Implementation Update | AIP-300: Create Custom “Beta Tester” Forum Badge

AIP Name: AIP-300: Create Custom “Beta Tester” Forum Badge

Implementation Status: Complete

Implementation Date: 2023-09-19T07:00:00Z

Author: @Hangout

Abstract Summary: Embracing the values of the DAO, Hangout and Vulkan have taken the initiative to establish a Beta Testing Group, offering invaluable feedback on projects free of charge. Open to all who wish to participate, from users to project contributors, the group has already successfully completed its initial version. Now, it is time to elevate the program by introducing policies, procedures, and structure. To achieve this, this proposal suggests creating a custom “Beta Tester” badge on the Forum, symbolizing legitimacy and fostering a sense of belonging and accomplishment for its members.

Future plans encompass expanding the program’s scope, reaching beyond the DAO, and providing user feedback to external projects. Additionally, the group aims to act as a bridge between communities, encouraging interaction and coordination, resulting in enhanced opportunities for collaboration.

Overall Cost: $0

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Timeline Updates: This proposal was finally Implemented on 2023-09-19T07:00:00Z with the proper Beta Tester designations having been established on the forum and the Author’s having confirmed their expectations for project management with the Community Discourse Facilitator Team.

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