JasonJape - Special Council Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @JasonJape

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JasonJape

Country of Residence: Hong Kong

Educational Background:

Nasdaq Listed Company Director. Ticker: TROO
Cert-IV in Science, Engineering, Computing and Maths by University of Technology SYDNEY.

Professional Background and Relevant Experience:

Fintech, Financial solution is our core business in the Nasdaq company as a director.
Implementation of use of $APE as an experiment in various F&Bs and franchises including software and hardware.
NFTLAB magazine established and proven readerships
Relationships with Government, Public companies and private companies.
Reliable work team support for the executions of Apefest HK 2023 and Elite Moca cruise.

Nomination Statement:

“Imagination is Everything, Community First.” has always been my motto. As a proud BAYC owner, combining the journey and experience for the past two years. Would like to extend this to the web2 and web3 space, and let ApeCoin be the ultimate and shines.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

I believe in the Networking Effect. Seeing BAYC / MAYC taking lead and unites other web3 communities together, to spread the awareness and education of ApeCoin DAO.

Values & Commitment:

I have been involved with ApeCoin DAO since the airdrop of $APE and understanding the importance of delegation in which we once were the largest delegating group with over 800k $APE back in 2 years ago. I truly delicate my time and effort towards my working group and share all my necessary resources towards ApeCoin DAO.

Concluding Statement:

I believe I am a suitable candidate for the special council position due to my proven track record and passion in ApeCoin DAO. I have humbly played a role in spreading web3 culture through successful events like Apefest HK and the elite Moca cruise.

I am comfortable and willing to engage with both global institutions and local community members, demonstrating my ability to bridge different stakeholders. My genuine desire to create great experiences for the community, coupled with my efforts to spread ApeCoin awareness, are strengths I would bring to this position.

While I am proud of my global collaborations, I aim to serve the community with humility. I have the experience, connections, and passion to effectively represent myself as a special council member.

IMG_4248 2 - Jason Au


The compounding effect this creates is enormous, it means everything

Looking forward to meeting up in Lisbon and Hong Kong coming up to chat more, and wishing you all the best with your candidacy :heart: :gorilla:


@JasonOA brings a great mix of traditional experience combined with being active in many of the ApeCoin DAO delegate communities.

How do you see checking on the AIPs if elected compared to voting now in the Elite Apes Delegation?

Which area do you see as most important now for ApeCoin? How can you help that be achieved if on the ApeCoin Special Council?

Also, one more thing, when ApeCoin Dart Board? Cool to have some made before Apefest.


I strongly support Jason for the ApeCoin DAO Special Council. His extensive fintech experience, leadership in events like Apefest HK, and dedication to connecting global and local communities make him the ideal candidate to drive our vision and spread ApeCoin awareness.

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Jason have built one of the strongest / oldest APE community in Asia back in the early days of the bull market.

Proven leadership in his web2 work and very visible proof in his contributions during HK Apefest.

NFTLAB magazine was a great vehicle to intro NFT / Crypto / Apes to the masses !!

He got my support for sure , LFG !!!

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