Implementation Update | AIP-433: APE EXPRESS - Next Gen degen tools for building instantly on ApeChain

AIP Name: AIP-433: APE EXPRESS - Next Gen degen tools for building instantly on ApeChain

Implementation Status: Pending

Implementation Date: N/A

Author: @Koko

Abstract Summary:

Ape Express aims to launch the ultimate toolkit for a thriving memecoin ecosystem on ApeChain, empowering users with the tools they need to create, customize and deploy tokens on ApeChain.

With Ape Express no technical skills are needed for safe, unruggable launches. Configure and deploy your token with multiple features in seconds.

Streamlined liquidity management: borrow, deploy, and lock liquidity effortlessly. Developers can deploy an LP using borrowed capital, and launch a coin with a starting market cap of $15K while spending only $300 out of pocket. Liquidity loans can be automatically repaid from token taxes, liquidity, or manual payment.

In one place users can create their brand identity, deploy tokens, manage liquidity, build and engage their community. (Think on ApeChain, but way better and less trash. For instance, on tokens start with 1K MC, and never have a chance to reach a DEX. With our system, every launch makes it to the DEX of choice and encourages a free open market on ApeChain.)

Token creators will have an option and be encouraged to airdrop portion of their supply to the holders of the blue chip collections of Yuga ecosystem. BAYC/MAYC/BAKC, CryptoPunks, Kodas, Moonbirds and Mocaverse holders.

This will bring benefit to the holders of these collections and, at the same time, give the upcoming projects an opportunity to reach the high quality user bases that are the lifeblood of these collections.

All of these processes are streamlined in the dapp so that anyone can do it with a few clicks of a button.

This project aims to expand the ApeCoin ecosystem, increase token velocity, TVL and offer new opportunities for the builders in the ApeChain ecosystem.

None of the funds requested in this proposal will be spent on development or team salary. This proposal aims to bootstrap platform liquidity and the Ape Express marketing budget.

Overall Cost: 750,000 APE

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