AIP-433: APE EXPRESS - Next Gen degen tools for building instantly on ApeChain


APE EXPRESS - Next Gen degen tools for building instantly on ApeChain


KOKO - CEO of Ape Express
Background: Founder of Crypto is Fun (SAF), ApeIT Bot, EasyX.


Romantik - CTO of Ape Express

Background: Co-Founder of Crypto is Fun, ApeIT Bot.


Pinky - CMO of Ape Express

Background: Co-Founder of SqarQuest, Crypto is Fun, ApeIT Bot,


Jumanji Jones - COO of Ape Express

Background: Co-Founder of Crypto is Fun, ApeIT Bot, SqarQuest.


Buddy Guy - BD and Advisory

Background: Business Development Executive HLW Group, Partner for Three M Capital (


We’re all apes!

There is no better team than us to push the memecoin energy on ApeChain! We are down in the trenches with the degens. We have been early adopters of some of the biggest memecoins in crypto.


Ape Express aims to launch the ultimate toolkit for a thriving memecoin ecosystem on ApeChain, empowering users with the tools they need to create, customize and deploy tokens on ApeChain.

With Ape Express no technical skills are needed for safe, unruggable launches. Configure and deploy your token with multiple features in seconds.

Streamlined liquidity management: borrow, deploy, and lock liquidity effortlessly. Developers can deploy an LP using borrowed capital, and launch a coin with a starting market cap of $15K while spending only $300 out of pocket. Liquidity loans can be automatically repaid from token taxes, liquidity, or manual payment.

In one place users can create their brand identity, deploy tokens, manage liquidity, build and engage their community. (Think on ApeChain, but way better and less trash. For instance, on tokens start with 1K MC, and never have a chance to reach a DEX. With our system, every launch makes it to the DEX of choice and encourages a free open market on ApeChain.)

Token creators will have an option and be encouraged to airdrop portion of their supply to the holders of the blue chip collections of Yuga ecosystem. BAYC/MAYC/BAKC, CryptoPunks, Kodas, Moonbirds and Mocaverse holders.

This will bring benefit to the holders of these collections and, at the same time, give the upcoming projects an opportunity to reach the high quality user bases that are the lifeblood of these collections.

All of these processes are streamlined in the dapp so that anyone can do it with a few clicks of a button.

This project aims to expand the ApeCoin ecosystem, increase token velocity, TVL and offer new opportunities for the builders in the ApeChain ecosystem.

None of the funds requested in this proposal will be spent on development or team salary. This proposal aims to bootstrap platform liquidity and the Ape Express marketing budget.


  1. Ape Express will give 10% of all gross revenue from platform fees back to the Apecoin DAO’s treasury.
  2. Onboarding memecoin degens from other chains and converting this liquidity into $APE.
  3. Boosting APE liquidity pairs: Ape Express encourages users to pair their tokens with $APE by automatically converting ETH, USDT, and other assets used on the platform into $APE. By locking APE in LPs we contribute to the overall TVL of the ApeChain.
  4. Amplifying on-chain activity: by facilitating fast and easy token creation and trading of memecoins, we drive overall transactions volume. Memecoin trading volume on Solana accounts for $1.2B daily, and over $120M in volume on Base chain. We drive transaction volume to the ApeChain native DEX.
  5. Enhancing APE token velocity: gas fees, liquidity loans, and buybacks will all utilize $APE.
  6. Backed by The Crypto is a Fun marketing engine. The apes you see above are some of the most prolific memecoin degens in web3. We have our fingers on the pulse of the space and can push our audience over to ApeChain. We run the #1 daily memecoin spaces on CT best believe we will promote ApeChain and Ape Express to the masses.
  7. With our novel liquidity loan system we will attract aspiring devs because of the low barrier to entry. They don’t need initial liquidity - they just need a dream and that dog in em


  1. Token creation
  2. Liquidity loans (initial LP)
  3. Option to airdrop portion of supply to BAYC/MAYC or other Yuga NFTs.
  4. Telegram trading bot - web-facing interface
  5. Liquidity lockers
  6. Airdrop multi sender
  7. Stake APE to earn platform-generated revenue
  8. Competitive leaderboard for hot pairs and contest
  9. Degen Analytic bots
  10. AI Website & brand builder


