Miniverse Dive Bar Powered by ApeCoin


Following Herman Narula and Rob Whitehead’s tech demo of MML (Metaverse Markup Language) in a miniverse environment on April 2nd, 2023, Herman mused about the ability to create a “dive bar” part of the metaverse. This dive bar miniverse would get to the gritty, grimy, and unfinished part of the technology where glitches wouldn’t be catastrophic and allow for a much greater range of community involvement, experimentation, and engagement, similar to what so inspired him during the MML demo.

Prompted by @allc’s suggestion of having ApeCoin DAO provide a grant that would support making a miniverse space like this available to creatives, Herman went on to say,

“In an ideal world, we wouldn’t even own this, if there was a way that we could get a community DAO or a group of you together (referring to those listening to the Twitter Space hosted by @BaronVonHustle @NANA and @GratefulApe.eth), and you guys kind of like owned this sort of screw around space … like an anything goes metaverse environment that was a bit more community run, then that could be something we (Improbable) could support a lot easier.”

Herman closed by saying he would love to see proposals from the community in his DMs to make this happen. Badteeth followed up with Herman on Twitter and received the following response:

This AIP has been submitted in order to turn this incredible opportunity into a reality and create the Miniverse Dive Bar Powered by ApeCoin. The Dive Bar will be a place for creative experimentation on the bleeding edge of metaverse technology in partnership with Improbable.


Name: @badteeth | Josh Friedberg
Life-long skateboarder. Three decades building at the intersection of art, sport, and technology. Down the NFT rabbit hole in January 2021. Minted apes. Full-time Web3 since May 2022. Co-founder of THE 288 and Rara Avis Lead-author AIP-196, co-author of AIP-239 and AIP-240, served as elected ApeCoin DAO WG0 Steward.

Name: @Waabam
Lawyer. BAYC holder since November 2021. Full-time Web3 since August 2022. Lead author of AIP-240, and co-author of AIP-196 and AIP-239, served as ApeCoin DAO WG0 Steward

Team Description

Improbable is a British metaverse technology company pioneering new ways to connect, play, create and build value across interconnected virtual worlds.

For close to a decade, Improbable has relentlessly pushed the boundaries of virtual world infrastructure, developing a deep understanding of the games and entertainment ecosystems and the market drivers behind them. We’ve brought together a world-class team to fulfill our vision of creating deeply immersive interactive experiences.

We have a proven track record of solving density and presence issues, thereby creating great experiences within games and live events. Our Morpheus technology enables enhanced social interaction and sense of presence inside virtual spaces, where over 30,000 real users can interact in high-fidelity, lag-free environments, at the same time and in the same place. Morpheus is also central to M² (MSquared), a network of metaverses, including Yuga Labs Otherside, initiated by Improbable to build interconnected virtual worlds and experiences that empower and amplify people’s lives.


Inspired by the energy surrounding the Improbable MML tech demo and the power of Web3, we are excited to make the Miniverse Dive Bar Powered by ApeCoin a reality.

This miniverse will get to the gritty, grimy, and unfinished part of the technology where glitches won’t be catastrophic allowing for a much greater range of community involvement, experimentation, iteration, and more frequent engagement.

Just a few of the potential use cases for the Dive Bar:

  • Provide space for creatives and developers to experiment with MML and other cutting edge technologies powering the Otherside and other composable and interoperable metaverses based on M² (MSquared) and Morpheus technology
  • Give Improbable a chance to semi-publicly experiment, iterate and get user feedback on metaverse technologies
  • Host community meetups, meetings for Working Groups, the Ape Assembly, and other DAO activities
  • Develop a unique onboarding experience for ApeCoin DAO
  • Explore gaming opportunities in a metaverse environment
  • Provide a space for content creators to develop ApeCoin DAO content
  • Provide a space for educators to experiment with teaching in a virtual environment
  • Do dive bar things with our dive bar friends – virtually

The Miniverse Dive Bar Powered by ApeCoin, a place for creative experimentation on the bleeding edge of metaverse technology in partnership with Improbable, lines up squarely with ApeCoin DAO’s vision to, “drive culture forward into the metaverse.”

Key Terms



A detailed breakdown of the platforms and technologies that will be used.

  • Morpheus by Improbable
  • M² (MSquared)
  • MML (Metaverse Markup Language)
Steps to Implement

Herman spoke of identifying an economic model that would allow this miniverse space to function – essentially we would need a team from Improbable to support the Miniverse Dive Bar until we were able to take on these tasks within the DAO.

  • Based on our current understanding, the cost for creating the miniverse for would be around $200,000 USD.
  • We’re requesting up to $250,000 USD to support the creation of the Miniverse Dive Bar Powered by ApeCoin.
  • No money will leave the Ape Foundation until we have a deal in place with Improbable that details exact costs, deliverables, and sets clear expectations for both the DAO and Improbable.
  • Upon approval of this AIP, Badteeth will lead the deal process for the DAO with Improbable.
  • If the Metaverse Working Group exists when this AIP is voted through, it will become an Initiative within the Metaverse Working Group
  • Immediately on approval of this AIP, Badteeth with engage with Improbable to finalize a deal surrounding the Miniverse Dive Bar Powered by ApeCoin.
  • Badteeth will share weekly updates with the DAO on the timeline as it evolves throughout the process.

