DeSmart - Governance WG Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @DeSmart


Nomination Statement:

1.Managed numerous Web3 projects, with deep familiarity with Web3 products and users, NFTs, GameFi, and economic models, and a clear understanding and judgment of the key factors determining a project’s success or failure;
2.Nearly 20 years of experience in strategic planning, product design, and market operation of internet technology products, with extensive expertise in selecting directions, creating successful products, and effective operations.
3.Currently engaged in AI+DePIN related business which is believed to be one of the key directions for Web3 in the coming years.
I believe the above experience can significantly contribute to ApeCoin DAO’s operations management and critical decision-making.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

By becoming a steward, I aim to leverage my experience and passion to build a thriving, innovative, and inclusive ApeCoin ecosystem that benefits all members and drives decentralized governance forward.
1.Driving ApeCoin adoption by integrating it into various ecosystems/Dapps and fostering partnerships to expand its utility and reach.
2.Implementing strategies for sustainable ecosystem development, identifying more opportunities beneficial to the ApeCoin ecosystem’s development and promote the implementation of projects or collaborations.
3.Bring more innovative projects and opportunities in AI, gaming, and other areas into the ApeCoin ecosystem, fostering win-win collaborations with cutting-edge technologies and entrepreneurs.

Values & Commitment:

1.I strongly believe in the power of decentralized governance, where decisions are made by the community rather than a central authority. This aligns perfectly with ApeCoin DAO’s mission to empower its members and ensure that every voice is heard and valued.
2.My passion for exploring and supporting cutting-edge technology and solutions, like I am working on the AI related projects which aligns with the community’s goal of pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the web3 space.
I am ready to commit my time, expertise, and energy to be a productive and impactful Steward, that includes attending regular meetings, actively participating in discussions, and being available for consultations and decision-making processes. And I will contribute to the strategic planning of the DAO, helping to set achievable goals and ensuring their successful execution. This involves close collaboration with other Stewards and working groups to align our efforts with the community’s vision. Also, I could provide mentorship and support to emerging projects within the DAO, helping with innovation and growth, which I think would contribute to the sustainability of Ape ecosystem.

Concluding Statement:

BAYC and ApeCoin DAO are among the most powerful communities in Web3. I have made many friends and gained a lot within this community. However, as the market continues to evolve, we face numerous new challenges, such as shifting market trends, ongoing technological innovation, and ever-changing user attention. The directions and methods that once worked may not be applicable in the coming years.

Therefore, I believe that with my extensive experience in Web3 & Web2 projects, strategic planning, product design, and operations, along with my broad resources and in-depth research in the AI field, I can help ApeCoin DAO uncover suitable development paths for the future. This includes exploring the potential for integrating new products, technologies, and models. Together with community members and our partners, we can create new miracles and achieve win-win outcomes!



Good luck for the candidacy @DeSmart!

For anyone that’s interested to check out a breakdown of each Governance WG execution plan, simply click on the image below! Hope it helps :saluting_face:

Super VIllains Weapons (33)

Can you say more about this and how this could be related to both GWG and ApeChain?

We all know AI is the key trend for the next decade. We’re building the essential computing power network for large AI models. Currently, we’re collaborating with multiple open-source AI model teams, providing the compute power for their development and training. In the future, we’ll connect with more AI applications, securing partnerships with projects and linking them to ApeCoin, GWG. Whether it’s AI tools or AI games, we believe this will bring new vitality and opportunities to our community and ecosystem.

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Are you looking forward to work yourself 100 % or sub-hire help and maybe even use AI, which some mentioned on spaces that will put private information of the applicants in more danger of the information leak and Ideas leak.