  • Smart contracts for deploying tokens
  • Smart contracts for lending liquidity & liquidity locker built-in
  • Smart contracts and mechanisms for clawing back lent out liquidity

We have created our own set of contracts which interact with each other, giving as much fluidity and flexibility to the system as possible. Users simply pay for token minting, which is dependent on how many features they are including in the token. This acts as initial revenue for the product to safeguard minor expenses with regard to the deploying costs(the user’s token and other related contracts per product deployed), and liquidity rounding errors from the lending activities.

There are several ways for users to repay the loans:

  • Direct payment: borrow 10,000 APE in liquidity, repay a direct 12,500 APE to receive ownership of LP tokens (albeit locked until the lock period is over)
  • Tax Tokens: borrow 10,000 APE in liquidity, and passively repay 12,500 APE as taxes are generated from the trading activity of the token. All taxes are diverted to repaying the loan until completed. The creator will then receive ownership of the LP, and release it to their creator’s address when the lock period is over.
  • Liquidity Threshold: borrow 10,000 APE in liquidity, and as the liquidity pool grows from net buying activity, a loan with interest is repaid via clawback. This means the user can select a 2x with a 25% interest to repay 12,500 APE when the liquidity pool contains at least 20,000 APE. This approach is generally regarded to be safest when a higher threshold is selected (as high as 5x is available). This process is an automated repayment method.

Another product is the liquidity locker. All created tokens are automatically opted into this feature with a minimum of 30 days, which begins when the loan is repaid in full. Tokens created outside the platform can also use this feature given they make a small payment in APE tokens. The lock period ranges from 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year.

Finally, Ape Express will be equipped with a mass sender contract and UI. This is for any creator wanting to do an airdrop or presale distribution manually.

Ape Express’ GTM strategy will include a referral/discount coupon program, initially to be issued by team members. In addition, APE stakers (10k tokens staked and up) will be able to generate their own referral and discount codes customizable up to 20% referral/discount mix.

An incentive program will also be put into action if approved for a grant. The tokens with the most activity, measured by volume and holders, will be awarded APE tokens every week for the token’s creator/treasury. These metrics are reset every week to further incentivize only currently active projects or new projects to receive such rewards.

Although we cant stop people from creating NSFW tickers on a permissionless blockchain we will have measures on our backend to hide any racist, hateful or pornographic material from our leaderboards. We can control what is represented on our platform and we will carefully monitor this to make sure we are in line with Apecoin guidelines


We are not really asking for funds to develop the platform as we already have been developing this on our own cost.

We are confident we can ship the product on day one of ApeChain mainnet.

The funds requested are for liquidity reserves on the platform and all to be used for user acquisition and marketing.

Heres the steps to implement and a projected timeline.

Q2 2024:

  • Educational Tutorials:
    • Begin rolling out video tutorials, blog posts, and step-by-step guides
  • Contests:
    • Organize monthly contests with themes and prizes including APE, merchandise, and NFTs
  • Giveaways:
    • Host weekly raffles and special event giveaways on SAF spaces
  • Video Content Creation:
    • Start producing promotional videos, user testimonials, and an educational series
  • KOL Activations:
    • Engage Key Opinion Leaders for promotions and endorsements
  • PR Activities:
    • Launch press releases, media partnerships, and conduct interviews to enhance brand image

Q3 2024:

  • Quests:
    • Introduce gamified quests to encourage user engagement with rewards
  • IRL Marketing:
    • Implement real-life marketing activities including event sponsorships, booths, and flyer distribution
  • Ads Online:
    • Run targeted online ads on explorers, scanners, Telegram bots, and other relevant platforms
  • Guerrilla Marketing:
    • Execute creative and unconventional marketing strategies to create buzz and awareness

Q4 2024:

  • All Ongoing Activities:

    • Continue contests, giveaways, quests, tutorials, video content creation, KOL activations, IRL marketing, ads online, guerrilla marketing, and PR activities.
  • Evaluation:

    • Evaluate the overall impact of all activities and adjust strategies as necessary.

