorite thing right now with our DAO in it’s current state?

  4. What is a Koda?

Thank you,


After listening to Bored Ape G for the past couple weeks I believe he would make a wonderful addition to the council. Bringing a wealth of experience and organizational management skills would be invaluable to the team and community as a whole.


Thank you for the questions F/S

  1. Building out the organizational infrastructure is my priority: I would like to see an AIP passed that funds piloting working groups. For example, 3-month funding with a reflection period, which will then lead to subsequent AIPs for longer funding duration. The general membership is very protective about the treasury, therefore, it will take effort to educate the community about our need to have more people working for the DAO.

  2. Nothing that will limit my ability to serve, plus, my wife and I have a plan in place to free up even more of my time. Given my activity around here in the discourse, I hope that it is apparent that I spend significant time thinking about and participating in ApeCoin DAO. Having said that, my wife is successful in her own career as finance manager for corporate Disney and she is very supportive of my ApeCoin Special Council nomination. If I get elected to the Special Council, she has decided she will resign her employment to spend more time with our toddler. This will allow me to double down on my work for ApeCoin DAO.

  3. The DAO’s funds are being minimally spent. This does not mean we should be frivolously spending it, but, we need to come to an understanding with community that spending money is not necessarily a bad thing. We need to spend money to scale our operations in order to achieve our goals. Sure a lot of AIPs had no business being funded and were rejected in voting accordingly, but there have been plenty that could have deserved small experiments if the community understood that it was part of a bigger plan. That plan is what we need to craft together so that we can better deploy the treasury as it is meant to be.

  4. Remember the Bored Apes origin story with the idea of rich apes having nothing else better to do but live in a swamp clubhouse? Well the Apes are now broke, and the Kodas are giving them something to do about it :slight_smile:



I truly appreciate your kind words. Likewise over the past few weeks I have seen more than ever that you are amongst the most dedicated and are a terrific voice of the community. In addition to your thoughtfulness and experience, we would be so lucky to have you on the Special Council to improve the much needed communication between ApeCoin Foundation and the broader ApeCoin community. It would be a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you on the Special Council.


Super impressed with the level of thought and details here. Absolutely have my votes G. You’ve been a great friend, mentor, and partner and clearly the strongest candidate for council taking the nomination seriously instead of a simple popularity contest. Ape Council needs a strong leader with experience as both a degen and professional and you clearly exude both. Excited to follow your campaign and get that council spot!


As one of the co-founders of Curators Society, I’ve had many, many long days and late nights working with @BoredApeG. For Curators Society, he was both our master planner, task master, and workhorse – he drove the project forward, from ideation, to planning, all the way though to execution. G is both an ideas guy and a get-sh*t-done guy, something rare and to be valued. For example, as one of the two lawyers on the Curators Society initial team, I was grateful that G pushed hard to bring on Fenwick and West, who served as our external legal advisor. With Fenwick’s help, and G’s assistance throughout, we built a future-proof legal structure for the Curators Society DAO, being one of the first to utilize this particular off-shore structure (involving, among other things, a Cayman Island foundation as the DAO itself). Without G’s intimate knowledge of all things crypto and NFTs, his boundless energy and optimism, we wouldn’t have been able to get Curators Society off the ground. The ApeCoin Special Council would absolutely benefit with G as a member.

Good luck, @BoredApeG !


I hopped on the Never Fade - NFT show to chat in depth about ApeCoin DAO and my Special Council nomination.

My dedication to the DAO started long before this election process; connecting with the ApeCoin community will always be a priority for me.

Full video here for your consideration, thanks:


LFG - Hope you win a spot fam - you make sense, have vision, ask tough questions and would be a credit to any DAO infrastructure!!!