Implementation Update | AIP-414: ApeCoin DAO at NFC Lisbon

AIP Name: AIP-414: ApeCoin DAO at NFC Lisbon

Implementation Status: Pending

Implementation Date: N/A

Author: @AllCityBAYC

Abstract Summary:

This proposal aims to establish a dominant presence for ApeCoin and ApeCoin DAO at the Non Fungible Conference (NFC) in Portugal, scheduled for May 28-29th, along with the wrap-up event on May 30th.

Planning involves securing a 20m² furnished networking lounge situated in a premium area of the conference. This lounge will include an interactive play-zone featuring stand-up arcade games designed to capture conference-attendee interest and generate opportunities to segue into ApeChain talks. The booth will also feature a large digital monitor playing ApeCoin-focused content, and a branded wall.

The conference’s primary WiFi network accessible for guests and other sponsors will be named ApeCoin. Attendee wristbands and staff t-shirts will display ApeCoin branding, and ApeCoin will be featured on various banners and screens during Agoria’s final set of the opening night party, held at the event venue.

Two on-stage panels are being organized each with up to four speakers and a moderator. One discussion will focus on ApeChain, prioritizing members of the Special Council, Horizen Labs, and Layer Zero, while the other will cover ApeCoin DAO Working Groups.

ApeCoin will be announced as co-organizers alongside The Sandbox for the May 30th boat and beach wrap-up parties. The beach event will also serve as a pre-party for the Moga Music Festival expected to draw between 10-12,000 jet-setters.

We will receive forty general access event tickets, access for forty general access allowlist spots, forty special-access boat tickets, and entry for up to forty people in the special-access area of the wrap-up event. Tickets will be distributed to community members in-person, and we will incentivize new Discourse signups with small amounts of APE.

The proposal also seeks approval to use the ApeCoin logo, and Powered by ApeCoin trademarks to be used for conference and wrap-up event marketing and physical conference-related branding. Provisions for promotional items include, but are not limited to, t-shirts, stickers, and educational materials have also been made. Any inventory produced under this allowance will be exclusive to conference attendees, on-stage panelists, and booth operators [not for sale].

Other conference features include a gaming startup competition with panelists Sebastien Borget (CEO Sandbox) and Robby Young (CEO Animoca Brands) helping judge, an AI Film and Fashion Festival, and a first-of-its-kind “Memecon” presented by OSF Rekt.

NFC speakers include Claire Silver, Punk6529, Deekay Motion, and John Knopf.

Overall Cost: $155,000.00 USD denominated in APE

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