Implementation Update | AIP-102: Add Proposal Overview

AIP Name: AIP-102: Add Proposal Overview

Implementation Status: Pending

Author: @Vulkan

Abstract Summary: Each Tuesday, the official ApeCoin Twitter account sends out some really great stats in threads like this one that show a high-level overview of where the group of active proposals stand. The end of the thread also contains a useful chart like the one below.

This helps me (and I’m guessing many others) visualize where proposals are at in the process, but I would like to take it a step further to add even more detail to this useful table.

I am proposing/requesting the Cartan team add the following:

  1. Add the table in the screenshot above to this Discourse forum home page
  2. Include a way to click on each of the numbers in the screenshot above and have it display a pop-up containing links to all the proposals in the category clicked on (ex. If I click on the “5” in the “Moderator Review” column, I want to see which five proposals are in that status).

Overall Cost: There is no cost associated with this AIP.

Timeline Updates:

Interview Q&A:

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