IDEA💡 : Educational video content to help encourage people to use/join the DAO


I propose and easy to understand video tutorial series done by high level articulate people doing a screenshare to walk people through the Apecoin dao process.


I feel there is a knowledge gap between the ape community and the mechanics/true value of a DAO. Judging by the Amount of activity and general interest in the ape coin DAO compared to the massive user base, I feel we can do better. While I obviously don’t speak for everyone, I think the more we can educate people and show them how easy and rewarding having their voice heard can be, we can harness the power of one of the most enthusiastic communities in world. They sit in twitter and give their opinions all day, why not make those opinions have an even greater impact. Ape coin has a massive following. Sometimes people just need to be walked through the door to take action.


Ape coin is culture. Video content drives culture. The statistics and conversion rates of video content over text is not even comparable when it comes to educating a large group of people. If we are to be THE web3 coin that start with making community reach its full potential , not to mention the new people good educational video content could bring into the mix that can turn into potential APE holders.


We can start with a series of 10 3-5 min video segments distributed through our most active channels twitter/ discord although most people search youtube when they want to learn . Video tutorials are also very evergreen, the content can also be repurposed and cut into mini clips as well.

Steps to Implement

I think to start the series should consist of screenshare walkthroughs. For tutorials the video titles are key. As it progressing it could move into metaverse tutorials, how to avoid scams, discord walkthrough, how to trade ape. Where to get ape. The list is endless. Keep them simple, easy and informative.


  1. A sharp Content writer to deliver and brief the video with clear and simple educational objectives

  2. A charismatic and articulate video content creator that doesn’t have an irritating voice. (Could also be a well known YouTube influencer)

  3. Video editor to deliver finished assets in correct formats and make sure media standards are at a professional level. ( if the video creator


Asap. We could have the first 5 pieces of content ready in two weeks. I would be more than happy to help out as I have lots of experience.

Overall Cost


While it could be done cheaper I feel that a brand like apecoin should have the best tutorials in the industry. Not to mention awesome opening clip thats animated to keep them watching after clicking.


While I agree with your point overall about needing the proper guidance for apes to really take part in the DAO, creating tutorials doesn’t necessarily translate to participation.

DAO work is complicated and takes intellectual minds to have forethought and foresight to be able to keep the DAO structure intact even when things run ary, we haven’t even scratched the surface of this within the ApeDAO.

DAO participation is an attraction and unless truly intrigued by either participation or being part of the process there just isn’t as much interest. It’s not as glamorous and flipping NFTs all day or hanging in an alpha chat.

I’ve spent the past 3 days reading everything I can in this forum and this is a continuation after spending a day at a Meta meetup run by Coordinape and sitting through some discussions about some high level DAO architectures and issues they have run into. This all intrigued me causing me to push for more participation within our own DAO structure.

Sometimes I feel like this is working to our advantage, having the true believers in the forum and going through the nuts and bolts of everything but DAMN we have a long way to go!


We support this idea on the basis that enhanced educational content benefits us all; it reduces the likelihood of scams and phishing victims, it increases collective awareness on common causes, and sparks enhanced interest for the next generation of creatives and critical thinkers.

Pros of idea:

  • Enhanced collective education benefits the entire ecosystem. The more educated and informed members we have, the better the discussion, argument, and proposal-making process.
  • Content is easy to produce and effective in delivery - the sources should be readily digestible, like via YouTube and TikTok, as well as shorts for Twitter, Instagram and more.
  • This is a quick solution and can be put together rapidly and on an ongoing basis as needed.

Cons of idea:

  • The stated cost may be too much - indeed, there are probably educated and capable members within the DAO who would/could produce this content to a sufficiently high enough standard for free, or at least a significantly reduced cost.
  • While the content can be delivered quickly, it’s important to recognize that this isn’t a permanent product - a series of videos can be produced, but eventually the topics will run out, and the series will be shelved, still viewable but with information that could, one day, prove outdated. This isn’t so much of a con/ negative as much as it is a reality for any digital content.
  • The Bored Ape reach is global, and as such, content of this caliber would need to be globally-facing. While most content is already in English, if we want more educated members, we must be mindful that such deep-diving topics and DAO process/voting must be delivered in an understandable manner - will videos need translation? At what cost to monetary values and speed? Do videos need to be re-recorded in other languages? Likewise, what cost and how much additional time will this take?
  • Brand identity is paramount - where possible, content should be ‘in-house’ or via thoroughly vetted means. While an organization or individual may be able to produce this content rapidly, are they of good enough standing to visually represent the DAO/ ecosystem for these videos? We need to ensure that anyone on camera or any content delivered is delivered by a respectable or neutral, non-controversial character.

All-in-all, we support this idea given it is executed with all due considerations made.


Yes. I agree getting people to join and participate in a dao is something they need to want to do, if we really want to be successful, we should make more effort to show people how to get started. As it stands now it’s being very underutilized. The entire point of a dao is to create inclusion and community participation of the holders on said token. This could be a great start.


Maybe we can explore the potential for a community Bounty Board where users can get rewarded for creating high quality educational content for Apecoin DAO. What do you guys think? This way we aren’t approving an arbitrary $50k amount and instead allowing content to be submitted for review on a case by case basis.


