Facilitator Note #8: Introducing AIP Execution and Transparency Category

Hi ApeCoin Community,

It is our pleasure to announce the Forum’s newest category, AIP Execution and Transparency, located on the home screen directly below Help & Resources.

Following the passing of AIP-258, this category was designed to track the progress of AIP authors, facilitate idea exchange, and promote transparency in the execution of implemented AIPs.

In this category, you’ll find three publicly-accessible sections:

  • Author and Administration Contacts - Contains AIP authors’ contacts with links to their AIPs and contact information for all current members of the ApeCoin administration.
  • AIP Implementation Updates - AIP implementation logs, used to inform the DAO about the author’s activities and the current implementation status of each approved AIP.
    • Please see Facilitator Notes #6 which outlines the term “Implementation,” as well as details on follow-up interviews.
  • HR Section for Approved AIP -
    • Only authors of approved AIPs can create threads to recruit candidates.
    • This section will enable specialists who support a particular AIP to join the team and contribute to the common cause.

As well as one Closed Discussion section for approved AIP authors only:

  • Author Networking Zone - Provides a space for authors to seek assistance, exchange experiences, and establish partnerships with other authors.

Best regards,

-ApeCoin DAO Community Discourse Facilitators