This plan ensures a comprehensive approach to promoting Ape Express, engaging the target audience, and driving growth within the ApeChain

(Click here) Features ready on day one as follows:
  • Token creation
  • Liquidity loans (initial LP)
  • Option to airdrop portion of supply to BAYC/MAYC or other Yuga NFTs.
  • Airdrop multi sender
  • Competitive leaderboard for hot pairs and contest


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund = 750,000 APE.

Use of funds Breakdown:

  • 400K - Reserve for liquidity loans
  • 350K - Marketing and onboarding activity incentives for Ape Express and ApeChain
    • Contests
    • Giveaways (SAF spaces, raffles)
    • Quests
    • Create educational tutorials
    • Video content creation
    • IRL marketing
    • Ads online (explorers, scanners, tg bots etc)
    • KOL activations
    • Gorilla marketing
    • PR

1. Contests

  • Description: Organizing contests to engage users and increase participation on ApeChain
  • Budget Allocation: 30,000 APE
  • Timeline: Q2-Q4 2024
  • Details:
    • Monthly contests with varying themes.
    • Prizes to include APE , merchandise, and nft prizes

2. Giveaways (SAF spaces, raffles)

  • Description: Hosting giveaways and raffles to attract and retain users.
  • Budget Allocation: 35,000 APE
  • Timeline: daily and weekly throughout 2024
  • Details:
    • Weekly raffles and special event giveaways.
    • SAF spaces to include exclusive content and benefits.

3. Quests

  • Description: Creating quests that users can complete for rewards.
  • Budget Allocation: 30,000 APE
  • Timeline: Q3-Q4 2024
  • Details:
    • Gamified experiences to encourage user engagement.
    • Rewards to include tokens and unique NFTs.

4. Create Educational Tutorials

  • Description: Developing tutorials to educate users about ApeChain and Ape Express
  • Budget Allocation: 20,000 APE
  • Timeline: Q2-Q4 2024
  • Details:
    • Video tutorials, blog posts, and step-by-step guides.
    • Focus on onboarding and ecosystem navigation.

5. Video Content Creation

  • Description: Producing high-quality video content to promote ApeChain and Ape Express
  • Budget Allocation: 25,000 APE
  • Timeline: Q2-Q4 2024
  • Details:
    • Promotional videos, user testimonials, and educational series.
    • Regular content updates and new releases.

6. IRL Marketing

  • Description: Real-life marketing activities to build brand presence.
  • Budget Allocation: 50,000 APE
  • Timeline: Q2-Q4 2024
  • Details:
    • Sponsoring events, setting up booths, and distributing flyers and merch encouraging builders to deploy on ApeChain
    • Collaborations with other projects with synergies and influencers.

7. Ads Online (explorers, scanners, tg bots, etc.)

  • Description: Running online ads on various platforms.
  • Budget Allocation: 60,000 APE
  • Timeline: Q2-Q4 2024
  • Details:
    • Targeted ads on explorers, scanners, Telegram bots, and other relevant platforms.
    • Performance tracking and optimization.

8. KOL Activations

  • Description: Engaging Key Opinion Leaders to promote ApeChain.
  • Budget Allocation: 55,000 APE
  • Timeline: Q2-Q4 2024
  • Details:
    • Collaborations with industry influencers.
    • Sponsored content and endorsements.

9. Gorilla Marketing

  • Description: Creative and unconventional marketing strategies.
  • Budget Allocation: 20,000 APE
  • Timeline: Q3-Q4 2024
  • Details:
    • Viral marketing stunts, Shillers, callers and growth hacking methods
    • Focus on creating buzz and awareness and fomo

10. PR

  • Description: Public relations activities to enhance brand image.
  • Budget Allocation: 25,000 APE
  • Timeline: Q2-Q4 2024
  • Details:
    • Press releases, media partnerships, and interviews.
    • Crisis management and reputation building.

Projected Timeline

  • Q2 2024: Launch educational tutorials, contests, and KOL activations.
  • Q3 2024: Roll out quests, IRL marketing, and gorilla marketing.
  • Q4 2024: Continue all ongoing activities and evaluate overall impact.

