Formula One: ApeCoin Grand Prix Event Activations

PROPOSAL CATEGORY: Ecosystem Fund Allocation
PROPOSAL NAME: Formula One: ApeCoin Grand Prix Event Activations
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Core team to be announced in the coming weeks which may involve the use of industry-specific third-party agencies. The proposal will also look to coordinate with any resources made available to it through the team sponsorship already in place.


This early-stage proposal aims to establish an in-person presence for ApeCoin at certain Grand Prix events remaining in the 2024 Formula One season.


Multi-Channel Reinforcement: The ApeCoin (F1) team sponsorship provides a constant visual reminder of the brand through global television broadcasts. This proposal aims to compliment that visibility through on-site branding and/or side events at nearby venues. Formula One Grand Prix weekends typically attract crowds ranging between 100,000 to 300,000 attendees.

Leveraging Fan Excitement: The presence of a branded booth or side events will maintain an already impactful buzz among fans to help spark discussions and capture memorable moments through mainstream media and photos shared on social media by race fans.


Definitions of any applicable terms will be added as the proposal develops.


A detailed breakdown of the platforms and technologies involved with this campaign will be added as the proposal develops.


To be added as the proposal develops.


Costs to be determined as the proposal develops; which could include more than one option.

:eyes: As a MASSIVE F1 fan myself. I think this is a perfect idea. The already in place team sponsorship is great for a Web2 audience. Let’s create some insane content/events through this idea for the Web3 side of things.


Agreed on all fronts.

Big stage though, which means that like everything, execution will be paramount.

Also unclear on whether or not this proposal could actually even open up the doors needed for on-site event activations or if we’ll need to keep it focused on side events held outside race grounds within reasonable Grand Prix vicinities. But all of that being said, I think it’s important that as a brand investing in visibility with a race team — we should be looking at pairing that with IRL experiences in one form or another.

Meeting with a motorsports-specific event and sponsorship firm next week to get a better understanding of what’s possible on their end, then find out from the APE Foundation what they feel would be acceptable for us to execute on our end.

I’d also imagine significant insurance requirements will need to be put in place if anything on-site will be possible.




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Totally agree…

A lot of budget has been involved, we must ensure that this activation shines as much as possible.

Perhaps it will be interesting to get closer to the local communities of each country hosting a race to be integrated into each activation?


My man… Stay tuned :grin:

We are definitely on the same wavelength here @dyorjdr.


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Got my 3-day pass for the Austrian GP, lfg \m/ would love to know what your plans are on-site.

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Should have a clearer picture by Monday.

Keep an eye out…



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