Ed3 DAO Apecoin Grant Update

Update 6/16/2023

Hello Ape DAO friends! We’re Ed3 DAO and we were lucky enough to receive a grant from Ape DAO at the beginning of this year. Ed3 DAO (https://www.ed3dao.com/) is a launchpad for web3 innovation in education. The purpose of the grant was to fund free events for educators to learn more about web3. Last year we held 65 events for educators, facilitated entirely by volunteers.

We received $84k in ApeCoins but after an overnight market crash, the funds were down to $79k which we immediately transferred to USDC. We have not used the grant funds yet and here is our plan for them:

  1. We want to empower our members to host events. We are launching a micro-grant program for our members who want to host free events around the world. These events should be focused on web3 innovations or principles including democratized learning, immersive learning, regenerative learning, etc. We are hoping to award $50k over the next year. Learn more here: https://www.ed3dao.com/grants
  2. We are putting the remainder toward planning our next unconference for web3 and education. Last year, we held the world’s first web3 and education unconference in a metaverse space, with 500 attendees. It was free for Ed3 members and Ape DAO members and we gave away many free tickets. It had over 50 speakers and over 50 sessions. It was highly rated as one of the best conferences participants had been to. We built a beautiful metaverse environment that we will continue to use for our next conference! Here are more details about the event: https://www.ed3dao.com/ed3unconference

Those are the updates for now. We hope to update you again once the micro-grants are launched (starting next week!) and we begin planning for our next unconference!

In other news, our DAO is now partnered with The Albion Center at Idaho State University and we’re hosting 12 courses for educators. We’ve built the first three and they are live on their website. They’re offering free credits to take courses if you’re interested! https://www.ed3dao.com/ed3courses

If you’re interested in learning more about web3 through the eyes of an educator, hop into our Discord - it is one of the most active DAO communities out there. You’ll find the invitation when you sign up at https://www.ed3dao.com/

And finally, if you’re interested in supporting our work, we’d love for you to join as a member: https://www.ed3dao.com/ed3-nft

Thanks for all of your support and we hope you’ll take advantage of the unconference this year! We will announce it in the next few months!


Vriti Saraf & Mike Peck

Co-founders of Ed3 DAO


Thanks for the update and appreciate for being upfront on the latest situation🙏


Which metaverse “environment” are you using? I have some great parcels in voxels you could use for the event. I wouldn’t charge rent for the event time.


This is great, would love to connect and collaborate, to get your educators onto our Approved Educators platform.


Thanks for posting this update and letting the community know what you’ve been up to and what progress has been made so far! The original AIP had the following Milestones listed:

  • Host 6 masterminds
  • Host 6 audio spaces
  • Host 24 edtawlks
  • Host 6 member led events
  • Host 12 networking events for web3 educators in the Eduverse

Are these still part of the upcoming schedule or are these part of the unconference you mentioned in your update up above?


Why not come and give an update in voice call in discord? Nice to see how someone went through the grant process to implementation and challenges encountered. How overcome? What is needed to take it to the next level?


I was just discussing this proposal, thanks for the follow-up. I second Vulkan’s questions, how are the original Milestones faring at this point?


We’re currently using Zepp! It’s pretty similar to Gathertown, more of a 2d experience. You can see some of the clips of our space on the conference page we linked above. Thanks for the offer of the voxel space! We will certainly reach out as we expand education into other areas!

Great question. The Edtawlks and masterminds were apart of the conference and have been completed. We had a variety of topics that filled these sessions with everything from general education to metaverse space education, to fashion education. It was an incredible event. We held the audio spaces leading up to the event.

We are in process of completing the networking events, as they are being held at a rate of 1 per month, but the member-led sessions will be a part of the upcoming schedule. We’re super excited to be able to offer these events via a grants program that we will be kicking off next week!


We’d certainly be open to giving an update in the discord at some point in the future! Perhaps after our micro-grants program gets off the ground!

We’d be happy to connect! Feel free to ping our email at people@ed3dao.com!

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