Implementation Update | AIP-311: Allow for ApeCoin staked in ParaSpace protocol to be counted for voting power

AIP Name: AIP-311: Allow for ApeCoin staked in ParaSpace protocol to be counted for voting power

Implementation Status: Complete

Author: @BoredApeG

Abstract Summary: The current voting system does not allow ApeCoin staked in protocols, other than , to be considered in voting power calculations for ApeCoin DAO governance.

This AIP allows for ParaSpace to request Ape Foundation’s assistance in implementing ApeCoin staked for its individual users to count as voting power in ApeCoin DAO governance activities.

ParaSpace is a cross-margin lending protocol for full collateralized loans with bundled collateral. In just five months, ParaSpace has achieved impressive results, with up to TVL of $220 million, a leader in the market. We have over 2400 NFTs supplied, over 7,000 users, and $8.3 million in Ape staking. ParaSpace aims to become the world’s leading universal lending protocol, not only in the NFTFi area but also in financial derivatives and real-world assets. Our vision is to allow users to borrow anything against everything. ParaSpace has many advantages, including auto-compounding, auto-repay to save gas, and maximizing staking rewards. We also offer a variety of pool choices, such as p2pool and p2peer. We provide BNPL services, allowing users to buy blue-chip NFTs and enjoy benefits with 0% down payment and immediate profit generation for Staking. ParaSpace also offers special features such as Rare Trait Boost loan limits. Recently, we have launched Instant Unstake Eth, allowing users to withdraw assets immediately without waiting 7-14 days.

Overall Cost: 0 ApeCoin

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Reconstruction: This AIP is a reconstruction of AIP-229 to be submitted separately by each protocol.

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