How Can We Help - Office Hours with Moderators

ApeCoin Community,

We want to thank you for all you’ve done so far to help with DAO governance. We are all building in real-time how exactly this is going to work and we’re confident that thoughtful engagement between the community and the Foundation will help us all get to an amazing place.

Our goal is to provide as much support and guidance as possible and part of that means listening and improving. One thing we’ve heard from members of the community is that it would be beneficial if there were more accessible ways to directly engage with those who are running Discourse. We’d like to try something out to meet that desire and ramp up dialogue with the community by creating space for conversations with those actively engaged in DAO governance.

To that end, we’re launching a monthly “office hours” for a small number of community members to meet with a moderator/moderators. These video calls will be a forum for members of the community to ask questions and engage in discussions on AIPs, the governance process, and anything else that’s top of mind and important to the DAO.

We welcome feedback on how to make these as beneficial as possible, but for now we propose the following process for these meetings and the sign-up:

  • Timing: Meetings will last 45 minutes and take place on the first Wednesday of each month. The start time will alternate each month between 8.30am ET and 8.30pm ET to accommodate a wider range of time zones. The first such office hour will be on Wednesday, June 1st at 8.30am ET (followed by Wednesday, July 6th at 8.30pm ET and so on)
  • Sign-Up: In order to promote a transparent and fair process, sign-up will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. A sign-up post will be posted here on Discourse exactly 1 week before each office hour (the first will go up on Wednesday, May 25th at 8.30am ET). The first 5 community members to reply (the content of your message does not matter) will be invited. A moderator will confirm on the thread the 5 community members who will be joining.
  • Eligibility: We want these sessions to be in-depth and accessible to those regularly involved in DAO governance. In order to qualify, your account must have Trust Level 2 - Member. You can increase your account’s trust level by regularly visiting and engaging with Discourse. Read more about Discourse trust levels here.
    • Additionally, to ensure a maximum number of community members can participate, any account that is selected to participate in an office hour will be ineligible to participate in the following three office hours. If you are selected but do not show up, you will still be ineligible to participate in the following three office hours. Once three office hours have occurred you will then be eligible again to participate.

For now this is a test. Our hope is that this forum will be helpful and offer a meaningful space to discuss matters of importance to the DAO. Changes may be made to this system in order to better serve the community and we welcome feedback from all office hours participants and the wider community on ways the sessions can be made more useful.

Yours Apefully,
Brandon Caruana


This is a great announcement! Happy to hear it and thank you @bc !

For those that arent familiar with Cartan Group, they are the moderators of this discourse.
You can find links to their social media accounts here:

Cartan Group Official Twitter -
Co-Founder of Cartan Brandon C -

Having our moderators active on the forums and hosting “office hours” is a great thing. It’ll really help overall engagement and understanding of ApeCoin and the AIP processes. I’d additionally like to add a small piece of feedback, a suggestion to take questions on the signup posts each month.

  • Users ask questions on the form, moderators answer the important ones during meeting

I like the idea of only one appearance by community members per 3 meetings. A user can appear potentially four times per year on these meetings. A DAO member should strategize times for most impact.

Additionally, I’d like to ask a question: Should we as users record these meetings or will Cartan keep record?


thx @0xSword. Good question, we can record the conversation and post back to discourse

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Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this! One request is if he could have these office hour sessions more frequently than once a month? Weekly or Bi-Weekly perhaps?

A lot happens in this space in a month’s time, even a week’s time.


@RedVulkan we definitely can, we wanted to test the waters first and see how much appetite there was for this initiative. If this is very popular we will definitely increase the frequency and dedicate more time to Office Hours.


Great news. Thanks for the quick response. Think these office hours will be a great addition.


this is amazing. Love this!


Great step forward. Although it is understandable that these meetings are limited to a few members each session due to time and compacity constraints, it is imperative that it is still open to all members of the DAO to listen in on while it’s happening. I’m hoping this will be an option.

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@morphix we completely agree, our initial session will be recorded and we will make the recording available for everyone via a post on discourse. We are also committed to scaling this up, we view this initial session as a learning opportunity and will adapt based on feedback and community interest.

We can do office hours more frequently so everyone has an opportunity to participate, in the future we can even try to do more of a “fireside chat”.


A livestream would be preferable :pray:

Glad to see this idea coming to fruition. I think this has potential to really boost the community engagement within the DAO.

If these begin to gain some steam, I would have one suggestion.

I would suggest allowing and encouraging other members to suggest and discuss questions or topics the week prior to the event.
Either in the thread declaring the 5 members or a new dedicated thread.

This will allow members who may have missed the 5 member cut, but have a question they would like answered that week.

Also can help the community understand what may be discussed as well as a chance to better prepare answers

Looking forward to these!



This is a great idea! One suggestion is to make this bi-monthly with one timing that is friendly for NA/Europe and another timing that is friendly for APAC. I think this will encourage diversity and participation by making these calls more accessible for Apes from all locations


Hi All,

Please use this link to sign up for office hours by simply replying to the topic:

Is there an office hours on June 6th?

Will you record these meetings?

Hi all, I’m wondering where is a recap or the recording of the June meeting? And when will there be another meeting. Thanks

hi @ASEC , @GridZe

unfortunately no one requested to join the office hours so there was no meeting. I will post another Office Hours meeting in a week or so, please feel free to join.



Thanks for the reply. I guess we all assumed we wouldn’t be one of the two lucky people to be selected to join the call. But I definitely want to be on the call and contribute.

@GridZe if the demand exists, I would do the office hours as frequently as required. our sole goal with doing office hours is to provide support for community members that would like to get an AIP done. In short, everyone will be picked as quickly as possible – no person left behind!

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I would suggest to organise AMA sometimes, it’s easier to participate and create less time zone barriers. Also, not everyone want to participate in voice/video chats.

If the target only to support community members that would like to get an AIP done then a Q&A thread with updated OP can work even better.

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