Implementation Update | AIP-434: [Resubmission] Other Page: A Player Network & Rewards Hub for ApeChain

AIP Name: AIP-434: [Resubmission] Other Page: A Player Network & Rewards Hub for ApeChain

Implementation Status: Pending

Implementation Date: N/A

Author: @MIKER

Abstract Summary:

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The Open Metaverse unlocks the ability for gamers to move from one experience to another and take their data with them. This enables much deserved freedom for gamers but creates new challenges for platforms to engage and retain them.

In this decentralized world, Other Page is a Player Network and Rewards Platform centered around the one place gamers always return: Their Avatars.

Other Page consists of 3 primary components:

  1. Avatar system - Create your avatar profile page. Avatar profiles enable one-click connect to any integrated experience or application and enable you to own and flex your legacy across the Open Metaverse. Other Page currently supports 16 different PFP collections as avatars and an additional 40 different NFT collections with more on the way.

  2. Community system - Community relationship management (CRM) dashboard that enables projects/games and their sub-communities to manage their members & increase engagement.

  3. Rewards system - A decentralized and permissionless system enabling projects, games, and communities to reward their members with tokens and NFTs (enabled by AIP-326).

Benefits for ApeCoin & ApeChain

  1. Promotes the usage of ApeCoin by helping players discover and transact with the various experiences built on ApeChain, thus generating additional transaction fees for ApeChain & revenue for the ApeCoin DAO.

  2. Facilitate ApeChain user onboarding - Currently we have around half of the active gaming ecosystem within the Yugaverse using our platform. Other Page reduces friction for ApeChain user onboarding by giving users a 1-click connect to all integrated ApeChain experiences and removes the need to bridge ApeCoin or their assets to ApeChain.

Benefits for Users of Other Page

  1. New profiles receive free ApeChain $APE to reduce friction of the first bridge to ApeChain.

  2. Earn rewards ($APE, NFTs, badges) for participating in project activations.

  3. Preserve legacy across ecosystems through on-chain badges.

  4. Makes flexing avatars (2D/3D), achievements, & in-game items across all experiences easily shareable.

  5. Enables utility discovery across all owned digital assets as well as the entire ApeChain ecosystem.

Benefits for Gaming & Community Companies

  1. Provides tooling to acquire & reward community members. With opportunities to work with supported rewards providers to offer varying reward types including $APE, MBA products, APES+, on-chain badges, points, and more.

  2. Avatar profiles and community involvement fosters emotional connection to assets and experiences, improving user engagement, retention, & monetization.

  3. The platform’s token gated and player-first experience means that all members are curated, and genuine. This enables projects to target high-value and loyal customers and mitigates sybil attacks.

Case Studies

Case Study - 10KTF Grailed

In one of our initial pilots, a badge system for 10KTF (by Yuga Labs) resulted in $55,000 Otherdeeds purchases by Grailed avatar holders within 72 hours of the badge rollout. The campaign strengthened emotional ties and utility of the Grailed avatar collection through a simple Otherdeed / Grailed matching mechanic.

Case Study - Thank APE Badges

We’re working directly with Thank APE to add a rewards mechanic to earning badges. This adds an additional incentive layer to completing the tasks associated with a badge in return for additional $APE.

Case Study - Ambassador Program w/MBA Rewards

We rolled out a pilot program to empower our passionate users to become ambassadors for the platform, driving growth, engagement, and advocacy while contributing to the ongoing evolution and success of Other Page. Our 13 ambassadors that signed up helped us drive user growth, enhance awareness, and provide product feedback. To reward their efforts we sourced products from 7 different MBA brands, which were assembled into curated gift boxes and sent to ambassadors that qualified. We plan to integrate learnings from this program and MBA products into the Other Page reward system, more on this soon…

Case Study - [REDACTED] Game 1

The pilot project enables [redacted] to add ApeCoin to their game, create token-gated buffs based on connected Other Page player avatar profiles, and the ability to store and distribute ApeCoin rewards. Players will also earn badges based on aggregates of their seasonal rankings through the Other Page platform.

Partners & Integrations

Other Page is partnered with Magic Eden, Rarible, Thank APE, Apes+,, Otherside Wiki, and Zharta with many more on the way.

Magic Eden - a bi-directional link between Other Page & Magic Eden. On Magic Eden, users are able to dive deeper into the background of any wallet with outbound links to the wallet’s Other Page. From Other Page, users are able to discover NFTs and avatars for sale on Magic Eden.

Rarible - Other Page is working with Rarible to bring white labeled avatar profile experiences to our joint clients.

APES+ - Other Page is partnered with APES+ to recognize builders, reward collectors, unite communities, and bring greater awareness to opportunities for holders to get involved and earn rewards through whitelist access and token drops.

Faraway - easily add a link to your Other Page in your Faraway Storefront and have it be displayed on your public Faraway profile page.

Thank APE (scheduled) - an API integration that allows Thank APE to distribute rewards based on Other Page badges that you hold, and for Other Page to award badges for Thank APE achievements.

Improbable (in progress) - Other Page is in the process of integrating Improbable M^2 tooling to enable interactive models and avatars on profiles.

Sequence (pending) - Other Page is in the process of being integrated as an SSO (single sign-on) option in Sequence, enabling Other Page users to sign up for games & apps with a single click and bring their profiles with them.

Somnia Network (pending) - Other Page will act as one of the primary avatar viewers for Somnia-based Avatars and will be a compatible dApp in the Somnia Browser.

Overall Cost: Total Budget: $1.03M USD + 100k ApeCoin

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