Let's talk $APE tokenomics

I’ve seen lot of topics talking about Staking, how it was written… if it was clear enough and bla bla bla… but why is nothing tackling the tokenomics aspect of $APE :thinking: :thinking:

Do you know that staking is the only way to “freeze” circulating supply and eventually generate a supply crisis of $APE (number go up)?

Let’s talk about tokenomics and leave staking for a while…

Right now there are 168 million $APE in circulation (remember max cap of 1 billion)
150 million were allocated for BAYC/MAYC to claim, and according to this analysis Dune Analytics only 90% of apes have claimed as by today.

So of that 168M we have 135M claimed by apes+10M in hands of launch contributors (as stated by apecoin.com vesting schedule)

That brings us to 145M , what are or who is holding the 23M left ?


this is an interesting point :face_with_monocle:


Which seems nobody cares lol


What makes you think the 168 million in circulation is accurate? I have seen a lot of different circulation numbers. The one thing I have noticed is a bunch of wallets have 5 million in them (like 20 or so). I think this is the DAO’s unlocked portion and it is split for safety reasons but it is easy for the circulation numbers to miscalculate those as well.


Well, Etherscan can’t be wrong… there are indeed several wallets holding exact amount of 5Mill ape but i don’t see that related to the remaining supply that needs to be identified…

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Coinmarketcap and Coinbase both say circulating supply is 277.5 million (as well as a bunch of others) and coinmarketcap has the amount as verified.

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 1.40.10 PM


That makes no sense… also coingecko updated the circulating supply to that… What’s going on?

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150mil tokens was unlocked for initial claiming (by BAYC/BAKC/MAYC), 117,500,000 unlocked at launch for DAO/treasury, and 10 mil upfront initially for launch contributors


Yes I got it now. What is weird is that the 117.5Million should be considered as circ supply? Last week numbers were not considering that supply at all…

Since we are so new to the study of tokenomics (especially in the purview of DAOs) circulating supply may or may not include that which is accessible or will be accessible to a treasury. Terms are evolving rapidly right now and it’s really tough to find a source of truth at times.


I will hold as much as I can afford. I’m all in

I’m buying in at surface level by the way. Everything I can afford on the market.

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