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As written, the staking proposal allows access to each given liquidity pool by only having one ape/mutant/dog, etc. So the NFT acts as a key to the staking pool, but this ostensibly disincentivizes holding more than one BAYC/MAYC, etc. IMO it’s a mistake to disincentivize holding multiple apes. Otherwise, it seems likely that we’ll have many OG holders that will start liquidating the NFTs in favor of $APE. Unfortunately, I don’t believe many of us fully understood that prior to voting. If the AIPs pass as written, should we start considering an amendment?


There was a delay in submission of the post above before it was approved/posted to the forum. This is a known issue now and has been circulating on Twitter. Votes are changeable on Snapshot.


you are totally right about it.

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The problem that I see here, the ape/mutant/dogs holders already being airdropped a good chunk of ape coins. Further more, the AIP state that there will be level based staking pool. My understanding is that the different pools will have different APY%.

If BAYC/MAYC/BAKC generate ape coin and in addition they a different APY%. The issue that I see here is that NFTs holder will have the majority of votes and therefore I can assume that all decisions made by the dao will benefits holders vs the non-holders.


Here’s my fix for the proposals:

The staking proposal should benefit BAYC OG’s as well as it should benefit people new to the ecosystem that hold nothing other than Apecoins. There is certainly something in the middle between having BAYC whales enjoy all the perks and stripping them away of perks completely. I’m proposing something similar to the following:

  • Staking multiple BAYC NFTs grants a multiplier UP TO a certain amount. (Example: 1X multiplier for every BAYC owned up to 3. An owner of 10 BAYCs would have three 3X pools and one additional)
  • Staking multiple MAYC NFTs grants a multiplier up to 5X. This would create buy pressure on MAYCs.
  • Staking multiple BAKC NFTs grants a multiplier up to 8X. This would create buy pressure on BAKCs as well. An owner of 10BAKCs would receive an 8X multiplier with two additional left over earning on a normal rate.
  • Staking Apecoin can gain multipliers up to 10X. It would just be a matter of determining how many APECoins would be needed to reach each multiplier level (i.e. should 200 apecoins be 2X or 2,000Apecoins be 2X?)

Following a tiered multiplier framework like this incentivizes every level of holder: BAYC, MAYC, BAKC, AND Apeholders in a fair fashion. BAYC holders should NOT be penalized for being early adopters, but the we all know if you have several BAYCs you’re already “up” financially. Likewise BAKC holders get a bit of trolling and friendly mockery, but deploying a scheme that gives them increased APE multiplier incentives creates desirability for an otherwise “less than” NFT. Apecoiners that lack any of the NFTs will be granted the opportunity for the maximum multiplier should their ape coin holdings allow it.

I think we should start with this above mechanism as a base/general framework, and adjust numbers/percentages from there.


FYI. I do not own any yuga’s lab nfts. Not that I don’t wan’t too :stuck_out_tongue:

Owner of multiple BAYC/MAYC/BAKC have already being rewarded proportionally to their holding during the airdrop.

I do understand that holders want more money, I guess we all do. However, don’t forget that each APE coin holded also give one vote.
Therefore, having level multiplier gives an unfair advantages to the rich. It should be fair to all. I don’t mind the BAYC/MAYC/BAKC owner an higher APY to the coins that they stake. However, owning multiples NFT should give higher APY%.

Ape Coin mission shouldn’t be to keep buy pressure on any of the yuga’s lab nft. There is already the metaverse coming up, the ape fest and I would imagine that you have more things coming up too.


I think that Staking should involve ApeCoin only. If you sold all of your coins then you need to by more. If you are holding your coins then you can Stake with tiers of buy in. I am not as savvy as others here, but there are already incredible incentives and opportunities for NFT holders available. Holding and Staking coins either purchased or air-dropped should be rewarded here, simple and not convoluted.

I am sure may will disagree, but having read all the information on every post this seems to me the right choice at start up.


I wanted to put out there that I as a MAYC holder believe that we should definitely have the $APE staking pool be the largest of the four if we do indeed go that route. We want new money to come in, we want to incentivize new investors to buy the coin and stake it. Currently if AIP-5 were to pass there would be by far the most competition within the $APE staking pool and that seems inhibitive of growth.

There are many ways to make the system fairer, but it is necessary for the whales to support the vote because of the power they have. The tricky thing is that I don’t believe that the whales will vote for something that can diminish their power within the community, in this case, what to do?

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