Facilitator Note #17: ApeChain RFP and Voting Process

Hello ApeCoin Community,

As noted in ApeChain: Request for Proposals, the ApeCoin community seeks a proponent to build ApeChain, a dedicated ApeCoin blockchain that scales $APE and supports the growth of the ApeCoin ecosystem. Today (February 1, 2024) at 9pm EST, ApeChain: Selection of proponent to build ApeChain has started on Snapshot for community voting to potentially select one of the four following candidates:

This proposal is a single-choice vote, and would conclude on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, at 9pm EST.

In alignment with the ApeChain RFP process, the APE Foundation has put forth a proposal titled ApeChain: Build an ApeChain - Vote For or Against, which will run concurrently with the Snapshot vote described above.

  • During the 6-day voting period, the ApeCoin community will vote to decide whether to approve the continuation of voting of the aforementioned ApeChain RFP proposal.
  • Voting “For” = Approve the continuation of voting of ApeChain RFP proposal
  • Voting “Against” = Disapprove the continuation of voting of ApeChain RFP proposal and delete the Snapshot
  • Selecting “Abstain” remains an option, and the $APE used when choosing “Abstain” would not be counted toward the voting outcome.

This proposal will conclude on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, at 9pm EST. The link to the Snapshot vote may be found here.

Best regards,

ApeCoin DAO Community Discourse Facilitators