Have you ever been DM'd to change or specifically vote in a specific way for an AIP?


With the new voting cadence being set for two-weeks, the DAO celebrating it’s 2-year anniversary, and AIPs now crossing the 400 mark, I pose this question/poll to the community:

Have you ever been DM’d to change or specifically vote in a specific way for an AIP?

Whether it be from an AIP author or someone else, has anyone ever reached out to persuade you to change your vote or to vote in a specific manner regarding an AIP? I raise this question not out of malice or to alarm the community, but rather to gain insight into whether this type of behavior is indicative of trying to encourage participation in voting (whether it be an author or someone reaching out to you who may be a delegate or someone with a sizeable voting power), a byproduct of fully-transparent voting period, or something else.

I think that by addressing this question, we can better learn why this happens and hopefully improve aspects of our voting.

What do you think?

We currently have a Temp Check up on the GWG Tempcheck Snapshot Page.


I haven’t been persuaded to vote for anyone personally but I think these stuffs happen, do you think it’s wrong or fine to persuade someone to vote?


I think many of us dont hold a large amount of $ape to begin with, but 10/10 large holders and delegates for sure get such DMs on regular basis lol


I’ve been DM’d to change my vote before, and I have reached out to other people to vote (not for anything specifically but to vote in general).

I think its wrong to specifically call someone out to change their vote, but having said that, I do see a benefit of reaching out to understand why they voted the way they did and hopefully clarify some issue.

Which then sort of leads into the next question: Are people really reading the proposals before voting? If so, are they fully understanding what they are voting for? If they aren’t, how are they making their decisions? Vibes?


Large holders and delegates are definitely the most susceptible to spam from AIP authors. Either to help persuade, get their understanding, or even get them to vote especially if they don’t normally vote and could change the outcome.


I wouldn’t call it spam. Explaining why to vote is a natural thing to do.

Also shows you have grit. Without grit who can deliver?


I think the line between being spam and being pro-active/showing initiative can get blurry.

Don’t misunderstand, I definitely believe in being proactive and know that campaigning is important, but there is also a time for being respectful of ones voting decision.


All the time if we are connected, otherwise dms are turned off on X.



You mean like people wanting to be elected reaching out to people or groups and offering bribes? Yes this happens regularly I’m afraid.

Check my tweets, I wrote something regarding these types of behaviours.

I’ve come to the conclusion that people who play by anything other than what’s enforceable on chain (morals/ethics) are putting themselves at a disadvantage, as others will not adhere to those standards unfortunately.

It’s a pretty murky world when it comes to these kinds of topics I’m afraid.


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We have a new tempcheck out for this question:



I have never been, I always vote independently without needing anyone to persuade me.