Construction of Physical BAYC Monument

Construct Giant Ape Statue in the Outskirts of Las Vegas

Proposal Category:

Ecosystem Fund Allocation

Abstract | Two or three sentences that summarize the proposal.

Since the beginning of time, ancient civilizations have erected monuments to showcase their accomplishments, culture, and art. It’s time to build a physical monument that will match the digital prominence that BAYC currently possesses online and in the metaverse.

Motivation | A statement on why the APE Community should implement the proposal.

This AIP may be the most ambitious submission to date, but upon completion will draw headlines from major news outlets and attract visitors from around the globe. Bored Ape holders will be invited to apply in hopes that their Ape will be selected as the model for the monument. Perhaps in the future, or if budget allows, more apes can be added in an Easter Island-esque manner.

Joseph Joubert once said, “Monuments are the grappling irons that bind one generation to another”. The monument will aid non-web3 individuals to understand and appreciate the BAYC culture that already exists online and in the metaverse. What better way to do so than with a jaw-dropping BAYC monument located near one of the most popular tourist destinations in America.

The concept of installing art or monuments in sparsely populated areas is not new and those who have already done so draw large crowds. Some examples from the southwest US alone include Seven Magic Mountains, Salvation Mountain, and Sky Art Sculptures.


In addition to the monument, and within this same AIP, a gift shop will be installed containing community created and licensed merchandise. It can be modeled similar to Japanese Pokemon Centers and will be a mecca of merchandise created and licensed by community members and apes. Gift shop profits will aid in sustaining and maintaining the monument for years to come.

The monument will serve as a west coast cultural center for community members and tourists alike.

Rationale | An explanation of how the proposal aligns with the APE Community’s mission and guiding values.

This AIP is a bold yet achievable submission. It will further extend the culture and expose millions of new individuals to web3 brands.

Key Terms (optional) | Definitions of any terms within the proposal that are unique to the proposal, new to the APE Community, and/or industry-specific.

n/a at this time.

Specifications | A detailed breakdown of the platforms and technologies that will be used.

As this is a physical project, there are few technology requirements needed by the author. Vendors may utilize their own technologies unless the DAO already has some preferences or resources that can be leveraged.

This is a community project and will require further engagement and conversation with community members. Discord and Twitter will be the means of communication and collaboration.

Steps to Implement | The steps to implement the proposal, including associated costs, manpower, and other resources for each step where applicable.

Monument Development and Construction - $1,000,000 USD
Monument Installation - $50,000 USD
Land/Lease - $150,000 USD
Merchandise Inventory - $30,000 USD
Project Management - $60,000 - $90,000 USD ($10k/mo)

Timeline | Relevant timing details, including but not limited to start date, milestones, and completion dates.

Start date: Immediately upon approval and/or funding
Completion date: 6-9 months after start

Overall Cost | The total cost to implement the proposal.

$1,320,000 USD

Proposals submitted to the AIP Ideas category can be vague, incomplete ideas. Topics submitted here are not required to be submitted as a formal AIP Draft Template, however, you may still use the template if you wish.

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Looks like a bad idea - does nothing to take the DAO forward.


The core idea could be fun. But $1.3 million USD for one physical sculpture of an ape in a relatively random location is not a suitable use of DAO’s treasury funds IMO.

P.s. It would have been nice to learn more about the team proposing this idea. Please also note that there is no discord currently for the DAO. Not sure how you want to “communicate and collaborate” on Twitter either.


Could you elaborate on why you believe it wouldn’t move the DAO forward? I’d also be curious to know how you would define moving the DAO forward as this isn’t (to my knowledge) defined in the governing documents.

My AIP includes several benefits including expanding the community and furthering brand recognition in the physical world. Please reconsider and share your thoughts.

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Thank you for your feedback! While it will be fun to visit, please know that this is a serious proposal fully intended to benefit the DAO and holders.

Las Vegas was strategically selected. It is one of the most visited cities (both domestically and internationally and the surrounding Mojave Desert is conducive for installation of and maintaining such a structure. Several day or half day trips from Las Vegas already exist including Grand Canyon, Zion, Hoover Dam, Seven Magic Mountains, Death Valley, and Area 51.

I’m curious if you are completely opposed to the idea of only opposed to the estimated cost? The monument will be a staggering 50 to 75 feet tall.

I am an experienced Sourcing Manager that has singlehandedly managed individual projects in excess of $1m and product portfolios in excess of $160m. A team will grow through subcontracting and sourcing, with preference given to partnering with community members.