Honestly I feel like you are onto something here @Amplify. A job board of such with a nominal fee to the whomever completes the job in $APE of course… a board to approve jobs proposed would be sufficient. (i.e. educational content) If we can make a movement of this people who join and help and that is ultimately what we want anyways.


I appreciate everyone’s feedback :slight_smile:

My idea was to get someone that was very experienced at tutorials. The quality of tutorials makes a huge difference. The 50k price tag really is not set i was just referencing and all in package for a complete tutorial set and top quality production plus a custom animated Opening scene - copywriter - and possibly a well known youtuber for exposure. I think we could get it done for cheaper but with a coin that is headed into the top 20 with a 4 billion dollar market cap I don’t think we need to pinch Pennie’s if the quality is top level.


Totally support.
The more people get into the coin and join dao the more valuable educational tutorials will become. We want to keep community engaged.

I would even add another angle to that. I think it would be good to do videos explaining different initiatives that have been put out for vote, elaborate on how each initiative can benefit the project and community, what are pros and cons, what’s the rationale behind, etc. so people can make informed and knowledgeable decisions when they vote.

Because knowledge gap goes far beyond dao.


I just really think it’s so important and the community would really appreciate it. We need to educate them on why and how they can their voices heard!


Do you worry that the promotional aspect of it will turn into a popularity contest rather than propelling the movement forward? I do agree with the promotional aspect of explaining and showing the AIP Idea to the masses so they can at least be a part of the decision making.

I’ve been talking to other high profile apes I know and asking them to get more involved in the forums but it really seems to be ground zero for those who want to build within the ecosystem. The quicker people understand this the more movement forward we will have.

Definitely a double edged sword at times.

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I can do Portuguese videos, i already build community on Brazil.


I think the benefit greatly outweighs the possible downside. I feel like the socials alone posting a tutorial showing people how to use the DAO and the benefits of the Dao will work wonders. If we strive for true consensus or as close as we can possibly get, we should set the example of how to use the dao through education.


Education is the key to success in any endeavor especially in a new emerging culture phenomena such as the BAYC project. The dangers of mindless proposals or the ignorance to engage can literally shift a blue chip icon into a meme like tragedy. When people understand the power they hold as well as the frontier they stand on they can better assist and guide the success of the project. The only reason most are here is due to knowledge but for some the lack of can spell disaster. I 100%% stand for this proposal and know its something that can enrich and expand the community. Lets educate the masses and pass this proposal.


Completely agree. we shouldn’t waste DAO funds on tutorials that won’t be watched by the people who need them most when a tutorial about basic concepts can literally be made for free by DAO members who want to do this on their own.

A marketplace build by Yuga for BAYC assets would do much more to prevent hacks than opt-in videos and would bring tangible benefits to the community unlike a tutorial series.

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If a tiny amount of money to educate the masses is a problem and you think it’s a waste I don’t know what to tell you. People will follow official tutorials ten fold more random guy in his moms basement. and if it’s so easy why do we have such a low participation rate in this dao?

let’s say not to education because it’s useless and expensive. The dao is underperforming compared to the massive community it has. People consume video content. Facts


I have to agree with KOKO on this one. Ive literally learned everything I know in the space from tutorials initially. The fact of the matter is none of us would be her without knowledge and education. Theres levels to this game and the DOA is a completely new concept for the most part. This is a community and we are only as strong as our weakest link. By no means is education a waste of money and the better the content is executed the bigger impact it will have on the general public.


We have to be held to a high standard. How many no names make useless content that no one watches? We are an elite brand lets act like it.

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Elite brands don’t spend money frivolously on content that is just as valid regardless of who creates it. There is a wealth of information about DAOs out there already.

As mentioned already, most people who actually need to watch these tutorials likely won’t regardless of who makes it. DAO participation will never be majority popular considering a significant portion of holders are only speculating on gains and don’t care about the underlying DAO the governance token is for. Even the interview with Yuga’s CEO only has 28k views and is not about a dry topic like governance.

If you want to make tutorials by all means go for it. I simply don’t think treasury funds should be used for this, especially with no language in the proposal to send all unused funds back to the ecosystem fund, with no mention of transparency reports on how money would be spent, and with no proof of ‘experience’ (“I would be more than happy to help out as I have lots of experience.”)

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Glad to see you so passionately against my proposal immediately after you didn’t like my feedback i gave on the other proposal and flagging it for no reason.

I never said i would want to do the video. i said i could help out as a passing statement. If you read the proposal correctly you will see i suggested the quality articulate professionals. Also 28k views is 10x more than every thread in this forum. And almost 10% of the total followers on apecoin twitter. So you just just proved me right from a numbers perspective. Easy to digest tutorials will garner much more views.


Have you considered I simply don’t like your proposal? It’s not a big deal, this is a DAO, we are adults voting for the benefit of all users. Please don’t interpret my disagreement as a personal attack, that is explicitly what a DAO does not need to be efficient and effective.

If this gets official language and proposed I’ll make a determination on my vote at that time. There is no need for assumptions or rude language like “If you read the proposal correctly you will see i suggested the quality articulate professionals” in conversations like this

That’s not how proof works. If only 28k people viewed an interview with the CEO that has been out for months, dramatically less will likely be interested in viewing tutorial videos on effective governance.

By all means I hope your proposal gets to the voting stage as it seems there are some people interested in this idea. I, and everyone else here, is free to voice their opinion and should be able to do so without personal attacks or attitude.

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