Moratorium on Apecoin Branded Services Without Prior Approval

Proposal Name: Moratorium on Apecoin Branded Services Without Prior Approval
Category: Informational


The proposal titled “Moratorium on Apecoin Branded Services Without Prior Approval” is an informational initiative designed to express the preference of the token governing body regarding the use of the Apecoin brand name. It indicates that initiatives bearing the Apecoin name, or acting as an official or unofficial source of information, are unlikely to gain approval during the AIP process without prior consent. Furthermore, it issues a warning of potential disciplinary action for unauthorized use of the brand name.


The motivation behind this proposal is to discourage the advertising or presentation of products carrying significant brand and execution risk without first obtaining community input and a brand decision. By doing so, it aims to protect the integrity of the Apecoin brand and ensure that any services or initiatives associated with it are in alignment with the community’s interests and values.


It is vital to ensure that the Apecoin brand is represented accurately and authentically. Misuse of the brand not only dilutes its value but can also lead to misinformation and confusion. Therefore, it is crucial to enforce a strict policy on the usage of the Apecoin brand to maintain its credibility and integrity. This proposal serves as a deterrent to individuals or groups who might misuse the brand name or represent their products or services as officially affiliated with Apecoin without obtaining the necessary approvals.


Under this proposal:

  • Any initiative using the Apecoin name or acting as an official or unofficial source of information will be subject to scrutiny and will likely not receive approval during the AIP process without prior permission from the DAO.
  • Any individual or entity found using the Apecoin brand without prior approval through the AIP process may face disciplinary action.
  • Mockups for websites and AIPs should not be advertised as live products.
  • Builders are discouraged from representing themselves or their products as official without proper authorization.


Upon approval of this proposal, the moratorium will take immediate effect and will continue indefinitely until further notice. All future initiatives involving the use of the Apecoin brand will need to follow the guidelines set out in this proposal.

Overall Cost

This proposal does not entail any additional financial costs. Its main implication is the enforcement of stricter brand usage guidelines, which do not require financial resources but a commitment to adhering to the rules and policies set forth by the Apecoin DAO. The primary benefit of this proposal is the preservation of brand integrity, which can indirectly contribute to the perceived value and reputation of Apecoin.

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Isn’t this already covered under copyright law? I’m not a copyright lawyer so I am not sure what this adds that doesn’t already exist, would you mind explaining in more detail.

Are there people/companies today that use the logo/name without authorization? If so, why aren’t they being persecuted/sent cease and desist notices and how will this proposal, which includes no enforcement budget or process, help with it? Not yet criticizing as much as just trying to understand better how this changes things from where we are today.

Thank you, sir.


Hello @Sasha yes I’m happy to expand on the implications of this proposal. Some of them affect me directly, as I own dozen+ website domains and more that have Apecoin in the name. Utilizing them or spreading them across the community to be used without first getting DAO approval is inappropriate.

This informational proposal is to gauge DAO sentiment and serve as a warning that branding as an official DAO source of information or product without prior brand approval will be discouraged. It has implications for Apecomms that is utilizing the logo, as well as any twitter accounts that may brand as “Apecoin Spaces.” These are unregulated and unmoderated and would be difficult to pursue legally.

This is a question for the DAO to signal whether theyd like to discourage generic branding like, in favor of unique names with no brand risk to the DAO. Thank you.

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We need an Officer position I guess because administrators are both catching up with compliance at this point and slow the use without approval. How can I help to this DAO WITH IT?

Hi @0xSword,

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We look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you forum community for the thoughtful discussions. I likely will not need to move this forward, though the thread will certainly be helpful in the future when explaining what to avoid when it comes to use of the brand name or logo without prior approval. I made a quick video!

I will likely withdraw this proposal but have not made a full determination at this time.


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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@0xSword has requested to withdraw their application. This AIP will be moved to and remain in the Withdrawn AIPs category.

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