Implementation Update | AIP-105: ApeCoin Drops in the Real World

AIP Name: AIP-105: ApeCoin Drops in the Real World

Implementation Status: Complete

Author: @Dropverse

Abstract Summary: This proposal aims to bring ApeCoin to thousands of new holders and encourage community engagement with an interactive, gamified experience based on exploring the real world.

Dropverse is a platform for geolocation-based NFT drops. We’re building Pokémon Go for NFTs. We drop digital collectibles - including mint passes, NFT redeemables, tokens, and more in both fixed physical locations and also spawned automatically around users’ geolocations. The platform serves as a medium for providing easy, fun, and interactive access to digital assets and exposure to Web3 to casual smartphone users.

As BAYC members and ApeCoin holders ourselves, we have invested a lot of time and effort into growing the ecosystem. We have already used our funds to give out over 1,500 $APE in our beta and are requesting 500 more a month so we can continue growing the $APE holder base and incentivize engagement within the ApeCoin community. 100% of all ApeCoin granted will be distributed to users through our platform.

We hope to use this initial grant to prove that we can add value to the ApeCoin community and test how we can be most effective. If successful, we plan to submit an additional grant proposal that will allow us to scale these benefits.

Overall Cost: 6,000 ApeCoin

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