Facilitator Note #6: AIP Implementation Reporting

Hello ApeCoin DAO Community,

In an effort to increase transparency and support the DAO’s Governance process, the Discourse Facilitator team is implementing a process to follow up with AIP Authors after the Snapshot vote and as the Authors execute on their AIP.

After the week of community voting, Facilitators will reach out to each of the AIP Authors who complete the Live voting phase with a set of interview questions. Upon receiving the Author’s reply and consent, we will publish the interviews on the AIP topic. All AIPs which have completed the Live voting phase will receive the same set of questions, and Approved AIPs will be forwarded to the DAO’s administration for final Implementation.

The Ape Foundation will be responsible for supervising the execution of the required agreements with Approved AIP Authors to ensure the final Implementation of each Approved AIP. Additionally, the Ape Foundation will regularly update the Facilitators with the Implementation status for the benefit of the community. The Facilitators will move all AIPs that have been successfully Implemented to the relevant subcategory, Final AIPs - Implemented AIPs.

Within one week of the Foundation confirming Implementation, Facilitators will reach out to each Author with a different series of questions and begin tracking their progress in a new sub-category called AIP Implementation Updates. We will schedule regular check-ins with these Authors, keeping the community updated and involved with their progress as they begin their next chapter within the ApeCoin DAO. These interviews will include:

  • Progress & timeline updates
  • Budget updates
  • Suggested improvements to the AIP process
  • Key learnings
  • Ongoing support from the Governance Working Group, Beta Test Group and the entire ApeCoin DAO Community

You can expect the first of these interviews in the coming weeks as we begin following up with authors of all previously accepted AIPs.

Best regards,

-ApeCoin DAO Community Discourse Facilitators