Improve the $APE price

For a community like this, gaming is the only way forward to bring utility to the coin.

The issue I see is that other leading tokens give grants to gamedevs to build on their platform, use their tokens etc. Even so, those grants are minimal, and aren’t attracting mainstream devs. Aside from the Web3 risks associated with doing a game. Also, micro grants aren’t ever going to yield meaningful games because good games take a lot of time and cost millions to make. If the game sucks, the token will just continue to slide.

Look at the Yuga games. Do you think that they would ever be successful in Web2? Why would they be successful in Web3? The smaller Web3 audience is why. I mean, right now the entry price to play HV-MTL is about $1K. Think about that. How has that helped the coin value? And that’s a game made for cheap. Otherside isn’t a game - yet. If their target is correct, it won’t be for several more years. At least.

I have spent months reading this forum before joining. I have some ideas. However, coming from Web2 and being the n00b around here, I don’t want to ruffle any feathers by voicing them.

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