Establishing Accountability Practices

Hi all,

I believe we currently lack Accountability Practices and instead of waiting for someone to be “more accountable” I asked myself: “What else can I do?” reason why I decided to compile this idea and present it to the community.

Over the past few months I’ve heard the community voice out a lack of communication from the Special Council and some of us wonder what have they accomplished during their tenure. Maybe they have accomplished great things, but personally haven’t heard about it or there’s no way for me to check what their individual progress has been. (example of a well-known BAYC member thoughts down below).

So how can we further increase accountability?

I believe having Daily & Weekly (or Bi-Weekly & Monthly) reports can help the community to objectively understand the progress behind the scenes. It will also increase productivity from the people serving on the Board.

This is not for the faint of heart though, as most people will RUN AWAY when requested to be accountable to others or especially to themselves.

Down below I’ve compiled two different report templates that could be used:



My goal with this idea is to understand what you guys feel and think about potentially implementing this practices. Do you think we need this amount of accountability from the Board? Or is it too much?

I’m aware that this post is not structured as an official AIP and again, my goal is to gather community feedback before potentially moving to a Draft.

Hey, thanks for reading :yellow_heart:


This is a great start, and the topic is absolutely essential to tackle now. Honestly, it’s something that Special Council candidates should speak on and add to before anyone.

There are so many Ape projects that would benefit from a look from all the companies the current Special Council is aligned with. I see nothing happening. Cool projects sit with no views. (Again, how’s that Guy Oseary blank check workin out for ya?)

Special Council candidates? What say you?


I was actually just thinking about this, and the simple fact that we’re not even clear who is stepping down is no small point itself.

Maaria on Monday’s ApeComms Space mentioned a couple of nebulous responsibilities, one of which was a once-a-week call to discuss proposals. This really isn’t good enough, and we should demand more. I am all in favor of a Daily and Weekly Accountability Reports, wherein Special Council members provide detailed accounts of the actions they’re taking and relay this to the public.

Let’s be real: this is a HIGHLY compensated position, and the accountability to live up to the expectations of this position needs to reflect that. We need (deserve) to know what is happening in the DAO on a daily basis (or weekly at the very least), period. If anyone is to take us and the work we do here seriously, there needs to be a clear system of communication relaying exactly what we are working on and who we are working with (assuming specific information isn’t sensitive or confidential, which I imagine the majority of the procedural details wouldn’t be).

I support these reports 100%. I said it from the beginning, this is a macro environment that has experienced a SERIOUS erosion of trust from the public at large, let alone those of us already in crypto who feel duped and deceived.

In fact, if we can implement this in some way as a requirement for prospective candidates to the Special Council, the sooner the better, it may truly help to root out those who are serious about the position and who are just in it for the money or their own selfish reasons.


Another thing I’ve been thinking about is repercussions. I realize it would likely require an AIP to officially implement, which I’d be happy to author, but I’d be in favor of a Special Council member having their pay withheld or even being stripped of their position entirely for failing to produce regular accountability reports. People can promise all they want, but as we see in Presidential election after Presidential election, people can claim they’ll do something and if there are no consequences for not following through, it’s all for naught.

Would someone be interested in co-authoring an AIP to this end with me? It will likely take a lot of consideration and most certainly wouldn’t be implemented until after the candidates are appointed, but I still see this as important regardless of who makes it and who doesn’t.

Thanks @Moonlyght, this is an issue I take very seriously and I’m glad you raised it.


Accountability should come from within those appointed.

The problem today is that DAO members struggle to point to a positive contribution made by the Special Council. Updates are almost non-existent (when was the last?). Transparency Tuesday tweets are limited to the progress of AIPs.

A daily update would be asking way too much. This is an executive-level position. Weekly seems reasonable. Bi-weekly may be better.


Bi-weekly would definitely be more reasonable than daily. Tuesdays and Fridays would have my vote.


Sorry! To clarify, I meant one update every 2 weeks. In other words, 2x monthly.

Better yet, allow the board to propose a cadence. What do they feel is reasonable? Is anyone from the board reading this thread and willing to jump in?


Thanks for the support Mantis!


I’m thankful that I’m not the only one that thinks the Board positions are rewarded HUGELY, at least some form of tangible accountability for the community to see would help us to have an understanding of the value each member brings and if we want to keep having them or not, instead of having “faith” in what they will do. I’m expecting some people to fight against this as most people HATE being accountable.


I love reading this, and you have my full support. Maybe the team of the ApeComms can help us in the process? @0xSword is very knowledgeable on the whole process and how to move from Idea > Draft > Live AIP. Maybe we can all team up and meet on Zoom if there’s enough interest to make this a reality.


Daily might be too much, again most people don’t like to be accountable. Personally I do it most of the days on my daily life and helps me to stay on top of things. Weekly would be the minimum imo, because how else can you measure your progress if you don’t track it? And I like the saying “were attention goes, results will flow.”


I was amazed by all the Special Council candidates experience and what they have done in web3 but when it comes to tracking results and reporting to the community no one talks about it, I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this is needed.


Makes complete sense. Would it be worth tracking their periodic progress (weekly or whatever is decided) against the previously agreed milestones to achieve the strategy.

I don’t believe I have seen a strategy plan with milestones to complete, forgive me if I have missed it.


Hey Hangout, thanks for supporting the idea. I haven’t seen a strategy plan with milestones to complete either. But even if there was one, the implementation of accountability practices I believe will make a great addition.


Would love to hear your thoughts @0xSword

100% agree. Accountability is critical.

Is my understanding correct then that these positions at significant cost have not been tasked with specific outcomes? In which case what are we holding them account to? Accountability is vital, but doesn’t there need to be a clear plan on what they are being held to account for?

Unless that is crystal clear with the best will in the world how will these board positions be able to add the maximum value to the community and how can we fairly judge them if the standards they are being judged by are unclear.

Does there need to be a conversation about the goals and strategies to reach those goals first?

If I have missed the mark super happy to be informed.


The first Special Council has been brought in without the community vote so most people didn’t have much expectations apart from “good faith” in them. Moving forward, we will have a new Council which has open nominations at the moment.

each nominee will map out what they plan to do/achieve during their stay of 6 months/1 year.

When all the nominees submit their application, on the next step we’ll be able to see their plans and goals written down and we as a community will vote on who to choose.

My goal with this AIP is to hold each person sitting on the Board more accountable to the community so that we have a tangible way to see their progress on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis and understand were we stand as a DAO.


All sounds great to me! I have added my vote.

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Thank you so much Hangout! :yellow_heart:

Anyone from the ApeComms would like to share what they feel in regards to this idea? I haven’t heard from any of you so far :confused: @Lost @Halina @ssp1111 @0xSword @Amplify ?

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