RFC : AIP-209, APE Accelerator By ApeCoin (Forj)

So, while I was engaged in the latest AIP idea discussion, it reminded (at it pertains to Metaverse Workiing Group) me about the Ape Accelerator By ApeCoin which was approved in AIP-209.


“The Ape Accelerator (Ape Launchpad) is designed to help strengthen the ApeCoin and BAYC ecosystem by incubating and facilitating projects that contribute to, and utilize, ApeCoin and BAYC IP ecosystem growth. Projects looking to launch through the Ape Accelerator will require $APE token to submit a proposal, and holders of $APE and BAYC Ecosystem NFTs will be able to access the launchpad to invest in these projects.”

That proposal passed on May 17, 2023.


So, I am looking at the “The ApeCoin Community can engage in the Ape Launchpad in three ways:” part and wondering how that turned out. Because I don’t see any discussions on Discourse about this.

Then there’s this.

We’re already hitting the 2.5 month mark since this was passed (I have no idea when it was actually funded).

There’s now spiffy website and everything.

I am not quite clear on how the Forj Launchpad, which was recently selling Metaprints Social Hub Pass, relates to the APE Accelerator Launchpad.

Then there was this Oct 2022 presentation on which I believe the previously rejected AIP-141 was based.

So, looking at this pitch docs, these stuck out:

  1. To grow the Ape ecosystem, a core strategy is to add more use cases for the ApeCoin.
  2. We are advising Animoca backed projects to adopt BAYC IP.
  3. Additionally, we provide projects with guidance on strategic partnerships, launch strategies, NFT utility and sustainable roadmaps, amongst other points.
  4. After speaking with hundreds of projects in the Web2 and Web3 spaces, we know how to vet projects, their teams and founders to evaluate their models and identify the best candidates.
  5. Our analysts are also ready to assist founders through the ups and downs of launching and managing a project.
  6. We have a built-in distribution network, including large VCs to projects at their inception.
  7. Our network allows us to pair backers and investors with relevant projects to enable long term partnerships and sustainability.

Does anyone have any insight as to the project, how the ApeCoin community engaged (since the AIP passed) as per the AIP etc? I scanned and ran metrics against the activity engagement for @Forj (here) and @Harry (here) but didn’t come up with anything.

Even though this was a no-recource grant to a sister outfit, everything about it leads me believe that they’re already setup and equiped to do what I suggested in this on-going AIP idea. Assuming that they still have 50 people on staff.

And this being an Animoca Brand startup which the ApeCoin DAO basically gave a $480K ops runway to, it seems to me that an AIP vote to give Forj additional funding so that they, like Webslinger, run point on hiring and managing the 9 people required for the 3 Working Groups, is worth considering.

For example. Webslinger is currently paid $75K (!) per month to act as admins for ApeCoin DAO. So, we can totally setup a similar RFP so that Forj and other corps can submit a bid similar to Webslinger to handle this role.

This is the part where the other side of your brain pops up a thought balloon that says: “So, if a corp, such as Forj, already has a team in place, why do they need to hire 9 more people to do this? And what about waiting for them to deliver on that $480K first?

My answer is very succinct. It’s not a rug if you were planning on tossing the money into an open furnace anyway. So, why not? j/k

And don’t you guys get any bright ideas and try to leapfrog me. :rofl: @amplify.Admin I call dibs on this AIP idea! I just need to write something up before posting the idea. ty.


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