Implementation Update | AIP-209: Ape Accelerator powered by ApeCoin

AIP Name: AIP-209: Ape Accelerator powered by ApeCoin

Implementation Status: Pending

Author: @Forj

Abstract Summary: The Ape Accelerator (Ape Launchpad) is designed to help strengthen the ApeCoin and BAYC ecosystem by incubating and facilitating projects that contribute to, and utilize, ApeCoin and BAYC IP ecosystem growth. Projects looking to launch through the Ape Accelerator will require $APE token to submit a proposal, and holders of $APE and BAYC Ecosystem NFTs will be able to access the launchpad to invest in these projects.

Overall Cost: $480,000

In Reference To: Returned for Reconstruction AIP-141: Ape Accelerator By ApeCoin

Timeline Updates:

  • 2/23/2024: “We have 6-12 projects to be annonuced in cohort #1.”

Interview Q&A: