L2 VS L1 VS Optimism Superchain & ETH update discussion plus other chains opportunities for Apecoiners!

I would like to start this thread that will be constantly updated upon the new development related to everything on-chain and its off-chain attachment .

This will help the developers and those who is implementing ApeCoin tokens to follow everything last in ETH MAINET developments and the layers attached to it.

Other chains can be mentioned if they use APECOIN.

No promos or mention of the platform that do not have ApeCoin implementations/inclusions build.

So lets dive in wher Apecoin already been in use and what developers go for and why:

ETH pgrade from ETHFOUNDATION just happened. New Update is a VERKEL tree update that will be harsh for some L2 layers (those that use EVM vs OVM) if they don’t do implementations asap - they mind just stop working.

Optimist went superchain, uses OVM, which is better then EVM due to less errors or possible overloads (never happened yet apparently ), minimum possibility of Sandwich attack and extremely fast transactions.

How fees are calculated for it: https://help.optimism.io/hc/en-us/articles/16711400204315-Managing-the-gas-fees-that-make-up-the-L2-execution-fee

More later)

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How to deploy your own chain on Arbitrum very easily: