Facilitator Note #7: Updates on Forum Admin Accounts

Hi ApeCoin Community,

We would like to introduce the ApeCoin Admin account (@Ape.Admin). This account has been created by WebSlinger to deliver transparent communication between the Foundation and the ApeCoin DAO community. These communications will fall explicitly within the scope of WebSlinger’s RFP, and they aim to enhance the transparency of the treasury by providing information on balances, inflows and outflows, as well as grant allocation. These reports will be accessible both on the ApeCoin Twitter account and here on Discourse. The first of these updates was posted on July 13th, and moving forward you can expect these updates quarterly.

Furthermore, the ApeCoin Admin account as well as all members of the Governance Working Group
(@amplify.Admin, @tiger.Admin, @admin.allcity, @Vulkan.Admin, @Lost.Admin,@Chris.Admin, @12GAUGE.Admin, ) can now be clearly identified by their ApeCoin logo PFPs.

Members can message or mention the entire Governance Working Group using the @moderators group designation, or the Facilitator team directly using the @Facilitators group designation.

-ApeCoin DAO Community Discourse Facilitators