Noted that there is no DAO discord. A Discord and Twitter will be established for engaged and dedicated community members to receive updates and track progress in detail


Can you please provide details on where the location is and what other structures are around it (not sure if other monuments exists in that same area or if this would be a standalone feature)?


Spending $1.3M on a statue in a physical location is wholly excessive and whimsical. Many better ideas out there, primarily digital with smaller costs and much bigger benefits.


Within 1/2 mile of I15 (primary route from LA > Vegas) or Highway 93 (primary route from PHX > Vegas).

If built along I15 it would likely be in the vicinity of 7 Magic Mountains. If on Highway 93 it would be standalone. In either case it would be a spectacle from the highway and even more grand on approach.

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I can understand your preference for digital, but the DAO makes no distinction between physical and digital. Many AIPs have been approved for physical products.

Physical monuments have a long-standing history and reputation of being cultural epicenters across the globe. The monument, together with the merchandise store, can become a massive cultural center.

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What about modifying this idea to create something that could end up benefitting the DAO like Azuki just did with the golden skateboard? That idea turned out to be genius


It really did. The first idea that comes to mind is including other web3 brands in this venture and auctioning monument plots in $APE then returning post-construction profits to the DAO.

This would actually be aligned to Otherside’s inclusion of other NFTs. Am I accurately picking up what you’re putting down?

It’s more interesting now. I didn’t have anything specific in mind, just trying to brainstorm so the idea could grow. Because yes, I agree with @apethor and @Novocrypto that just spending $1.3M without incorporating more forward-thinking web3 revenue streams/branding/touchpoints is a bit much. I think you’re getting closer to an idea the DAO might consider. Keep moving in this direction!


I appreciate that you put this is into a full drafted form. Often, people just put “build a statue” and then fill in the details later. I have some questions about the longevity of the project to discuss.

  • These land and lease expenses will need renewed yearly, yes?
  • Items like payroll for the merchandise store & stuff dont appear listed
  • Who will own this? And could it be sold immediately to another third party?

I’m trying to find ways to justify doing this, though I have concerns about the expenses and ownership of the project after one year. I don’t want to see pics of an abandoned ape monument covered in cobwebs.


Exactly. (The cobwebs part.) And my thing is, there are SO many ways to update the idea of the monument to incentivize Apes to consider it more seriously. Like, have an annual YouTube video of Ape highlights playing on the monument’s left b*** cheek so Apes across the world can come to the monument and see if they were included. Not exactly that, but something. You get what I’m saying. I’m just like, right now the proposal is a web2 monument. Use your little grey cells and turn it into a web3 monument somehow. Think culture and finances flowing into the monument. Like maybe the monument accrues $APE and if you take the best picture, you get some of that $APE flowed to your Metamask. I dunno. Go nuts!

[Seriously? I can’t say "b*** cheek?!] :rofl:

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Hi NFTC, thank you for sharing this AIP Idea, we’re excited to see your contributions within the community!

Putting costs aside, I think the concept of a permanent physical monument that people can take pictures with is an exciting one!

You mentioned planning the monument at 50-75 feet tall, what material(s) do you envision this monument to be made out of? Would it be solid or hollow, and what color scheme did you have in mind? Would the monument be based off the IP of a single Bored Ape, many apes, or is the monument a different concept altogether?

Given you are an experienced Sourcing Manager with such an extensive portfolio, I believe sharing some photos or links to your past projects & contracted artists would help us get a feel for the styles you specialize in and what to expect visually from this proposal and the scope of the monument.

Thanks for taking the time to share the idea & looking forward to hearing your vision for the monument!

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom:


Such a waste of time and money for the DAO imo. Funds could be spent in a better way.

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No problem! Note that I’m still collecting lots of information to publish a proper proposal in the next phase.

To answer your questions:

  • Yes if leased. Plots of land in the proposed area start around $20k and up.
  • Good catch. These costs are were accounted for under land/lease which admittedly is categorized poorly
  • A new LLC is what I had in mind, but I’d be happy to sell it off to Ape Foundation at $0 upon completion. Is this what you are hinting?

Thanks for your thoughtful response.


Hi Halina - all great questions!

I personally envision a fiberglass sculpture as it would allow for sufficient detail and maximum color, but I’m pending more guidance from the vendors I’ve contacted. My gut tells me that the heat and constant UV exposure may influence material selection. In any case, I envisioned a single ape, but with potential for expansion to more in the future.

I’ll share a thorough “About Me” in the formal proposal. My experience is primarily in aerospace, not art. Prior to web3 I managed portfolios of fabricated and machined metal parts which were assembled into various aircraft engines.

PS - if you (or anyone reading this) would like to recommend an experienced vendor, please share!



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