Nomination Announcement – Ape Foundation Special Council Term Beginning July 2023

GM ApeCoin,

We are now entering Phase 2 of Cycle 2 for the Special Council nominations and elections process as detailed in AIP-137 and 138.

During Phase 2:

The community is given the opportunity to discuss the nomination profile’s of those who pass the KYC and background verification process.

If you cannot find your nomination profile, your application was either incomplete, or you did not finish the KYC process. We encourage you to follow up with the email address you provided to complete the KYC process as soon as possible.

Nominations are now posted under the Special Council Nominees sub-category.

Nominees may send a direct message to @amplify.Admin by June 11th, 2023 if they wish to Withdraw their nomination for the ApeCoin Special Council.

Thank you,