Implementation Update | AIP-390: ApeCast - An app that supercharges your listening (Resubmission)

AIP Name: AIP-390: ApeCast - An app that supercharges your listening experience for all things ApeCoin (Resubmission)

Implementation Status: Pending

Implementation Date: N/A

Author: @leyota

Abstract Summary: ApeCast, your app with and audio library full of curated X Spaces and ApeCoin-related recordings! Save time by searching for keywords and listening to specific segments. Read summaries of the audio in the language of your choice for quick overviews. This app will help you catch up on spaces, while not having to listen to the whole thing which can sometimes be 3+ hours!

ApeCast will be released for both iOS and Android.

Overall Cost: 50,000 ApeCoin

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Timeline Updates:
03/12/24 : We are kicking things off officially this week! I’m working with the foundation to get the initial funds released. Other things that are also being worked on:

  • Mapping out UX flows and sending them to the designer
  • Researching the feasibility of using certain libraries

03/28/24 : I have updates on three fronts, We have the initial versions of the designs done. We are going back and forth ironing out some of the UI interactions in more detail. Some sneak peaks attached :slight_smile:

We have started work on the backend part. We will give creators/hosts a backend system so they can manage their own content/feed. This will include the ability to add/edit episodes and edit the transcriptions.

On the app side of things we decided to experiment/tackle the transcription part first. It’s actually a lot more challenging than we initially thought to have a live transcription running (with the currently playing sentence highlighted) for long form content. Since the transcription is pages long, in our tests, most android phones will have trouble showing things smoothly. We are trying to figure out a way to do this in a way that’s not very compute intensive for the phone. A bit of R&D involved, but that’s exactly why we wanted to tackle this problem first.

This week and next week, we will be doing the foundational work to build the app and backend system. We are using the “measure twice cut once” approach since we know the requirements ahead of time.

04/14/24 : The backend system is being built without too many issues. To show our thanks to the community we decided to add one more feature to the the feature list; include external crypto podcasts as well. This involves building out a pipeline to process external feeds as well and will provide the same transcription layer on top of these podcasts. The goal here is to have one app for all your web3 listening needs. We won’t be adding too many podcasts in the beginning to keep costs manageable but depending on depending on demand we might increase this. Our focus still remains making twitter spaces more accessible.

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