Implementation Update | AIP-354: ApeCoinDAO AIP Ambassador & Mentorship Program

AIP Name: AIP-354: ApeCoinDAO AIP Ambassador & Mentorship Program

Implementation Status: Pending

Author: @AllCityBAYC

Abstract Summary: The purpose of this proposal is to outline the framework for a voluntary, no-cost three-month pilot program aimed at pairing successful AIP authors with first-time (AIP) applicants to foster increased participation and enhance the overall quality of proposals submitted for voting.

AllCityBAYC will oversee the initiative independently, separate from the Governance Working Group, with the intention of presenting a proof-of-concept to the ApeCoinDAO community for further development once completed.

Overall Cost: 0 ApeCoin

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AIP-354 Community Implementation Update:

On November 29th 2023, AIP-354: ApeCoinDAO AIP Ambassador & Mentorship Program was approved by a DAO-wide vote.

In early December, discussions focused on Web3 education began between ALL CITY and members of Open Campus. Soon thereafter, talks to collaborate on the delivery of AIP-354 started, which then became the base layer for an initiative that was recently passed in the AIP-408: Q2/Q3 2024 Governance Working Group Budget called APE_U, an all-encompassing year-long program which begins with the construction of a comprehensive mentorship framework and the training of up to 10 mentors, which is now in its early stages of operation.

You can view excerpts from AIP-408 that relate to APE_U below, and when you click the hotlink in the final line of the quoted text, view the language used on the APE_U Program Specifications document drawing attention to AIP-354.

The relevant messaging has also been copy/pasted below the quote.

:ape_u: :ape_u:

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of GOVERNANCE

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of GOVERNANCE

AIP Mentorship (building off of AIP-354, the ApeCoinDAO Ambassador & Mentorship

1. AIP Mentorship Framework
a. Establish a comprehensive mentorship framework within the ApeCoinDAO

2. AIP Mentorship Training
a. Identification and training of a core pool of 10 AIP mentors across different
skillsets and specialisations to upskill on mentoring skills

3. AIP Authors Fellowship
a. 5-week cohorts of 8-15 AIP authors with peer-to-peer review groups and
networking with successful AIP authors to foster a community of practice

4. AIP Resource Bank
a. An on-demand database of resources for AIP authors, including templates,
best practices, and self-diagnoses questionnaires
Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of GOVERNANCE