Formal Bid: APE Foundation Cayman Administrator

Formal Bid: APE Foundation Cayman Administrator

Please find below WebSlinger’s Formal Bid in response to:
Request for Proposal: Cayman Islands Administrator for the APE Foundation


The APE Foundation’s progression towards a decentralized future where the ecosystem is increasingly directed by a broad consortium of stakeholders is an exciting journey, but also a complex one. The WebSlinger team in conjunction with Crestbridge Cayman Limited, a regulated Cayman service provider are positioned to support and assist the ApeCoin community through this journey with our unique background as a group of grassroots Web3 community builders & experienced operating entrepreneurs.


  • We are pleased to provide comprehensive services as Cayman Island Administrators for $75,000 USD per month. Payment denominated 75% in stablecoin & 25% payable in ApeCoin and held as long term holders to align with the community**
  • Ready to engage Day 0 on transition activities from current Cayman Administrator
  • Engage with WG0 to identify key critical support infrastructure to transition, secure & put in place framework to operate efficiently and effectively.
  • Focus on timely execution of day-to-day operations with ability to flex with the growth of APE Foundation, the community & shifting industry needs.
  • Please refer to the attached PDF in-depth view on our approach (attached below)

Additional Information, as requested in Section 4 of the RFP:

General Company Information:

Webslinger Advisors SEZC Inc is a bespoke web3 advisory firm based in the Cayman Islands which serves DAOs and Foundation Companies.

Crestbridge Cayman Limited delivers a wide range of services including Foundation Company administration, fund governance, corporate services and administration, accounting, compliance, reporting and trustee services to asset managers, corporates, institutions, family offices, and the digital asset community.
Key contact person: Matt Shaw

1 - Scope of Work:
Webslinger and Crestbridge are proposing to satisfy the entirety of project requirements as described in the RFP.

2 - Knowledge/Skill/System Requirements and Work Experience:
Please see the biographical information attached in the accompanying PDF on the team involved in this proposal, for additional information on team backgrounds, skills, and experiences.

3 - Availability and Capacity:
The parties are able to undertake an immediate critical transfer period working with the existing Cayman administrator and immediately transitioning to a 30-60 day stabilization period to ensure the continuity of the ApeCoin DAO operations. In this period we will partner with the WG0 to ensure compliance, legal, finance, treasury operations continue to be complainant.

In terms of capacity, as a decentralized team across North America and Cayman, the team has built-in skill and coverage overlaps amongst core team members that should ensure the ability to comfortably meet all stipulated functions as described in the RFP. In addition, our extensive experience and contacts in the industry will allow us to respond quickly to any potential requests for expansions to the planned scope of work.

4 - Pricing Information:
As noted above, Webslinger is proposing to service the entirety of requests within the RFP for $75,000 USD monthly. Payment denominated 75% in stablecoin (USDC) & 25% payable in ApeCoin and held long term to align with the community

Thank your consideration

Attached PDF
WebSlinger <> ApeFoundion Proponsal_Final_2023.pdf (126.2 KB)


Hello ApeCoin Community,

Snapshot voting for this RFP will be open today, February 16th, at 9:00 PM EST. You may vote here.



Hey builders! Let me know if you have any comments/quotes to add to the news

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