This plan outlines a comprehensive approach to utilizing the 350,000 APE marketing budget effectively across various channels and activities, ensuring a steady growth and engagement within ApeChain ecosystem throughout the year.


The Ape Express team will provide quarterly reporting on the first month of each quarter. We will also provide a dune analytics dashboard in the future so dao members can track our on-chain revenue in real time


We believe Ape Express can be a key driver in creating a thriving memecoin ecosystem that can scale and amplify ApeChain from day one. We also have the resources to funnel users into the platform as we are KOLs and prominent figures in this sector of the industry.

We consider the first 3-6 months very crucial and user acquisition is the top priority. We want to capitalize on the timing of the market cycle and positive momentum of the bull run.





Let’s bring the fun back — and set it off on ApeChain. Also couldn’t think of a better team.

LFG :boom: :boom:



Thanks man. The goal is to take my meme coin / degen community and open their eyes to apechain and apecoin. This is something I’m very confident in doing. Appreciate the support!


Love the idea and seems low risk with how it’s structured.

How do we keep this effort from going the way of SOL memecoins or Runes? Those had short-lived hype cycles but didn’t result in longterm value back to the underlying coin (in this case $APE).

Would love ApeChain to run where others have walked.


Hey @VonFrontin appreciate the feedback and thanks for the great question :slight_smile:

In our opinion the meme coin cycle is just getting started. Blockchains like Solana can attribute a large portion of daily volume to their meme coin communities and the infrastructure surrounding them.

In our case the way that we will offer value back to apechain and the bayc ecosystem NFT holders is by allowing the project / dev to reserve a portion of supply for the blue chip NFT collections while they are creating their pairs. This creates a very strong symbiotic relationship between projects and the high quality user base we possess as apes. Also the tokens generated will use $ape as the base pair this in turn funnels liquidity from other chains and turns it into $ape and helps with positive buy velocity and increases the overall token velocity and TVL on apechain.

Hope this help answer some of your questions.


i was fortunate enough to listen Koko in the recent twitter space, love the idea, definitely yes.!


Love this idea! You are a builder in the community KoJo, happy to support you


Appreciate it. Looks like you’ve thought through this. Good luck!


Thanks fam appreciate the support!

Thanks bro the goal is to get lots of action on apechain! If approved later I’m gonna do my best to push my entire community of degens to apechain

Appreciate you bro! I’ll be adding more features as we go I’ll keep you updated

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I really like this KOKO.
Would love to see this as a proposal for sure.


hey koko, ngl i was thinking to build this aswell since i have been spending alot of time on lately so lovely that someone would be building this on apechain. wishing u success for this proposal.


Hey @penguinpecker thanks so much for the kind words. Would love you feedback as we go. feel free to dm or reach out if you have any suggestions or ideas!

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Yup, make it happen.

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I love the fact you put Apechain in consideration.
This is epic for our community. Big ups mate!

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Love this! Very supportive :mechanical_arm: :apecoin:

One question, a topic on my mind from a personal perspective which I think applies to others as well…

What’s the correct legal structure for having fun with launching these memecoins? I’ve never been super clear on this. Ppl launching memecoins all over the place, but then others getting in trouble down the road…

Maybe wrong place for this question, but I think it’s an important topic so I’m curious how you would direct ppl with that topic on their mind :pray:


That’s a great question! The crypto industry is built on token launches and evm chains are comprised of thousands of different erc-20 tokens . While I focused on the memecoin aspect in my proposal I would like to note that ape express is built for anyone to deploy safe “fair launch” tokens. Meaning there is no private sale or presale. Market participants can do as they choose at their own discretion. We simply provide a platform and the toolset to enable them. The creator needs to abide by their local jurisdictions laws. From the ape express side we will have the necessary disclaimers and disclosures as well as our own legal counsel to make sure we are compliant.


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@Koko has completed editing their AIP Idea to be their AIP Draft.

This proposal has been assigned the AIP ID Number 433.

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments.

Kind Regards,



Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

Our team has reviewed and discussed @Koko’s AIP Draft and have sent a list of initial questions. We await answers.

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments.

Kind Regards,