New $APE Proposal Management System?

Hello, Edgar here, I’m a Solution Architect, Developer, and Project Manager, experienced in enterprise and government systems. The DAO I am a co-founder of (@ageofanura) is also holder of BAYC318 +14k $APE and 10 Cryptoadz. With 15 years under my belt, I’ve had the opportunity to work with diverse areas, from ERP, CRM, Grants Management, Customer Portal, Electronic Bill Payment to Project Scoping, System Blueprinting & Architecture, and RFP / Proposal Management.

In the past two years, I have honed my skills in web3, specializing in smart contract development, UI design and web3/web2 backend integration. And most importantly I’ve immerssed myself in DAO tooling and DAO systems development. As a founder that is heavily involved in a decentralized organization, I’ve experienced firsthand the unique challenges we face, from lack of user-friendly experiences to inefficient management and tracking outcomes. To combat this, my team and I developed a proposal management and decentralized publishing system with configurable status flow and on-chain outcomes/transparency, using traditional accessible technologies like Typescript, ReactJS, NestJS and MongoDB. Our solution provides an ecosystem of familiar and custom products all accessible from a single point making DAO management and community engagement a one step exercise.

Please note that my aim here isn’t to promote my project, but to convey my abilities and eagerness to leverage them for the benefit of $APE. I understand the power of $APE DAO and the potential it holds. I firmly believe that a billion-dollar organization like this should not rely on off-the-shelf toolsets that may not be designed for its particular needs, but instead deserve customized management tools and user experiences.

I would propose to work with the council, goverance group and community to draft a scoping document, complete with preliminary UI details and designs. This will help us delineate the specifications for a potential RFP, which can be opened for companies and builders to bid on. Of course the actual proposal would have a detailed set of specifics and objectives for the scoping exercise and we would work together to ensure that is complete and meets the needs of the community while also being simple and achievable.

Looking forward to the possibility of collaborating with the community.

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P.S. to counter being that guy with one post, I decided to doxx so that you know I’m serious.

Hi Edgar and welcome!

I would love to see someone run with this process, thanks for stepping up. There have been many discussions about a single-source of information solution for the that could run as a web app / app.

Goal imo opinion is that there’s an easy way to keep up with what’s happening in the DAO on a daily basis by going to one app or website.

At a minimum I’d love to see it include:

  • Forum integration
  • Discord integration
  • Relevant social feeds @apecoin and DAO employees
  • Calendar of DAO related votes, events, calls, spaces, etc.
  • Built-in voting

All of these functions are API-based so it shouldn’t be technically too complicated. UI/UX will be the key to making it useful and it would be excellent for someone with your experience to scope it out. Thank you!


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Hi BT! A restful API approach is the way to go IMO and could be a requirement that we make firm in the scoping document / RFP. For example, here is how I laid out our services; one of the fundamental shifts we made was a move away from a discourse forum thread being our central anchor. Instead we created a customized proposal datastructure to be our primary master data object with many related objects and processes linked to the proposal. Theese processes can be onchain or offchain, or a mix of the two, again something that would be decided as part of scoping.

A separation between backend and front end is an easy decision that then gives the ability to use any modern framework e.g. React, Angular whatever on our frontend to consume these services through the cloud like you said (I’ve found Digital Ocean to be more responsive to web3 than AWS or GCP). This would also allow partners and subdaos to consumer our services. Lastly, separation gives us the ability to decentralize and automate backend events/outcomes based on rules that can be offchain or onchain (depending on the process). At the very least we want a platform architecture that can be iterated on over time.

I’m getting into the weeds here, but in terms of a scoping and RFP I think we document our needs in terms of:

  1. Functional requirements e.g. DAO processes we need the system to solve
  2. UX Requirements e.g. mobile, app, desktop as well as general UX design objectives
  3. Back end service and data requirements
  4. Web3 integrations for example proposal vaults, voting etc
  5. Any non negotiables we may have

This would then serve as input for an RFP as mentioned or we could use it a starting point to build in house with our own DAO resources.


Awesome, looks like you’ve put your time in here!

This quoted part is incredibly interesting as we explore more and better ways to allocate grants to empower the community. Thinking specifically of moving something like this in-house.

If I’m reading this properly we can use it to power not only information distribution but actual governance & voting processes, correct?



Yes, what I’m suggesting would be a homegrown $APE version of the Nouns Prop House that AIP-281 suggests using, a custom prop house built for and by Apecoin. It would encompasses ideation → discussion → voting → outcome / milstone tracking → disbursement with a modern UI and token authenticated cloud based API backend. Disbursement could be multi-sig based for v1 with the end state vision of layering in on chain community based grants management and disbursement specific to each proposal. e.g. Mini on chain vaults that are tied to a proposal, funded and disbursed automagically on chain in a decentralized manner. The scoping / vision document would be intended to document the overall strategy/phasing/tech stack of the platform and well as the key functional processes.


Alright alright alright!

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I’ve heard that committees are in the works, specifically a technology committee. This seems like the sort of thing that would be a good starting point for said committees. I like the idea of providing grants to holders within the community who have the skills and know-how to implement the agreed upon specifications and scope.
All in all a sort of one-stop shop with a user friendly interface that eases the process of staying informed and participating would be of benefit to not only on-boarding new people but engaging holders who might not have otherwise.

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Based on feedback, there does not seem to be the appetite for a tech / UI update like this RN. Happy to help the DAO when and if we reach that stage. This can be closed and re-visited when appropriate.

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