Overall Cost

  • We’re requesting up to $250,000 USD to support the creation of the Miniverse Dive Bar Powered by ApeCoin that will function for a minimum of one year.
  • No money will leave the Ape Foundation until we have a deal in place with Improbable that details exact costs, deliverables, and sets clear expectations for both the DAO and Improbable.

Reserved for Changelog


I couldn’t be more excited about this AIP. This is an incredible opportunity for the DAO to work with Improbable and to create an amazing community space for our ApeCoin community.

Hats off to @badteeth for sliding into Herman’s DMs.


Appreciate you jumping in on this one with me @Waabam! Couldn’t have reached Herman without the help of the community, DM game strong :saluting_face:


Brilliant… The more interaction we can generate between the DAO as its own independent entity, and groups working to help execute YLs long (and short) term visions the better.

Time to elevate :boom: :boom:



Thanks AC, 100% agree on the DAO beginning to find its own footing and support our ecosystem in meaningful ways – and can’t think of a more relevant way to get it going than this. It’s time!



So excited for this to come to life!! We need a DAO and community virtual hangout spot, and one connected to the tech powering the Otherside would be a perfect fit!

Would be curious to better understand the timeline for this proposal- how far out from the proposal passing & deal is made with Improbable would it take for us to be able to log on & hang out there? It sounds like the plan might be to move fast & ship out an MVP for us to interact with and make changes and fixes weekly from there, if so that would be ideal :blush:

Best of luck @badteeth and @Waabam!

-Halina.eth :cherry_blossom:


Thank you Halina, I completely agree!

Timeline-wise, Herman has indicated that they could move very quickly to get something up and running once we were able to get the funding in place. The goal is constant experimentation and iteration so I know they want to move fast.

In case you or anyone reading this hasn’t seen it, they’re hosting another miniverse experiment tomorrow:

Hope to see you there!



OMG Yes!

I asked Garga recently on a twitter space about having just the BAYC shack available for us to gather and chat, maybe basic fishing loop, and he hinted that they’re definitely thinking about it.

so 1) YES, and 2) check with Yuga to see if they’re already doing/planning this.

But if they haven’t started yet, I’d rather us, the community, own it. The sooner the better!


Thats defntly a good ideia, cant wait to be there .


I don’t fully understand your idea so please correct me if I’m wrong.

Is this AIP about investing 250k so that a billion dollar company can test some web3 stuff in a small environment?


This AIP is about giving a DAO dedicated to driving culture forward into the metaverse our own opportunity to actually begin to do that in a meaningful way.

Providing a space for our members to experiment, build, and create with cutting edge technology that’s composable and interoperable with the Otherside and other metaverses seems like a good use of our treasury to me and many of the community I’ve spoken to so far. Thank you,



birdy, as I understand it the $250k is to pay for the hosting/maintenance of this environment since the tech all runs in the cloud and requires several servers and hi-end GPUs to host/process/output the content, especially if you want worldwide access (i.e. they need to run a copy in Asia + EU + US and sync them).

With Otherside, your computer doesn’t render anything - it’s all rendered in the cloud and your device simply gets streamed an image. Similar to GeForce NOW.

It does seem like a bit of a steep price, @badteeth is this an estimate you got from Herman? I’m sure it includes their employees time, too, but was there any more detailed breakdown provided by chance? If large part of the cost is creating the environment, maybe we can just get access to the tools and create it ourselves for a fraction of that? I’m sure we’d have maaaany volunteers, such as Rida’s team.


We’ll find a way to sell digital pizza and coke/beer for $ape!

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Hi Sasha, we don’t have any specific details on cost, but this was the range that was indicated to get it up and running, staffed and supported by Improbable, and eventually passed over to the DAO to manage.

Improbable metaverse partnerships appear to be multi-million dollar undertakings, so $250k seems fairly reasonable to give our members access to this type of sandbox. If the DAO supports this AIP we’ll engage Improbable and get exact budget details prior to any funds leaving the treasury.

Selling digital pizza seems pretty apropos on this day in particular, let’s do it!



Hard to know, need to see the SDK. I assume with this environment we’ll get some access to that.


This is a v interesting concept bc of the interoperability element and to continue the interest and momentum for Otherside development. Can you please give us some more context on Improbable and how that can be tied back into Otherside? Thank you


Thanks for the question Tiger! Improbable is Yuga’s tech partner for the Otherside and Herman has said anything we build in this miniverse environment should be able to be directly ported to the Otherside,



We don’t shy away from the weird, the hard, or the new.

Hell yes! :blue_heart: